If you have an email client installed on your MacBook, you are more likely to experience a different level of user satisfaction. Whenever you open your web browser to check your emails, you waste at least 10 to 15 minutes of your precious time due to distractions and switching from one account to another. 

Now, you may wonder which is the best email client for Mac. The answer actually depends on user preference and taste. Most people like to keep their inbox simple, while others want several shortcuts. Some people even see security as a top priority for emails. 

But whatever your priority, the basic features that you should keep in mind before choosing an email application are a fast and smooth interface, ease of use, privacy, and sorting options. So, we have made a list keeping these essential functionalities in mind so that it is easy to choose the best option.

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1. Thunderbird

ThunderbirdThunderbird was developed by Mozilla, the well-known open-source company that made Firefox Browser. The email client is free to use and comes in a feature-packed form. It has a powerful build that ensures high performance. Moreover, the platform comes in a tabbed format similar to the internet browsers.

You will get a search box that helps you find your desired email from your inbox. In addition, it has a filter option that helps you find the exact email you are looking for. Like other email clients, Thunderbird also allows you to manage multiple email accounts at a single time. Still, unlike other platforms, all the accounts in Thunderbird are displayed in a tabbed format. 

Price: Free

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2. Spark

SparkIt is an email client that helps you save time by managing your several email accounts together. It has some features that you will not find in any other email provider. You can chat privately with your team members via email with the help of a custom chatbox. Spark also features a search option that helps you to search any email by keywords. 

Moreover, you can also snooze specific emails to read and reply to them at a later period of time. Finally, it also allows you to create emails together with your colleagues using the real-time editor.

Price: Paid

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3. Airmail

AirmailThis is a basic email client for Mac OS users. Airmail comes with many unique features and a high-speed user interface that make it a desirable option. It supports almost all major email service providers, including Gmail, Outlook, etc. It makes your work easy by merging all your accounts into a single inbox, from which you can access and reply to all your emails.

Airmail uses the default keyboard settings off Gmail so that you may get some features similar to it. This platform’s other remarkable features include a quick reply option, snooze email, a clean interface, and lots more.

Price: Free

Comes Pre-Installed

4. Canary Mail

Canary MailIf you are concerned about email privacy on your MacBook, Canary Mail is a perfect option. This email client provides an end-to-end encryption facility to ensure high-end security. Moreover, it offers email sorting into social, updates, promotions, and other categories to make it easy for you to find the desired email.

With this email client, you access all your Gmail, iCloud, Office 365, Yahoo emails, etc., under a single roof. Additionally, it also features and beautiful and simple design that most users like to use. Apart from Macbooks, you can also use this email client on your iPhone.

Price: Free and Paid

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5. Spike

SpikeSpike is an email client that allows you to personalize the interface according to your preference. It presents the emails in a short messaging format similar to Facebook Messenger and iMessage, making it clean and straightforward. Moreover, it crops the headers, signature, and other non-essential parts of an email so that you can focus on the main content.

Users can also create groups for the working department, sports team, and others with Spike without installing any third-party messaging application. Spike also has options to add notes to emails. It is free for personal use, but it requires a subscription for business utility.

Price: Free and Paid

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6. Hey

HeyThis is the latest email platform that you can use with macOS. It comes with several modern features that traditional email providers lack in them. For example, with Hey, you can decide what to do with each of the emails that accumulate in your inbox.

It also features different formats like Paper Trail and Newsfeed, where you will find mails separated based on their types.

To get started with Hey, you have to transfer all your email accounts in it, which will provide you a unified inbox. However, Hey is a bit complicated to use, so only if you are comfortable with abundant features over simplicity, then go for it.

Price: Free and Paid

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7. PostBox

PostBoxOur next inclusion is an email client for users who love to include themes in their email interface. PostBox comes with an eye-catching theme that breaks the monotonous official look of email providers. However, it hardly includes any third-party collaborations to keep the mailing experience simple and to the point. 

Some of its basic functionalities include snooze emails, grouping email accounts, quick moves, swipe gestures for macOS, and more. In addition, you will get a filter option that automatically filters out all your unwanted emails.

Price: Free and Paid

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8. Polymail

PolymailFor those users who use only Gmail and Outlook as their primary email providers, Polymail can be an excellent option to choose as an email client for them. It brings lots of additional features that you will not get on a common email platform.

For example, Polymail allows you to integrate all your accounts in a single interface to make your work more convenient. You can also set priorities for the emails you get daily to save your inbox from being overcrowded.

Another striking feature of this platform is that you can also save notes that remind you of different tasks to perform. This email client’s developers also claim that they don’t share or access your personal data to ensure complete user privacy.

Price: Free and Paid

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