Are you looking for a tool to help you collect the IP addresses of people who visit your website or article via a specific link that you might have shared on social media, or can it also be a sponsored link?

Sometimes, due to promotional campaigns, we need to know where people are connecting to identify the majority audience. Tools like these help us with this. Many companies or social media influencers also use this tool in promotional links.

Using IP address grabber tools, you can easily track the IP addresses of your website visitors and the websites they access. However, hackers often use these tools, such as online scams, for illegal purposes. We do not promote any illegal activities like hacking.

There are a variety of IP address grabbers available on the Internet, including browser extensions, downloadable software, and web-based tools. In this article, we will discuss web-based IP address grabbers.

What are IP Addresses?

An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is like your home address. Just as the government assigns a physical address to your home, every device connected to the internet is assigned a unique numerical label, which helps us communicate online that is an IP address.

Communication on the Internet isn’t limited to talking to someone; it includes everything you search for and read online, which can be tracked using your IP address.

What an IP Address Looks like?

As we have already discussed, an IP address is a unique numerical label assigned to each device. In terms of appearance, it is a set of four numbers separated by dots (for example, Each set can include any number between 0 and 255.

IP addresses come in two types: IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 is an older version with 32 bits, while IPv6 is a newer version with 128 bits. If you want to learn more about this, please let us know, and we can write a separate article on the topic.

Why is an IP Address Necessary?

As we discussed, the IP address refers to each and every device communicating on the online platform. We all communicate with our friends by their number or ID, so their number and ID are their identities, the same way the IP address is the identity of our device.

Whenever you search or use any website on the internet, that command first goes to their server then the server sends the information back to your device. Without an IP address, you can’t be able to do anything on the internet.

What is IP Address Grabbers?

IP Address Grabbers are tools that allow you to create a link to any of your website pages, videos, or sponsored links. These tools can track the IP addresses of all users who click on that link. Using this tool, you can track how many people clicked on your link, the browser they used, their IP address, and the device they were using.

Lastly, we suggest you not use this tool for illegal activities as it can lead to dire consequences.

List of Best IP Address Grabbers

Here, we have listed some of the best IP address grabbers tools you can try for a good cause.

1. Grabify

Grabify IP logger

Grabify is a popular and effective tool for tracking IP addresses. With Grabify, you can convert your website or video link into a short link that allows you to track the IP addresses of those who click on the link.

You can’t only track someone’s IP address; this tool also provides information about their device, OS (Operating System), and browser they are using. With this tool, you can easily analyze the traffic you receive and where it comes from.


1. Image logger

In Grabify, there is a feature called “Invisible Image Logger,” which allows you to track user details using an image. This feature creates a short link for your image and provides you with an embed code. Whenever a user clicks on that image, this tool provides you with their IP address, web browser, and device details.

2. Link Expander

If you have seen any shortened links and are concerned about your privacy, Link Extender helps you. You can see its full link without clicking on that short link. This feature gives you complete information on whether that link is safe to click.

3. IP Lookup Tool

If you have someone’s IP and want to know their details. This feature will help you to get their country, city, state, and internet service provider details.

2. Bitly


Bitly is one of the best tools for shortening URL links. It has a huge traffic base on the website, which means people really like its services. Almost everyone uses its links in social media posts, online campaigns, and promoting affiliate products.

If you are looking for Bitly as an IP address grabber, you can consider it without any second thought. It provides complete information about clicks, location, IP address, etc.


1. Link Management

This is Bitly’s core feature. In link management, you can create as many links as you need, and Bitly will manage all the links and provide you with complete details about each link. You can see how many clicks each link gets, where those clicks are coming from, and when users click on the link.

You can also create the link with your brand name or domain(by replacing, which links look more professional. The best advantage of choosing Bitly is its compatibility with social media accounts. You can share its short link on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2. QR Codes

You can also create a QR code for your shortened link, which you can customize by adding colors, adjusting size, and adding your company logo. If you are a businessman or an individual, you can use this feature for marketing.

Use this QR code in your physical marketing campaigns. People can scan the QR code and go directly to your site. This will give you an idea of how many people are interested in your product, and Bitly will provide their details.

3. IP Logger

IP LOgger

This is another great platform for IP address grabbing that you can try today. It also provides a short link facility and tracks users who click on that link. You can use this for monitoring website traffic and visitor location.

IP logger provides so many ways to track someone’s IP address. You can also track someone’s phone location with their mobile number. It allows viewing logged IP addresses and data in different tabs.


1. Mobile Tracker

If you want to know someone’s location, use this feature to get the exact location. You only need to enter the person’s phone number and email ID to use this feature. They will then send a message containing a link to the person. When the user clicks on the link and allows their location to be shared, you will receive their location via email.

2. URL checker

You can use a URL checker to verify any link you have doubts about. It will examine the link and follow any associated redirects, providing you with the original main link and indicating whether it is safe.

4. Spylink


Spylink is one of the best IP address grabber websites to get someone’s details without knowing them. It’s a user-friendly website that lets you create a spy link to share with everyone and get their IP address easily.

To get started, all you have to do is paste your website or landing page link to get the Spylink. That’s it; now, wait for visitors to open the link and get their IP address – pretty simple.


1. Plethora of Information

Spylink provides more information than claimed, including not only the IP address but also the browser name, country, region, time zone, operating system, and screen resolution. You will also get longitude and latitude too.

2. Anonymous Mailer

Spylink facilitates anonymous mail, allowing users to send mail discreetly. Although the feature is part of the paid plan, it’s worth testing to grab IP addresses.

5. Open Tracker

Open Tracker

Open Tracker has been a long-standing player in the market for essential IP-grabbing services. It has become synonymous with IP tracking and IP lookup. Regarding real-time analytics features, the platform stands out compared to others.

Apart from this, you will find other tried and tested useful features that will make everything easy for you, such as conversion reporting, real-time reporting, tracking unique visitors, and cross-domain tracking.


1. Real-time Reporting

Depending on your campaigns to track IP addresses, you can view all data in real time or historically. You can easily manage data accordingly. With a graph, you can see the best-to-worst-performing campaign.

2. Track Unique Visitors

Whether you want to grab a bunch of IP addresses or track specifically one, Open Tracker has sorted everything for you. The best thing about the unique visitor feature is that it provides full insight into select IP addresses like OS, browsers, profiles, and many more.


This is a list of the best IP Address Grabber platforms currently available. You can choose any of these to analyze your users, but make sure you don’t use them for illegal purposes, as this can result in legal consequences. If you know some other IP address grabbers that we haven’t included in this list, don’t hesitate to comment below.


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