The Crossword puzzle is a timeless word game that is played worldwide. Sometimes a crossword puzzle can be a bit too difficult, in which case, crossword solver applications and websites are beneficial to find that specific word in a puzzle.

These applications are delightful and even educational. If a puzzle stumps you, you’ll find all crossword solver tools to be of great help. These apps help you in solving your puzzles. Besides being fun to use, they also have plenty of options to help your tired brain remember words. So, that’s why We compile the best crossword solver apps for android and iPhone, iPad you must check it out.

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List of Crossword Solvers for Android and iOS

These Crossword solving applications and websites are free to use, and they help you solve perplexing and tricky clues in your crossword puzzle. By solving puzzles, you learn new words and practice problem-solving skills. They stimulate your mind and make you think really hard.

1. Crossword Solver

Crossword SolverIn terms of features and other crossword solving applications, this is the best crossword solver available for Android devices. Unlike other applications, crossword solver contains foreign language words too. The available foreign languages are limited to French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin.

With a vast range of synonyms and proper nouns, crossword Solver makes it easier for you to solve difficult puzzles. Crosswords, Anagrams, Synonyms, Codeword, and Cryptic Crosswords are five different modes through which you can solve your puzzles. Apart from that, the words you search for are instantly displayed on the screen as you type; this is possible because of the inbuilt lightning-fast search engine.

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2. Crossword Clue Solver

Crossword Clue SolverAs the name suggests, it helps you search for words based on a Clue or Pattern. Crossword Clue Solver is a simple, quick, and effective crossword solver. You have to type the word you want to search and select the letter’s length.

The thesaurus and the Crossword Clue Solver will provide you all the possible results for that word. To use this app, your device must have an internet connection to stay updated for new words.

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3. Across Lite Crosswords

Across Lite CrosswordsIf you want to access the NY Times puzzle at a lesser price, you should definitely try Across Lite Crosswords. This application provides you with crosswords online at a low price if you are a NY Times subscriber. There are many pros to using this app.

Firstly, a Bluetooth keyboard can be used in place of a screen keyboard. Secondly, it provides you NY Times puzzles that are considered the most difficult. Apart from that, with the help of an “Across Trainer,” you can also learn to solve puzzles and add this quality to your skills.

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4. Crossword Solver

Crossword SolverThis Android application by LithiumApps is one of the best word finders to solve anagram and word puzzles. It has a vast collection of Scrabble words and Crosswords. Audio pronunciation, Anagram solver, and Crossword solver are some of the great features this application offers.

There are three ways to solve crossword puzzles; by entering dots (.) representing a missing letter, use an asterisk (*) to match any number of letters or use number shortcuts to solve.

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Dicitionary.comIf you find an app to find word meanings, learn new words, and most importantly, word games, then is the best app for you. To use crossword solver, you have to go to word games, and there you are provided with crossword trivia and daily crossword puzzles.

In Crossword trivia, you can also find all the historical information about who invented the crossword puzzles, etc. This app improves your skills and provides you much useful information to improve your vocabulary.

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6. Wordplays

WordplaysIf you want to have fun with your friends in your free time, this website offers many utilities like Crosswords, Scrabble, Words with Friends, Word Games & Tools, Anagrammers, Boggles, etc. Dictionary.

In Crosswords, you get different categories like Crossword Solver, Crossword Clues, Crossword Puzzle Answers, and many more. Besides, A Crossword Challenge of 45 seconds is also available to test your Crossword solving skills, which boost your mind.

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7. Crossword Clue Solvers

Crossword Clue SolversWith Crossword Clue Solvers’ help, you can solve your crosswords online. There are two ways of searching for clues in this application. You can either search a crossword based on a clue or search based on a pattern that makes it fun to use.

With a straightforward Layout & advanced database, crossword solving is enjoyable. This one works only with an Internet connection to update new words in their database accordingly.

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8. The Crossword & Anagram Solver

The Crossword & Anagram SolverThe Crossword & Anagram Solver is best to use when you get stuck at a difficult crossword. It suggests possible words for your crosswords and doesn’t kill the fun because you still have to think about the answers using your mind. This iOS app gives access to definitions as well. This app works as both an anagram solver and a crossword puzzle solver.

To find suitable meaning for your crosswords,  UK Advanced Dictionary and WordNet Dictionary are the combinations of dictionaries available for your help, making this app super useful.

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