File manager is a dedicated app that works as your virtual assistant to store, organize, copy, share and perform all other tasks regarding your files and storage in your android devices. You will find a built-in version of file manager in most of your devices, but they lack many features. That becomes the main reason why people are nowadays choosing 3rd party file managers.

Unlike a stock file manager, a 3rd party file manager comes with abundant advanced features like switching between your phone, Android TV devices, and tablets. In addition, they allow you to hop around the files and folder directories or compress and convert them into ZIP or RAR, and you can also find FTP and SFTP file browsing abilities with integrated cloud access.

You will find many file managers in Playstore with tons of accessibilities, but you must be careful while choosing one as your crucial data will be at stake in the hands of some unknown developers. So, to make your work easy, we have dived into the ocean of apps and picked up some of the best android file manager apps that will help you keep files safe and secure.

List of Best Android File Manager Apps in 2022

  • Amaze File Manager
  • ASTRO File Manager
  • CX File Explorer
  • Solid Explorer
  • Files by Google
  • MK Explorer
  • Mi File Manager
  • X-Plore File Manager
  • Total Commander

1. Amaze File Manager

It is a unique app that will help you to manage SMB files and other advanced stuff. It is a top-rated file manager app developed by Team Amaze. The app is an open-source variant with a storage-friendly and clean UI.

The striking plus points of Amaze File manager are that not including only SMB file managing but also strong encryption, material design, a built-in app manager to uninstall apps, and root explorer. Although the app may not work in KitKat devices, it is in its beta stage with some features lacking.


2. ASTRO File Manager

If you want to work on compressing and uncompressing ZIP files and RAR frequently, then ASTRO File Manager can be your choice from our list. Its main feature comprises SD Card support, cloud storage support, file compression, and app management.

This file manager has a simple and clean designed UI and storage-friendly built to ease installation and usage. You will also not get disturbed by unwanted ads in it.


3. CX File Explorer

CX File Explorer can be a good option if you want a primary file manager with modern UI and essential feature support. The app comes in a storage-friendly built along with features like file and folder organization, cloud storage access, network-attached storage, app manager, and storage manager.

You can also use it to browse your PC files with the help of the Cloud Storage option. Moreover, it is free to download and has excellent tech support that will help you get frequent updates.


4. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer will give you an experience of a default file manager without compromising in any of the advanced feature support. In addition, solid Explorer comes with a dual-panel layout, including all the essential features users will want to use.

The user interface of this app is simple and light-weighted to give you a flawless experience in file browsing. In addition, it comes with a strong AES encryption and storage analyzer that will keep your data safe and secure. All the above features make it a helpful and handy file explorer to download.


5. Files by Google

If you are a Google fan, then Files by Google will be the favorite option in the list of best file manager apps. It covers all the elementary features required in a file manager app. In addition, it comes with integrated cloud storage along with junk and temporary file removal options.

Though you may not find all the modern features available with other apps in it, the smart UI and Google banner may make it your choice.


6. MK Explorer

This app is a light weighted file manager with a straightforward UI that users may love to use. MK Explorer attributes material design, SD Card support, root access, along with other basic functionalities. In addition, the app has 20 language options to choose from and a built-in text editor.

You will also get an integrated music player with the file manager. Though it is a fantastic option to choose, you may struggle to get regular updates as the tech support team is not the best in class.


7. Mi File Manager

It is a simple app with a beautiful and clean UI that gives user satisfaction. Developed by smartphone giant Xiaomi, Mi File Manager is an easy-to-use app that supports multiple audios, videos, and document formats.

In addition, the app comes with some unique features like Mi Drop (file sharing option), global search, file compression, multi-language support, and many more. Though it is a stock file manager app for Xiaomi, you can quickly get your version from Playstore.


8. X-Plore File Manager

This app enables you to view your files in a hierarchy format. In addition, the app has a feature called tree view of files that helps you browse files and folders easily. Apart from it, X-Plorer also includes LAN/Root/Clouds storage, disk map, integrated music player, Wi-Fi file sharing for nearby file sharing, and lots more.

It is best suited if you are using a rooted device as it was built dedicatedly for them. While most of the features are accessible in the app, you may need a premium subscription for using the integrated music player and Wi-Fi sharing options.


9. Total Commander

Total Commander is a popular name in making desktop software. The developers have now come up with a dedicated app for rooted Android devices. It has a modern UI with zero ads and features similar to the X-Plore file manager. You will find all the essential features with unique features like Zip and unzip, unrar, built-in text editor, FTP, SFTP client plugin, WebDav, etc.

Additionally, the app has plugin options through which you can add extra features if you want. The plugin option also helps keep your file light as you don’t have to install unwanted functionalities. Though it is best suited for rooted devices, you can also use it on your standard Android devices.



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