Android is capable of doing a lot of things and maintains FTP connection is one of them. With various FTP clients for Android, you can automate file uploading or downloading process. This might be very useful if you want to manage your files via your smartphone.

FTP which stands for File Transfer Protocol, It is crucial for uploading and downloading files from any server over the internet. It uses two different ports between the host computer and a remote server, for maintaining a connection and transferring files. It is beneficial to create and modify various client projects quickly. The security of such a connection entirely depends on what type of FTP client is being used.

Best FTP Clients for Android
Best FTP Clients

List of 5 Best FTP Clients For Android 2020:-

There are various FTP Clients available for PCs and desktops. But there might be times when you would want to have quick access to any particular host server directly from your phone. In such cases, if you are using a smartphone, then these Android FTP clients will help you to solve your problem.

1.) AndFTP


This Android FTP client comes with a very friendly UI and provides excellent stability. AndFTP allows users to upload and download files directly from the host server and provides many significant features like synchronisation and share along with resume support.

It supports almost all protocols like FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and SCP. You can rename, delete and also run custom commands. In case the user is having any connectivity issue, it also allows you to resume your downloading. It also supports multi-language.

Download AndFTP


  • Available for free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multi-language support


  • The design looks outdated.
  • Failed to upload large files during tests.

2.) AntTek


This app is quite an old one in the market; still, it’s a popular one for its smooth functioning and performance. It comes with a very simple User Interface similar to AndFTP providing an easy start for every new session. It also supports SFTP. You can view all your folders on the screen, and it is really easy to create new folders, uploading, downloading, etc., thus saving a good amount of time for the users. This app is available for Android 2.2 and all later versions.

Download AntTek


  • Simple User Interface
  • Great Themes (light and dark)
  • Supports .zip and .rar for compressing/decompressing files.


  • Supports limited SMB

3.) Turbo FTP Client

Turbo FTP Client
Turbo FTP Client

The Turbo FTP client is another popular one in this list. It supports both FTP and SFTP protocols. It has a very pretty User Interface, which is graphically designed and easy to use. Turbo FTP Client for Android gets regular updates and also provides several different features. It also provides some cool themes, it also has a text editor and might be a good pick up for all Android users.

Download Turbo FTP  


  • Well optimised
  • Incredibly fast
  • Supports password encryption
  • Personal support
  • Multiview support
  • Supports private key and passphrase
  • Multi-language support


  • Low memory issues

4.) ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer
ES File Explorer

This can be a great option for Android users, ES File Explorer as the name suggests is a very popular file manager but can also be used as an FTP Client, thus allowing you to do two different works using the same app. You can manage your local files as well as connect to any host server.

It is convenient, and you just need to fill all your details to get connected to the server. It is also added as the default file manager in many smartphones by the manufacturers. Es File Explorer is available for Android 4.0 and all the later versions of Android.

Download ES File Explorer


  • Easy search and share files
  • Multiple resolution support
  • Supports 20+ language
  • Supports compressing/decompressing files
  • Multiple selection and sorting


  • Continuously runs in the background
  • Closed source

5.) Easy FTP Client

Easy FTP Client
Easy FTP Client

Easy FTP Client for Android is the last on our list, but again it can also be the best choice as well. It is a very easy to use application and has friendly-looking User Interface too. All you need to do is just enter all your credentials and select the Check option, and you are all set. It supports wifi or mobile for transferring files and provides you with 3gb of free data transfer.

Download Easy FTP Client


  • Upload/Download multiple files at once
  • Supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP protocols
  • Creating  Zip files with passwords.
  • Pause and resume options available


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