The widget makes our device beautiful – be it mobile or other devices. The sad part is that you can’t add customizable widgets on every OS except Android. If you are an Android user, you might be familiar with OS – it is an open-source platform. Thus, everyone has the freedom to contribute to it.

You have full freedom to use and design the device the way you want. Since the widget makes our device more expressive, you can use KWGT on your Android device.

You have reached the right webpage if you are looking for the best KWGT Widgets for an exceptional appearance on android. Here, we have talked about some beautiful widgets to give an elegant look.

About KWGT Widget

We can understand a widget, but the KWGT widget is new. Therefore, it becomes essential to know what is KWGT widget.

The KWGT, aka Kustom Widget, is used to customize the widget from scratch. It will allow us to do everything the way we want to look on the home screen.

As its name suggests, the fully customizable widget lets you add any important text or favorite image, and even it helps to add a customizable music widget and stylish weather widget. All of this comes under basic – advanced widget features are waiting for you on the list of best free KWGT widgets.

How to Use KWGT Widget?

We already know how to use widgets on the Android system. But if you don’t, follow these simple steps to use KWGT Widget after downloading any KWGT widget.

  1. First, download any KWGT widget from the list below.
  2. Second, make an appropriate free place on the home screen.
  3. Now, as usual, press & hold on to a free space. Now click on the widget.
  4. Find the download KWGT widget from the list.
  5. Now press & holddrag the widget into the blank space on the screen.
  6. Your KWGT widget is ready to shine. Now time to customize accordingly.

Best KWGT Widgets for Android in [year]

We have found many KWGT widgets during the research. But shortlisted the best Android widget that you can use from today.

1. Rainbow

rainbow kwgt

In the beginning, we have the Rainbow. With over 100k+ downloads on the play store, the Rainbow has become one of the best KWGT widgets. It has more than 40+ customizable widgets to bloom on your home screen. Other than that, 10 beautiful wallpaper are also available.

2. Ocra

Orca for KWGT

Ocra is one of the feature-riches KWGT widgets on our list. You can find more than 122 KWGT widgets and 42 significant wallpaper inside the widget. The best part of the app is that the developer updates its content regularly.

3. Vanilla

Vanilla kwgt

I love this widget and even used it personally for its aesthetics and minimalist design. The aesthetic-style clock will blow your mind with eye-soothing minimalist background wallpapers. Moreover, the app has 100k+ installations on the play.

4. Element

Element for KWGT is another widely known KWGT app on our list. With the app’s help, you will get a beautiful clock, a weather widget, a search bar, and many more. All cool widget lies under a beautiful wallpaper.

5. Andromeda

Andromeda for KWGT

Without Andromeda, the list of the best KWGT will be incomplete. The most popular app has a wide range of widgets that can surprise you. Thus, its font styles, flipping wallpapers, widgets, and many other things will give you an immersive appearance.

6. Minimal

Minimal KWGT

The Minimal KWGT app would be a great option for people looking for minimal design. The app consists of many simple, neat and clean widgets which are well enough to make your day.

7. Fusion

FusiOn for KWGT

Fusion is another complete KWGT widget that can try to give your home screen an aesthetics and minimalist look. The widget presents the black-and-white combo in a certain style that anyone wants on their phone. But the app is not free at all. You must pay a paltry amount to access its stunning black-and-white theme widget.

8. Skyline

Skyline Kwgt

If you are looking for some innovative widgets, then look no other than Skyline. It comes with 136 widgets. Every pack consists of innovative and stylish widgets. Needless to mention, your phone will look like the Pixel lineup with its stunning transparent wallpaper.

9. Fiction

Fiction KWGT

Fiction has all important widgets; most importantly, all widgets are customizable. You will get a clock, weather, and music widget using Fiction. This KWGT widget allows you to edit text, color, and font accordingly.

10. Titan

Titan kwgt

In the last, we have another wonderful KWGT widget named Titan. Once you start rolling through the app and its endless glass morphism-style widgets. Eventually, you will know how beautiful the app is. However, its dark background and bright icon set another dimension to the home screen.

Final Words

Signing off – that’s everything you need to know about the best KWGT widgets for android that will give you an elegant look. All widget features are hovering around your palm, from minimalist to heavy clutter. Which one are you picking to give a grand look to your Android phone? Let me know in the comment section.


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