Whether you are studying for your upcoming exams or learning new languages, memorizing things becomes fundamental in such cases. And that is where flashcard apps play their role. These apps provide a more intuitive platform that encourages people to learn stuff fast and efficiently.

They break down complex topics much simpler and more accurately, which becomes easier to understand and memorize. Hence, if you are looking for the best flashcard apps, you have just come to the perfect place.

Top Best Flashcard Apps For Android and iPhone

Here are some of the best flashcard apps that are available for both Android and iOS

1. StudyStack


StudyStack is rated among the best flashcard apps that help memorize bulks of info in a much more fun way. It allows users to download flashcards and even create their own. After you finish creating, the StudyStack app develops a few games that help you memorize things while playing games.

Moreover, it comes with a very simple UI that is easy to use. It upholds some fun games like crosswords, Hungry Bugs, matching, and more. However, its only downfall is you will find minimal topics here.

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2. Quizlet


It doesn’t matter whether you are looking forward to learning a new language, studying stuff, coding, or whatever. Quizlet can definitely work as a helping hand to develop your memory power.

It lets you create flashcards based on your field of interest, create it more quiz-based ones, add definitions, and more. It supports an 18+ variety of languages and is available in both premia as well as freemium versions.

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3. StudyBlue

studyblue app

StudyBlue is a ubiquitous app with over 10 million downloads. This flashcards and quizzes app lets users make groups, create flashcards, and share them with their friends or groups.

Furthermore, it allows you to add images and recordings directly from your phone for a much better learning experience. There are a variety of models available via which you can make progress in your learning.

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4. Brainscape


Brainscape is basically a more efficient app dedicated to higher learning. The app features a much more fun way of providing information along with bite-sized concepts. In addition, it uses certain methods to trigger your brain into learning new stuff faster than general.

Additionally, Brainscape covers most of broad topics, including science, maths, and so on. It also comes with a dictionary and translation integration and lets you download or generate your own flashcards as well.

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5. Carm


Another best flashcard app is Cram.com featuring a custom flashcard editor to create interactive flashcards. The app brings a wide variety of user-generated flashcards on all popular topics.

More interestingly, it uses a spaced repetition method that helps to memorize things at a much faster pace. It is completely free to use unless you want to take full advantage. You can go for a $5 per month plan that will unlock additional features for you.

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6. AnkiDroid Flashcards

AnkiDroid Flashcards

AnkiDroid is a feature-rich app that uses the spaced repetition method to make learning much easier. It contains a huge index with hundreds of topics to choose from and lets you create your own. Although the interface is not that attractive compared to the others, it does a great job of memorizing things with ease.

The app often repeats some flashcards based on how well you understood them. However, you might face occasional crashes, but overall it is a useful platform for learning new stuff.

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7. Studier – Modern Flashcards & Study Tools

Studier - Modern Flashcards

If you’re looking for a simplistic and minimal approach to Android flashcards, then this app is a must for you. Not only it works perfectly, but the user interface of Studier is very helpful in managing a large chunk of notes.

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8. Simple Flashcards Plus

Simple Flashcards Plus

If you wish to make notes and added pictures, this app can help you a  lot. Primarily built for students, Simple Flashcards Plus has picture support. Along with this, you can add multiple flashcards with widget support for easy access.

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9. Flashcard World

Flashcards World

When it comes to the best flashcard apps for Android and iOS, Flashcard World should be on the list. Using the app, you can create unlimited study cards as needed so that you can excel in your studies to the next level.

Even if you want to build vocabulary, then look no further than this app. It also helps to learn a language faster. Other than that, several study modes need to be mentioned here that help with writing and old flashcard reviews.

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10. Flashcards


As simple as its name suggests, Flashcards is one of the widely popular apps with over one million downloads on the Play Store. Whether you want to create your own study sets or use its card to memorize study, the app has everything.

Since the app works offline, you can use it anytime. Moreover, the app also lets you learn many foreign languages quickly. If you want to build Word Excel lists, Flashcard has also provided excellent features.

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From Editor’s Desk

Memorizing things can be of great value as it helps to recall them at times of need quickly. Thus, the above-mentioned apps can add up to your memory power by teaching you in a much simple yet effective way. So, you must definitely give them a try and also leave your comments regarding your experience.


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