Slowing down something is unfair in the fast pace of life, whether it is your iPhone or anything else. To reclaim the same energy on your iPhone, you must clean junk, unwanted files, and useless photos.

iPhone is known for its incredible performance. Still, the more you utilize the iPhone, the more efficient it will be. That is why you need to remove useless files for sufficient space to run the iPhone adequately.

If you want to clean your iPhone, then you must need a cleaner application. Right? Well, Here are our Best iPhone Cleaner Apps. Using these applications, you can free up your storage.

Best iPhone Cleaner Apps 2024

Plenty of iPhone cleaner apps are available on the internet to clean your storage. But now you have our best recommendation for a better pick.

1. Smart Cleaner

smart cleaner

The first iPhone cleaner application on our list is Smart Cleaner. Smart Cleaner is more than a mere cleaner application. Along with cleaning features, it also has other features, such as privacy protection.

With the help of the Smart cleaner application, you can easily find similar files inside the application and inform us. Even you can find and delete screenshots, Live Photos, burst photos, similar pictures, and videos. Further, it has the ability to save battery power.

2. Cleaner Pro (Easy Cleaner)

Cleaner Pro (Easy Cleaner)

Do you want to organize your iPhone efficiently? Then Cleaner Pro can surely help you. With over 3 million installations, Cleaner Pro is one of the popular applications on the app store.

Using Cleaner Pro, you can organize contacts within a few clicks. Even it will help to merge contacts. Deleting duplicate contact is just child’s play with Cleaner Pro. Hence, its simple and understandable UI is very attractive.

3. Junk Cleaner

Junk Cleaner

Junk Cleaner is a pretty useful application to eliminate junk files from iPhones. The application’s main highlight is finding large files on your phone.

Apart from this, you can take advantage of its auto-algorithm scan feature to detect big-sized images that take up more space. Even it can help you find duplicate files. The only drawback of the application is the number of ads.

4. Cleaner for iPhone

cleaner for iphone

Do you want to clean cache files in a single click, just like Android users do all the time? Then Cleaner for iPhone should be downloaded to your iPhone.

With the help of its innovative feature, you can delete photos, videos, and other files. Hence, the application is very fast in detecting blurred, duplicate images, screenshots, and many more.

5. Boost Cleaner

boost cleaner for iphone

If you are concerned about your newly bought iPhone’s performance, it might not run adequately due to excessive storage usage.

With Boost Cleaner, it is just a matter of a moment. The app can help you to eliminate all useless media files smartly. Boost Cleaner provides a space to organize secret contact, hidden browser, and secret album. You may use its free version, though all its exclusive services will be available in the paid version.

6. Clean My Photos

clean my photos

As the name suggests, you can clean your photos without hassle. Clean My Photos offer fast duplicate photo detecting with its AI tool. You can also take help with merging duplication contacts.

Using Clean My Photo, you can also lock secret photos. If anyone wants to use iPhone, they can’t see your secret photos. And all of these features are available free of cost.

7. Clean Master

clean master

Clean Master, master of cleaning? Probably yes, one of the best iPhone cleaner applications available on the app store. Clean Master is a true master of cleaning photos with a single tap.

It provides tools that are very effective in organizing screenshots, blurred photos, shaky videos, and burst photos. Moreover, the app will detect large files for you and prepare for removal to free up the disk. In addition, it has a scanning feature as well. And you will get all these features without a buck.

8. Gemini Photos: Gallery Cleaner

gemini photo cleaner

If you’re looking for an application that has the ability to clean up iPhone gallery smartly, then Gemini Photos is one of the ideal choices. Using this application, you can remove useless images from the gallery.

Gemini Photos will automatically detect blurred images from your iPhone Gallery so you can delete them in a single click. Even it has the ability to pick clutter screenshots, duplicate photos, and photos of text to delete, whereas you don’t need to go through the gallery to clean unnecessary images.

9. iCleaner


Another considerable iPhone cleaner application is on our list. If you want to delete useless files from the phone. But don’t know how to do it in effective and timesaving ways? Well, iCleaner has got you covered.

Its smart scanning feature will let you know all useless files are taking up much space in your disk. Additionally, iCleaner will also help you find duplicate contact and email. Finding blurred images, bursts, screenshots, and shaky videos is just a cup of tea for iCleaner.

The only drawback of the application is frequent advertisements.

10. Slidebox Photo Manager

slidebox photo manager

Slidebox Photo Manager is the last iPhone cleaner app on our list. No one can come close to the Slidebox Photo Manager when managing the iPhone photo gallery.

It will help you organize your captured photos to use or find them easily. Moreover, it can also help to view your album on a separate screen. Hence, it has photo marking options where you can mark your favorite photos.

Final Words

This is our iPhone cleaner app list. All the apps mentioned above surely provide the best solution to making a clutter-free phone. Let me know which app you are going to use.


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