Nowadays, with advanced storage mechanisms, locally storing large files is not a big deal. However, it’s a complete hassle when it comes to sharing those mammoth files. In such cases, file hosting sites can give you a way out.

File hosting sites are cloud storage platforms that store different types of files in virtual storage space. You can access your files from these sites and share them with a single URL.

Many such sites provide direct download links that immediately land users on the download page. In today’s list, we have mentioned some such file-hosting sites with direct download links. Most of them offer a free storage limit on signing up.

Best File Hosting Sites With Direct Download Links

  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • Drop Box
  • Mega NZ
  • One Drive
  • Catbox
  • MediaFire
  • 4Sync

1. Google Drive

It is one of the most favorite file storage and file hosting platform on the internet. Previously, Google Drive offered unlimited file storage, but now they have limited it to 15 GB only. Google Drive also allows you to access its file from any device you want with a single Gmail address.

Moreover, you can share files in Google Drive using links. The links are customizable, and you can set them for targeted audiences or everyone on the internet. Last but not least, Google Drive has a download bandwidth of 500GB.

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2. Box

This amazing file hosting site offers 10 GB of free storage and many other features. For example, Box integrates with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, where you can directly upload files from these office suits.

Furthermore, 1500 more apps use Box as a default file storage platform. Box has multi-platform support in it with end-to-end encryption technology. In addition, you can create hot links and send them to your close ones to download files directly from Box.

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3. DropBox

Drop Box is another file hosting site operating for a long time. Since its introduction, the platform has remained at the top among its peers, with a user base of 600 million users. You will get hot links to share content in Dropbox with your friends.

Moreover, the user interface of this file-hosting site is straightforward, making it easy to use. However, the storage limit for Drop Box is only 2GB per account. But you can buy more storage if you want.

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4. Mega NZ

Mega NZ will be a good option if you want a free file hosting site with a direct download link. It offers its users 50 GB of free storage, which is undoubtedly the best among others. The download and upload limit in Mega NZ is 5GB per day and 1GB per day, respectively.

In addition, the platform uses end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of your files. Moreover, it is available for all devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. All over, it is a good option to consider.

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5. One Drive

Microsoft also has its own file storage platform named One Drive. Though it doesn’t have many fancy features, you will still get useful ones. The direct download link feature is also available in One Drive.

The free account offers you 5GB of storage, while a Microsoft 365 subscription will fetch you 6TB of storage space. It uses SSL encryption to provide better data privacy. So, if you are not into sharing big files, One Drive is worth consideration.

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6. Catbox

It is a comparatively new file hosting service offering excellent features to users. The best part of Catbox is that users can upload files anonymously. However, the upload size must not exceed 200MB.

Using the file hosting platform is super easy for its clean and user-friendly interface. The files can be accessed and directly downloaded using a single URL. There are many features to be added to Catbox, but you can still use it.

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7. MediaFire

Our next inclusion is another excellent file-hosting site that provides direct download links. Media Fire has been popular among users for a long time. You can store photos, audio, video, etc., on this platform. 

The site offers users 10 GB of free storage with up to 50 GB of Bonus storage. In addition, there is no limitation for downloading and uploading files.

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8. 4Sync

If you don’t like the other options on our list, 4Sync must be your choice. This file hosting site offers 10 GB of storage to its users and an extra 5GB on signing up. Moreover, the platform encrypts all your files to safeguard your privacy.

Any third person cannot access the files without a direct download link. You will also get 1TB of download bandwidth during its 60 days trial period. All these points make it a unique option to choose from.

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