Sometimes, taking a break while working on your computer becomes necessary to concentrate on the work and give your body a bit of rest.

Nobody can deny that online games are the best source of relaxation while working. So today, we have made a list of free game websites to beat your boredom.

Whether you want to play quick puzzles or trivia games or engage in long multiplayer games, the games on these websites will satisfy you.

There are multiple categories of games available in them, and you can browse a suitable one from them.

Some of the websites in our list also allow you to upload your own created games on them.

Each website consists of at least 1,000 games that can be accessed through a computer or a smartphone. So, let’s dive deep into them.

Best Games Websites For Free Online Gaming


now gg

With an intuitive user interface, is another perfect free online game website.

You can start playing games instantly on the website, which is the standout feature. Here, you do not need to create an account or download games.

It has more than thousands of well-curated games that can be played on various devices from anywhere.

The website has featured almost every type of game whether you love to play arcades or sports games, you have many options.

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2. Addicting Games

Addicting GamesThis is an amazing website that has more than 5,000 games in different categories. Some of the categories of addictive games include action games, easy games, brainteasers, etc. The user experience and gameplay of the platform are awesome, and you will not have any complaints about it.

Apart from free games, you can also upgrade to paid games by buying a game pass. The game pass has an ad-free interface and early access to new games. Addicting Games is also available for smartphones.

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3. Miniclip

MiniclipIt is a site for multiplayer games that can be played for free. Users don’t even need to sign up in Miniclip to play using a guest ID will be enough to do the work. You can also invite your friends to the game by sharing the invitation code.

Miniclip has several genres of games, including action, puzzles, Arcade, etc. Some popular games are 8 Ball Pool,, and Empire. Although players are not bound to create an account in Miniclip, creating an account will help if you don’t want to lose your progress. 

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4. Retro Games Online

Retro Games OnlineOur next inclusion is a unique website for playing free games. Unlike other sites, Retro Games Online doesn’t erase your in-game progress, and you can start from where you had left off. However, you will need to sign up for a free account.

Once signed up, you can get your hands on thousands of games belonging to various categories like casinos, object games, adventure, puzzles, strategy games, board games, etc. The website features plenty of ADS, which may be a bit annoying. Otherwise, it is an excellent option to choose.

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5. MMO Games

MMO GamesMMO Games is another game website that you can refer to for playing online games. MMO Games itself means Massively Multiplayer Online game, so you can guess from its name that many multiplayer and 1versus1 games will be available on it. Besides that, single-player and arcade games are also available.

The user interface of the website is pretty impressive, with all the games sorted under different tabs. You will also be amazed by some popular games like Blackjack, checkers, etc., on MMO Games. Unfortunately, the site will ask you to sign up for a free account, which is not obligatory.

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6. Poki

PokiThis old website offers single-player and multiplayer games in various categories like puzzles, trivia, arcade, and action. Poki has a simple user interface that allows you to directly jump into your favorite games without signing up.

However, some games are free to play, and some require a subscription to get full access. The interface has some pop-up ads, but you will not encounter any video ads on Poki. Unfortunately, the mobile website of Poki is a bit laggy.

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7. Kongregate

KongregateKongregate is a game website that offers a massive number of online games. You will find almost every category of game in Kongregate, from action and multiplayer to strategy and puzzles. The site requires you to sign up for a free account to access its content.

Another feature of Kongregate is the chatting option that allows you to interact with your friends while playing multiplayer games. Besides playing games, independent developers can also upload their games on the website.

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8. Pogo

PogoYou may have heard about EA( Electronic Arts), the popular game developer. Pogo is an initiative by them to play free online games. To access the site, you must create a free account or sign in with your existing EA account. There are various games in Pogo like board games, card games, poker games, etc.

Some of the games on the website are also available on mobile devices and tablets. However, a few games are only available in trial versions. Still, many games are completely free to access. You must know that you can not use any adblockers with Pogo. 

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Agame.comIf you are too fussy about online games, then will be the perfect option for you. The site curates some of the finest games on the internet. Starting from puzzles and trivia to action and adventure, one will get each and everything here.

The user interface is also well-managed, with straightforward navigation options. While playing games, you may receive some advertisements, but you can also remove them by using an ad blocker. However, smartphone users may not find the site very useful.

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10. Solitaired 

Solitaired The fast and free gaming site offers some of the most played card games of all time, such as Solitaire, Spider, Freecell, and other classic games such as Hearts.

These games are all available to play with a detailed rulebook, meaning they are suitable for players of all skill levels. Additionally, Solitaired is mobile-friendly and has games that can be played in single or multiplayer modes.

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11. 247 Games

247 Games

247 Games is one of the free online games websites specifically for card and puzzle games. On the website, you can enjoy all types of card games. All games are accessible from any device from anywhere.

However, the best thing about the website is all its games are completely free, and you have to deal with a few ads. Also, it has a remarkable user interface that will help you navigate every game.

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12. CrazyGames


If you are actively looking for an online gaming platform where you can play games for free on your browser, look no further than CrazyGames. It has games for different age groups, from kids to adults.

It has more than 7000 games, and 20 million unique players play games using CrazyGames. And if you talk about the genre of games, you can find each and everyone there. Best of all, a nice online games website with a consistent user interface.

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