The concept of home inventory is rising every day. Believe it or not, the concept is profitable for your belonging and you. The home inventory will help you to organize everything you own. Moreover, it will provide adequate data for an insurance claim.

Keeping all records of your belonging in a diary or other places is such painful work. While techs are involved in the matter in the form of mobile apps. Therefore, the use of these apps could be more rewarding. That’s why we have listed down the best home inventory apps for android and iOS to track your belonging systematically.

Best Home Inventory Apps for Android and iOS

Tons of home inventory apps are available on the internet. Trying and testing all of them can be a real headache for anyone. To help to find the best free home inventory apps, we have got an excellent list of home inventory apps for Android and iOS.

1. My Stuff Organizer

My Stuff Organizer

On top of the list we are presenting, My Stuff Organizer is one of the handy apps to manage your belonging. With the help of the app, you can track anything on your mobile.

The app not only helps to organize but also helps to track purchase dates, prices, and places. My Stuff Organizer has a barcode scanner feature for scan items. Even you can create a custom barcode.

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2. Stock and Inventory Simple

Stock and Inventory Simple

Next on the list is Stock and Inventory Simple, which can help you manage the inventory systematically. We could use the app in stock godowns, big companies, warehouses, and even in our homes.

You can easily input any data for anything manually; even you can attach a photo and other details of the particular thing. The developer has integrated the barcode scanner feature with the app. Thus, the app is ready to track everything you own in your home.

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3. Shortly


Shortly is one of the best home inventory apps on our list. The app provides a few notable features for inventory management that can help you input anything from anywhere at any time.

The cloud-based inventory allows us to upload up to 9 photos per entry. You can arrange all of your entries folder-wise. Even you can scan any item instantly with the barcode scanner. The app has sorted 15 million items so far, which needs to be mentioned.

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4. Encircle


Another pretty useful home inventory app that uses for many purposes. You can also use the app as a field document tool. Even the home inventory is just a child’s play on Encircle.

While the app supports PDF export. Therefore, you can easily export all your home inventory to show others what you own in your home. You can insert photos in every entry to recognize a thing in the first place.

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5. Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager is the best free home inventory app for iOS users. It can help you to make a full list of what you own in your home. Even you can input photos, prices, and other details of your belonging item.

With Inventory Manager, your product manuals, purchase date, warranty information, receipts, maintenance logs, repair information, and other important product details can be organized securely.

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6. Nest Egg

nest egg

If you are looking for an ideal home inventory app, then we are presenting the Nest Egg to manage every item you own in your home. Nest Egg is a brilliant app to scan any particular item in a short time.

Apart from the home inventory, the app is also very handy for managing insurance files. Moreover, the app has an attractive user interface and supports many languages. In addition, you can track the warranty of any product and its expiration date.

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7. Smart Inventory System

Smart Inventory System

The more data you can provide, the better for you. Smart Inventory System is a simple android app that can help you to manage things you have in your home.

The feature-rich app allows us to create groups for items. With the help of this feature, you can easily track an item by dates, prices, and other details. Additionally, the app supports a universal QR scanner and barcode scanner.

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8. MyStuff2 Pro

MyStuff2 Pro

MyStuff2 Pro is another considerable home inventory app that you can use to manage your belonging.

Having a database of all of your items helps calculate the worth of everything and helps you avoid buying what you already have. And it affects your finance.

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9. Itemtopia


The home inventory app should be simple and easy to use. After coming across the entire list, we now have Itemtopica, one of the popular apps in this genre, featured in 80 countries.

Deploying all its features, you can easily organize your belonging. The cloud-based system can be accessed on any device you want whenever you need.

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10. HouseBook


Another great home inventory app for iOS and Android is on our list. The app is not as simple as you think; it has the ability to manage the inventory of a big company.

All you have to do is put the information about the item with photos so that you can recognize the item further without much effort.

The HouseBook app is free for 100 items. You have to buy the premium above 100 items.

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Final Words

Home inventory always reduces stress in calculating your belonging. Say welcome any listed app from the best free home inventory apps for android and iPhone (iOS) to live a stress-free life.


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