The Apple ecosystem restricts its users from a lot of customization options. However, wallpapers are one of the areas in which iOS users can have a lot of options. Anyone can easily change wallpapers on their iPhone. However, most of the users want something new and exciting every day. Luckily, you can download various wallpaper apps for iPhone and have new wallpapers on your phone every day. 

By changing wallpapers frequently, you can add a subtle touch of customization and it also keeps your display looking good and new every time you look at it. So if you are a user who frequently changes the wallpaper on their iPhone and needs some excellent wallpaper apps, then this guide is for you.

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List of Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhone and iPad

In this guide, you will find the list of the best wallpaper apps for iPhones. You can download them from the App Store to add stunning elements to your home and lock screen. 

1. Walli

WalliWalli is easily one of the most popular wallpaper apps for iPhone. You can easily find stunning wallpapers on this app. With this app, you get the images directly from the artists who create the images. Because of this, there is always an assurance that you will get fantastic wallpaper for your iPhone. 

The great thing about this app is the collection of images that it brings from artists worldwide. This is an exceptional quality of Walli, which you will hardly find on some other app. This is a great platform for people who value art to know new artists and their work. Not only that, but Walli also shares the earnings with the artists. 

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2. Vellum Wallpapers

Vellum WallpapersFor users who are looking for some breath-taking HD wallpapers for their iPhones, Vellum Wallpapers is a perfect choice. It is another quite popular wallpaper app for iPhone and the reason for that is: this app is highly organized and looks clean. 

With a wide variety of wallpapers to choose from, users can find something that satisfies their souls. This app has beautiful images from a lot of different artists and they are curated in proper collections. When you select an image from a collection, the app tells you why the image is placed in that particular collection. For the majority of the users, the free version is more than enough. 

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3. Everpix Cool Wallpapers HD 4K

Everpix Cool Wallpapers HD 4KEverpix is an easy recommendation for everyone. With this app, users can access a wide range of vibrant, high-quality wallpapers. In addition, this app is suitable for pretty much anyone because of the extensive wallpaper library it has. 

With tons of themes and categories to choose from, users can find some beautiful wallpapers for their iPhones. New wallpapers are also constantly added to the app, so there is no scarcity. For anyone looking for a reliable wallpaper app, this one is the way to go. 

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4. Zedge

ZEDGE™ WallpapersUp next, we have Zedge and this is also a supercool wallpaper app for iPhone. With this app, you get tons of wallpapers specially designed and optimized for iOS screens. So whenever you put them o your iPhone, the results look stunning. 

If that wasn’t enough, you could also get stickers for iMessage and ringtones on this app. Moreover, you can bring some NFTs to your iPhone with this app if you are into NFTs.  

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5. Unsplash 

Unsplash Think of Unsplash as a platform where artists share their work and not as a wallpaper app perse. You will find a vast community of artists and photographers who post their work on this platform on this app. 

For anyone casually looking to download some great wallpapers for their iPhone, this is one of the best apps and they can easily find some stunning images here. Furthermore, the app is free to use and the number of wallpapers is just endless. So you can try out different wallpapers all the time.  

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WLPPRWLPPR is without a doubt one of the best wallpaper apps for iPhone. The important thing to know is that this app is great if you are into scientific things and love the wallpapers of the universe and what lies beyond it. 

The app has some of the most magical photos that show the beauty of this world and the beauty of space itself. On top of that, the app also gives you information about the image you select. So if you are looking for something different, then this app will be a great choice for you. 

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7. Magic Screen

Magic ScreenWhat if we told you that an app lets you create your custom backgrounds and add various effects and components to them? Well, that is exactly what Magic Screen is all about. 

With this app, you can create your own wallpaper for your iPhone with different components such as name, photos, quotes, etc. The app is relatively easy to use and you can easily import and export images with this app.

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