We love snapping more and more images on our smartphones, but organizing those photos can be tedious. The pre-installed apps don’t have those extra features to organize your photos uniquely. Here comes the need for Gallery Apps, which will help you organize your photos and videos in your android app properly.

Cameras are considered one of the main features of smartphones, but just having a good camera is not enough. You also need a good gallery app to browse through the thousands of pictures you click on daily & it can only be possible with the best gallery apps.

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List of Best Gallery Apps for Android in 2022

These Gallery Apps for android will help you organize your images simply and productively with many different features like Hiding, Sorting, etc. So if you are on a hunt for the best gallery apps for android, then read the whole article to find out the gallery app that suits your needs.

1. PhotoMap Gallery – Photos, Videos, and Trips

PhotoMap GalleryWith this application’s help, you can sync your pictures with your geographical location, which gives your pictures an augmented reality, which means you can view where your photos were taken. You can easily switch between tile and list views. You can add and edit captions to your pictures and access photos and videos on your network drive via FTP/FTP-S or SMV/CIFS.


2. Google Photos

Google PhotosOne of the most popular gallery app for android. Place all your memories in one place. With a secure backup feature, sync all your photos & videos in just one click. With the official Google Photos app, you can enjoy the fast & powerful search & other fantastic features.

You can also get 15GB of Free space to store your photos & videos; if 15GB is not enough for you, then you can easily increase space by paying monthly subscriptions to Google, which is very beneficial for those people who want to store all their media in the secure cloud with low subscription fees.


3. Simple Gallery Pro: Video & Photo Manager & Editor

Simple Gallery ProIt’s a highly customizable offline photo gallery application. The best thing about this app is it supports different formats like JPEG, PNG, MP4, MKV, RAW, SVG, GIF & many more, which give you the flexibility to use any format u want.

Talking about security features, besides providing you to protect your photos with a fingerprint scanner, it also offers you a feature to lock some specific functions. Professionals mostly use it. That’s one of the reasons that this app is paid. Recovering your deleted photos is highly customizable through simple gallery pro, making it the best media gallery application for android.


4. 1Gallery – Photo Gallery & Vault (AES ENCRYPTION)

1GalleryIf you are extra conscious about your photos’ security, then this is the best app for you. In addition to having secure folders, 1 gallery also ensures that your hidden photos stay encrypted as well.

It displays all the albums on a single page, unlike other android gallery apps where you have to click on the other albums option to see the rest of the albums. Other than that, it also comes with an advanced photo editor, which helps you to crop, flip, rotate and resize pictures easily.


5. A+ Gallery – Photos & Videos

A+ GalleryA simple, user-friendly, and beautiful interface, A+ Gallery serves all necessary features of a Gallery App. Folders are nicely managed, and it gives you a great user experience. This marvelous gallery app also gives you some customization options to choose the themes of your choice.

In addition to all these features, you can also search for photos or videos by date and location, which seems to be a great feature. Lastly, the A+ Gallery app supports Dropbox, Amazon Clouds, and Facebook, which means you can view your photos from almost anywhere, making it unique.


6. Piktures: Gallery, Photos & Videos

Piktures: Gallery, Photos & VideosThis one is the most advanced app for galleries. With the Cloud access feature, you can access your photos from multiple cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. & a secure space feature lets you protect your photos with a secure PIN & folders. The best feature we like is you can share photos & videos with other Piktures users without using mobile data.


7. F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop GalleryYou can have an integrated Google Map experience with F-Stop. This app helps you browse through pictures based on their location. Unlike most gallery apps, in F-Stop, you can customize your folder structures (list view, grid view, enhanced view & explorer view) as you want.

Also, you can distinguish your favorite folders or albums with the “Bookmarks” feature available in the app itself. In addition to this, F-Stop is ad-free and also gives you options to add cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


8. Memoria Photo Gallery

Memoria Photo GalleryIn Spanish, ‘memoria’ means memories. So as the name suggests, through Memoria, you can view and organize your beautiful memories with your loved ones. With the help of memoria, you can sort pictures according to size, date, name, and path.

Besides, it has an interesting feature of filter media which helps you to filter through different categories like images, videos, Gifs, and many more. Hiding private pictures and changing cover images is also possible with the help of Memoria, just like other gallery applications.



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