Wait for a moment and think how many days you’ve been quarantined? Or how many days are left for your next birthday? Or how many days are left for your next exam? The human brain cannot remember all these things when you have so many important things going around you. That’s why apps are made to make human life more convenient. Countdown apps tell you about the upcoming important events in your and your loved ones’ life.

With countdowns, you see exactly how much time you have left to complete your task or project. It helps you utilize your time more efficiently rather than wasting your time online by surfing on social media. You get more focused rather than getting distracted; you push yourself to complete the task on time. Countdown apps make you more productive and responsible.

List of Best Countdown Apps For Android and iOS

There are plenty of apps on the play store and apple app store for countdowns. Use these apps for fun, appointments, meetings, exams, and important events. When to pay your credit card? How many days are there for your payday? How long has it been since the day your baby was born?

These apps remind you of all these things, including your test’s coming days in school and college, whenever you use your phone.

1. Countdown Widget

Countdown WidgetA couple of unique things this app offers is that you can change the background color. You can give your countdown a title to have a goal that you are shooting for, and you can choose the end date of the countdown.

The additional piece to the countdown application is that you can identify your target and what the date of it is, and it shows you seconds, minutes, hours, and days left. Put the countdown on your home screen as a reminder and increase your productivity.

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2. Countdown + Widget Calendar

Countdown + Widget CalendarThe interface of this app is beautiful and very user-friendly. You don’t have to pay for extra features because the existing features are satisfying enough. You can add all your important events and have them all displayed at a glance on your phone.

It has good quality and is reliable. The paid version allows you to take photos of your own or upload your pictures from your phone to add to your schedule.

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3. Exam Countdown

Exam CountdownIf you want to achieve any goal or have an upcoming exam, you should definitely use it. This apps is handy for that aspirant who are making preparations for any competitive exam. It’s convenient because you can put a short reminder under every exam.

It provides you 400 icons and 30 colors to make your reminders catchy and easy to find. This app works fine without an upgrade, but if you wish to do so, you will get No ads, 400 color icons, Cloud sync, and results & it also motivates you to work harder for your exams & other tasks.

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4. Countdown Star

Countdown StarThis is a decent app for tracking events and milestones. It has much better features in iOS than Android, which includes a widget and an events list that automatically sorts by date (and shows counter preview). This app is free of glitches and unusual errors for effective use.

It has different settings, and you can choose a background from your own camera roll or your app’s selection. This app isn’t super intuitive to use, but once you figure out how to use it is great for all kind of countdown purpose.

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5. Dreamdays Countdown Free

Dreamdays Countdown FreeIt basically lets you countdown or count up from any occasion. For example, if you want to count the number of days you’ve been alive, you can do that or count down to how many days are left until your birthday or a special event. This app has beautiful backgrounds and is visually pleasing, so it’s really great for making your social media content.

It gives you visual aids daily, and they are completely customizable. You can also categorize what type of events you are aiming for(anniversary, birthday, holiday, school, life, trip), and you have the ability to add a new category too.

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6. Countdown by Time and Date

Countdown by Time and DateIt’s quick and easy to get started. This one is the perfect app for teachers. You have a timer set for each period. You have to change the date each day on each one and see at a glance at any moment exactly how many minutes are left for the next class. If you get the paid version, you can add pictures for each event, which is totally worth it.

To help you choose the correct time zone, different locations are present in the app. You can use an alias and name the countdown anything you want. It has everything you want and expects from a countdown app. With cool countdown timers, loads of themes, and an unlimited number of timers.

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7. Big Days

Big DaysThis app is easy to use, and it automatically puts events in sequence. You can choose a background for each event from some preselected pictures, or you can even customize by using your own pictures.

On the page where you create the event, you can make changes to both the preview image and full screen one by clicking on the photo. It also lets you change the colors and fonts with no limit on the events to save in-app.

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8. Days Matter

Days MatterIt’s the only android countdown program with a simple list format like that in the 4×2 widget. It helps you keep track of appointments and important events. This app is simple and effective to use.

The latest version of this app supports a multi-week/month/year repeat function, making your scheduling and reminding easy. It’s simple to use and appealing to the eye. Easy setting, clear bottom, and simple design make this app deserve 5 stars.

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9. Ready Set Vacation!

Ready Set Vacation!Holidays are a great way to count the days. If you opt to pay the tiny fee for the pro version, you’ll not get disappointed at all. For the range of photos available to use as backgrounds, plus the ability to upload your own backgrounds, it’s totally worth it. Use this app for your vacations and holidays as it also tells you about your destination’s temperature.

It has brilliant features like being able to have a checklist and looking through the tours and checking prices to make your trip better. It is effortless to follow and understand. It keeps you informed of when your holiday will start; it’s also a good reminder for making sure everything is done.

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