As we all know, Discord supports both voice and video calls and can also handle sending of files, text messaging, and media. Soundboards can add an extra fun element to the already cool discord, and who doesn’t fancy that!! PC users, especially gaming fans, would always want to make the best use of the soundboard for discord. With the help of such software, it is possible to play different types of sounds to the members on the voice call.

A lot of discord users out there prefer soundboard for discord to make their experience even more fun. There are so many amazing soundboards available that don’t just work well with discord but also with other similar applications.

In case you have been looking out for the right soundboard, then you have landed at the right place! Below is a list of some amazing soundboards for discord that you might want to try out.

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1. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

AV Voice Changer Software DiamondThis is one amazing soundboard for discord that can be used as professional software, which can help bring modification in a much better manner. Besides, it can help offer a smoother process of accessibility to any of your voice characteristics. This soundboard is based on the technology of the virtual driver. Other features to explore are:

  • It is highly compatible with different VoIP programs
  • You can use it for role-playing games and web chat applications
  • It helps you create the files using the quality of natural voicing

This soundboard is not just a random tool that can help you change the voice but can also help in setting up a complete home audio workstation.

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2. Resanance

ResananceThis is another popular and most trending soundboard that you might want to consider. It is available for free for discord, so exploring its feature is not a bad idea. This app can support file formats like .wav, .mp3, and. Flac, to name some. It also has other features like:

  • You can use it to output audio to different devices at the same time
  • The feature of volume adjustment for every device is possible with resanance
  • To play the sound effects quickly, resanance uses the hotkeys setup process as well

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3. MorphVox Pro Voice Changer

MorphVox Pro Voice ChangerYou can consider this another incredible option that offers the whole library set, packed with free voices and a free sound pack. With this option, you can add the background sound as you speak. This software is completely optimized for online gaming solutions, thus ensuring you get the best gaming experience. Also, it offers other features such as:

  • There is an ultra-quiet background cancellation feature that can be used for different voice-changing algorithms
  • Use the voice of any given game character that you like, whether it is a dwarf, giant, or any other option
  • There are two different modes by the name smart and digital mode for art noise reduction solutions

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4. Soundpad

SoundpadThose who have a flexible budget can consider Soundpad. It is not just meant for discord but also works best as an editor and sound recorder too. This way, you can enjoy more versatility. It is also compared to Resanance because of its ability to assign hotkeys. It comes with other impressive features like:

  • The app offers normalization that makes sure all the sounds are played at the same range
  • There are options like recording sounds, mic toggling, and creating a sound list to be played
  • It has been designed to support files like .mp3, .aac, .flac, and .opus to name some.

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5. EXP Soundboard

EXP SoundboardThis can be another great option to consider. It supports formats like WAV and MP3 as well. With this soundboard, you can play sounds using the keys that are custom-created.

It can be rendered using different inputs that shall include your speaker and audio cable, of course. You can make the best use of this soundboard for discord because of its other features like:

  • The option to save any soundboard that you liked wherever you want
  • The use of a converter too to change any audio file in the format that you are comfortable with and the one that goes with the requirements

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6. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice ChangerClownfish Voice Changer is a must-try for those interested in making the voice sound different from the effects. This soundboard app works on a system level, which means it can change the voice in any app with discord or other microphone input. It offers other features such as:

  • There is a built-in media player that has a ready playlist
  • Using the audio controls, you can create a discord room with friends
  • There is also a built-in text speech functioning

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7. Podcast Soundboard

Podcast SoundboardYet another very popular soundboard for discord given the excellent features that it comes with. Podcast Soundboard was designed not just for the Windows platform but also for the iOS platform too. It offers some of the magnificent features like:

  • File formats compatibility with FLAC, MP3, WEBM, and MP4, to name some
  • The interface not just looks classic but also has the capacity for improvising overall discord user experience

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8. JN Soundboard

JN SoundboardAnother entry to the list of best discord soundboards, this application is loaded with top-notch features. It is one open-source software you must try out if you want to have some fun while enjoying your gaming experience. It also has some great features like:

  • Restricting the hotkeys while a program is at the foreground
  • You can edit, set, and even remove the custom hotkeys
  • The app soups microphone loopback and the audio playback using any sound device

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9. Voicemod

VoicemodThis application is best for those who have been looking for a fresh collection of sound. It comes with different sound effects and has the option to update the new ones that you want to use. Also, it has features by which you can:

  • Mix the reset and customize the option of the soundboard
  • You can get the support for hotkeys and stream deck if you prefer streaming
  • You can use it for role-playing games too

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10. Jingle Palette

Jingle PaletteThis soundboard is an amazing tool for the broadcast studios too. You can use it for different types of streams and formats like MP3, MPA, and OGG, to name some. You can explore some other features like:

  • Using the function like auto-mixing and touch play for better sound effect
  • Playing the best juggle from the rich gallery while organizing it in the palette format

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11. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice ChangerVoxal is one of the best voice changer apps that can be used for discord too. It comes with some feature-packed options for the user to explore and enjoy. It is often compared to clownfish because of the system-level solution that it offers. It also has features like:

  • Applying effects in the right manner to the existing files and in real-time to voice using the mic
  • Make the custom sound effects for better control
  • It doesn’t use much of the CPU, which ensures the best frame rate quality

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12. Mixere

MixereMixere may be quite an old option, but certainly, older apps have their charm. The updated version of the app has come with some of the best changes and upgrades that have given tough competition to all the other soundboards. It works as an audio mixer and has a steep learning curve too. It is also packed with other features like:

  • It can play different tracks simultaneously
  • You can loop and even modify the clips using vibrato

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Summing Up

Choosing from the list of best soundboard applications for discord may not be easy, but that’s all the fun. The list shared above has been curated after a lot of research, mostly looking for versatility. So, the options mentioned here can be one of the finest options to explore. So, go ahead and have fun!


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