Macs are well-known as productivity machines for video editing, coding, and other tasks. But when it comes to gaming, users are skeptical about choosing Mac for playing games.

It is true to some extent that Mac cannot run games just like Windows does, but that does not mean there’s no game you can play on your Mac. Though you cannot play all the popular games on Mac, like Valorant, and Leagues of Legends, some titles can run on Mac without much hassle. 

Let’s go through the list of some best free Mac games you can play on your MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac, or any other Mac device. 

Best Free Mac Games You Can Enjoy Playing

1. Sniper Ops 3D

Sniper Ops 3DThis one is a delight for shooting enthusiasts. The game comes with hyperrealistic graphics and more than 200 levels, all free. This game is perfect for Mac as it goes light on the processor but heavy on the attractive interface.

You will have to eliminate terrorists in different cities of the world while building a top-notch collection of weapons. If you are all in for shooting and sniping games for your Mac, then it goes without saying that you should try Sniper Ops 3D. 

2. Spelunky

SpelunkyThis casual game is best for someone who wants something unique and quirky to refresh their mind now and then. This is a treasure-hunting game where players explore underground tunnels to fulfill quests. The fun thing is that all the levels are generated randomly.

This game has a retro feel like those old cartridge games we used to play as a kid. A big drawback of this game is that the progress is never saved; every time you lose, you must start all over again.

3. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: LegendsWith each character possessing a unique set of powers, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is much more than a card strategy game. There are several card decks that you can win as you progress through the narrative and win battles. It is one of the best multiplayer games for Mac out there.

The Elder Scrolls: Legend allows players to engage in an internal trading system. If you haven’t played any Elder Scrolls games till today, you can try this one out for free.

4. Battle For Wesnoth

Battle For WesnothOne of the best action games on this list has to be the Battle Of Wesnoth. It has a beautiful theme, and the narrative is spread across 16 campaigns. This is a turn-based game that also needs some strategic planning on the part of the players.

You can choose from 48 maps and play in single-player and multiplayer modes. The design style is the perfect combination of more than one retro and postmodernist art style. 

5. 0 A.D.

0 A.D.This is a free game based on the Earth 2000 years ago. This is a realistic strategy game requiring spot decision-making skills and attention to detail from players who have an affinity for games like Age Of Empires.

From rugged tribal kingdoms to beautiful temple towns and villages, the gameplay of this game is simply unparalleled. You can enjoy both battles and internal development plans at a fast pace through the single-player or multiplayer modes available in this game.

6. Starcraft II

Starcraft IIIf you are looking for a hardcore strategy game, Warcraft II will not disappoint. The game features several unranked matches along with a detailed sci-fi world with graphics to match.

The whole game is not free, but you can try out the ‘Wings Of Liberty’ chapters to get a taste of the narrative. You can win a free entry to the rank mode by completing the ten wins of the day. It also gives players three commands for free throughout the game.

7. Lord Of The Rings Online

Lord Of The Rings OnlineWhile the target audience of this game is the LOTR fanbase, those who have never seen the show can easily play it as well. If you love realistic graphics merged with fantasy worldbuilding, Lord Of The Rings Online is a game you must try.

This game is an RPG, but it allows for worthwhile choices that can sharply change the narrative. You can choose among your favorite characters and travel across Middle Earth.

8. Hearthstone


A card-based strategy game combines two of the most fun aspects of playing – luck and flexibility. Hearthstone is set in a fantasy world where enemies battle by drawing powerful cards from a deck of 30. Many of the characters in this game have been taken directly from the War Of Warcraft story.

Since this game has no premium upgrades, battles are fair, and progress depends on your abilities. You can play the game simultaneously across different platforms.

9. World Of Warcraft

World Of WarcraftIf you want to play an MMORPG game where you can play as a hero who fights monsters and demons, then you should play World Of Warcraft. The narrative is divided into two factions named Alliance and Horde. 

With many classes and races, the game boasts several side quests along with the main progress. But the biggest Pro of playing this game is the endless collection of virtual open worlds that users can navigate at their own pace. The game is not completely free, but you get a free trial of up-level 20. 

10. Path Of Exile

Path Of Exile

Multiplayer RPGs can be too complex for some players, while they are perfect for others. Path Of Exile offers unique narrative choices, and you can play this game several times to reach different results. The story progresses at lightning speed, and some sort of challenge awaits you at every turn.

When it comes to graphics, performance, and character development, Path Of Exile is actually worth the short. You will love playing this game if you are looking for gameplay based on a dark fantasy world. 


You don’t have much of a choice when it comes to choosing free Mac Games. There are only a handful of titles available to play on Mac, the best of which we have mentioned in this article.