These days, knowing about weather conditions is something important for everyone. Earlier, we read newspapers to get updates on the weather and other news. Still, most of them use their smartphone as smartphones have all the features from capturing high-quality photos to getting news and updates on weather conditions.

Using a weather app and the weather widgets app provides accurate information. So, as you know about the condition, you can plan accordingly. There are many great options available for Weather apps and Weather Widgets apps.

Best Weather Apps and Weather Widgets for Android

Check on the current weather conditions by using these apps on Android. Here, we brought a list of the best Weather apps with weather widgets for Android.

1. 1Weather


1Weather is a popular weather app and is a top-rated app on the play store. The design of this app is very simple and easy to read to get an idea of the weather conditions. It comes with basic features like daily and hourly forecasts with more information.

It also has some weather widgets, and it also has support for Android Wear. One can track the weather for up to 12 cities, and the app supports 25 languages. The free version also has all the features but with ads in between, and to remove the advertisement, pay $1.99.

Price: Free with Ads, Pro $1.99.

2. Accuweather


The Accuweather app provides local weather updates, temperatures, and weather forecasts. It has features like radar, Wear OS support of any weather app, extended forecasts, hourly forecasts, and more.

Even there is a MinuteCast feature that predicts rain on a minute-by-minute basis. The app was redesigned in 2020 and brought many new bugs. Moreover, the app is not free to use.

Price: Free / $2.99 / $8.99 per month

3. Dark Sky

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a popular app that was first only available for iOS devices, but now it’s available for Android. It is the most accurate source for getting information on hyperlocal weather.

The down-to-minute forecasts tell you exactly when the rain will start or stop. The app has two versions, Free and Premium, there is a two-week free trial to use all the premium features, and then you can get it at $2.99.

You will get Rain Notifications and Alerts of Severe weather-changing conditions without opening the app. It displays the temperature in the Status Bar. Widgets show the weather on your home screen. The Dark Sky also supports Wear OS.

Price: Free, $2.99

4. Weather by WeatherBug

Weather Bug

One of the oldest weather apps with almost all features, including weather forecasts, temperature, radar, weather alerts, and more. WeatherBug app has 18 different weather maps, traffic conditions, a lighting alert system, and more.

And if you want to use Weather widgets, you need to download them separately. The user interface of the app is modern and easy to use.

Price: Free / $19.99

5. The Weather Channel

Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is a well-known weather network with great features. It brings all the basic features like current temperature, future forecasts, severe weather alerts, radar, lightning alerts, breaking news, and pollen alerts. With the weather update, there are different widgets, a separate tablet User interface, and more.

Price: Free / Up to $9.99

6. NOAA Weather


The NOAA weather app sources the NOAA and National Weather Service. NOAA Weather provides animated radar, forecasts, hourly forecasts, and current conditions. The app has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

All the information is provided accurately, quickly, and for the exact location. It allows you to track a few cities at once and there are different widgets available to choose from. However, this app does not support a few weather alerts.

Price:  Free / $1.99

7. Weather Underground

Weather Underground

For providing accurate and hyper-local forecasts, Weather Underground uses user-submitted weather data. There are live radar maps and severe weather alerts. You can track current conditions from the local weather station and up to days in the future.

It provides the best weather data, including local Doppler radar imagery, temperature updates, and other local weather data. The geographical data give more information like local weather and microclimate. Moreover, you can customize the app with light or dark modes and other map types.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

8. Google Weather App


Google Search is a nice weather app; do a weather-related search to see the weather information. If you want, you can pin the “app” to your home screen after opening the app. There is a widget called “At a Glance.”

With this app, you can search and browse nearby shops and restaurants, live sports scores, Movie time, Videos and images, and anything you want to find.

Price: Free

9. Today Weather

Today Weather

Today Weather app is rich in data UI and the design of the illustrations makes this app different while delivering lots of data. Within no time, you will get all the information you need about the weather and forecast.

Using a smartphone with AMOLED displays will love this app because of the dark theme. On the black background, there are colorful icons and data visuals are set and look amazing.

It is easy to view weather information anywhere. As it provides weather information, you can catch the beautiful moments of sunrise, sunset, and full moon night.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

10. Appy Weather

Appy Weather

A new weather app with many important features for a weather app. Appy Weather provides some unique features like a fun and fashionable UI, personalized feed, and hyperlocal weather.

It has a free version and the subscription price starts from $3.99. However, the app has a few bugs, but they might have been fixed now.

Price: Free with Ads, $3.99


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