Hunting games can be quite classy and fun for someone who loves to pick a target and bag it on the first try. If you have played hunting games before, you know that these games are hyper-realistic and operate on multiple fronts. 

Hunting is fun, but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Hunting a game requires fast instincts, knowing your environment, and making the strategy to hunt down. There are different challenges that players will go through to kill and survive throughout the game.

If you are inclined towards playing hunting games and looking for such games, then we have got you covered. In this article, we will be listing some of the most popular hunting that one can play. 

Best Hunting Games that Every Gamer Must Try Once

1. Hunting Simulator 2

A standard game at standard pricing, the Hunting Simulator wants to make shooting and killing wild animals as adrenaline-inducing as possible.

On the deserts of Texas, forests of Colorado, and wilderness of Europe, hunters strike at native creatures, and they resist back with all their strength.

Hunting Simulator 2 is a new and improved version of the original game released in 2020. Players can choose from 160 official weapons, including Sniper guns and special items like Winchester and Browning.

2. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

This one-of-a-kind game was developed not only for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and Windows.

You can either kill a series of monsters that make their appearance through the levels, or you can capture them to complete your quest.

There are many situational obstacles in this game. The cold atmosphere and snow carpet lands weaken the players and slow their speed.

Many new gadgets and weapons have been introduced in this fantasy land, including Slinger, Iceborne Armour, and Clutch Claw.

3. theHunter Classic

theHunter Classic

This is one of the most famous series in the hunting genre developed by Expansive Worlds.

The Classic version of this series has aimed to make the game as realistic as possible in terms of pace and strategy.

As the protagonist, you get to camp in the wilderness and track animals through the trails they have left.

The movement of these virtual animals is very similar to what a prey in real life would unexpectedly do – and here is how the game keeps you on your edge and brings unknown surprises at every step.

4. Hunt: Showdown

Why kill real animals when you can kill fantasy beasts instead? Combining the shooting, hunting, and fantasy genres, this game presents a series of magical lands where you must target and capture supernatural animals’ hides.

These games are team-based games that can even be played co-op. While the interface is not immersive, it is simplistic and gives the user some freedom with the narrative whenever they are in the mood. 

5. The Forest

The ForestIf you are a sucker for complex hunting mechanisms, you will love The Forest. In this game, your Hunter is endowed with amazing athletic skills, including some advanced camouflage and weaponry. 

While playing this game, you will have to hunt and capture rare animals and save yourself from dangerous beasts. It has a real-time AI feature that can generate realistic and unexpected responses from the animals present.

The game focuses on a single location with different environments, including deep forest, open wilderness, and sandy coastline.

6. Big Buck Hunter 

Big Buck Hunter This game has kept the arcade life alive. The levels are simple, and the targets are clear – what is even better is that they have some really precise gameplay and graphics that make you feel like you are inside a real hunting field. 

The game comes with some quirky minigames on the side, which never fails to surprise the players. There is a zombie mode in the game.

Players can use their peripheral vision to make sudden jumps at the many prey, none of which stay still for even a second.

7. Folklore Hunter

Folklore Hunter

A mastermind combination of horror and hunting genres, this game takes you to mysterious wooden cabins, foggy forests, and dangerous mountains, all populated by large, horrific spirits and demons from common American folklore.

Also, while playing this game, you will encounter dead bodies, half-eaten carcasses, and even supernatural environments that can only exist in stories.

The hyperrealism of hunting games has been kept alive, which makes coming face to face with dangerous creatures all the more nerve-wracking.

8. Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive

Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive

Another unique take on the hunting genre, Depth Hunter, has always preferred deep sea creatures over terrestrial ones.

This game captures the haunting, tense underwater and iron man while bagging big fishes like sharks and whales through traditional spearfishing.

To make matters more complicated, Deep Dive hunters are breath holders and must finish the quest before their breath ends. The game comes with three different locations that you will enjoy.

9. Way Of The Hunter

Way Of The Hunter

If immersiveness is your main concern, this game is bound to provide you with the most satisfaction. Your hunter in this game is the owner of a hunting lodge and can explore different environments all around his property with different sets of teams (these teams can be your friends playing through co-op!)

All environments are integrated together, and the animals present include boars, deer, birds, etc. There is a trophy system included in the interface. The night and day cycle, along with wind and weather, follows a real 24-hour change.

10. Pro Deer Hunting 2

With a very American setting, the game has brought to life a modern version of the retro-realistic deer hunting simulation games.

Pro Deer Hunting 2 is one of the best single-player-only games on the list, as it gives the most advantage and scope for growth to the individual protagonist.

The realism of this game is 10/10, with a natural 360° view even at high speed. As you progress through the game, your skill sets improve, and you become the owner of more advanced artillery.


Various hunting games involve hunting animals, monsters and other creatures. If you want to experience a whole new world where you are on your own to survive and win the game, then you can try the hunting games we have listed in this article.