Many people realize that medical costs can vary dramatically depending on how you pay and which pharmacy you go to. And it is a fact that using medical insurance doesn’t always get you the best price. Medical apps help you to access medicines at a cheaper rate. It doesn’t matter if you have medical insurance or not. Anyone can use these apps. If you find healthcare too expensive, then these apps can make you save money.

As per the current scenario, the utmost priority of most people is their health. These apps offer helpful service, especially in the 21st century when all the things are remote. Locally, mental health doctors (psychiatrists) are hard to find, and it takes a month to find a good doctor. But through these apps, you will be able to see a good doctor within a few days.

They give you a real-time experience of a clinic. You can chat and call with a doctor 24/7, including on weekends too. It’s just like an in-person visit. Your doctor will do your checkup, see your symptoms, prescribe you medicines, provide you prescriptions, and check your medical history.

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List of Best Medical Apps for Android

These apps not only saves your money but also gives information about different medical terms. These are designed for the use of professionals as well as a layman. You don’t have to be a medical expert in using these apps. You can use them for better knowledge and understand the medical terms in a better way.

1. Doctor on Demand

Doctor on DemandUsing the Doctor on Demand app, you can access a physician within minutes from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Doctor on Demand makes it easy for you to get the medical treatment you need. It’s a great way to see a doctor and have a face to face conversation on your phone app.

This app is easy to navigate and keeps you updated all the way through your appointment. All the doctors are US-trained and board-certified. Just like an in-person visit, the doctors take your history, perform an exam and recommend a treatment plan.

It is user-friendly, cost-effective, and a resource you can turn to when you need it most. They also have various health care professionals in different areas of the field, so you always have lots of options.


2. GoodRx Drug Prices and Coupons

GoodRx Drug Prices and CouponsThis is an amazing medical app to get your medicines at a lower price. It is effortless to use. You have to download the GoodRx app and or go to their website and enter your exact medication, dose and quantity. GoodRx searches prices of pharmacies near you, and it lists them from lowest to highest. You have to tap on the coupon price on the list, and then you can show that generated coupon to the pharmacist on your phone.

Even if you have insurance, this price may be less high, and if you don’t have insurance, there is a perfect chance that the coupon discount that GoodRx negotiates will be a better deal. If you don’t want to visit multiple pharmacies to get the best price for each drug, there is a feature that allows you to enter all of your medications and get them filled at a single pharmacy.


3. Medical Terminology

Medical TerminologyIt is basically a dictionary that helps you find medical terms, their meanings, and acronyms. It is quick, easy, and gives accurate reports. You can use it even when the internet connection is inaccessible.

Medical Terminology is just not for medical students. Everyone can use this app to understand what Doctors & specialists talk about. It is beneficial, especially when you don’t have the books, and is well explanatory for not medical professionals.


4. Medscape

MedscapeIf you can’t find the answer quickly in a book, then Medscape is your friend. Because it is convenient, you can access it offline, and it is the best app for reading about the disease in brief. It has features like a medical calculator and medical tools with all new and latest medical-related news, and you can also save important news to read later.

Medscape features allow you to see all the details about a certain drug or medication. These features are categorized as Drugs, Interaction Checker, Conditions, Procedures, Decision Point, Pill Identifier, and more.


5. WebMD Medical Apps

WebMD Medical AppsIt enables you to have access to health-related tools and information with a basic-looking and easy to understand interface. Most people can actually use the app by just using the search box available in the app. You can type in a pill, a symptom you’d like to know more about, and any health-related concern you can think of.

You can also start with the step by step guide, which starts with the symptom checker. From here, the app will ask you some basic information about your age and gender, followed by the main symptom that you are currently experiencing.

Let’s say you have an allergy, then the app will ask you for any medications that you’re currently taking as well sanctions. Once you’re done, the app will provide you with a list of possible conditions along with the rating. In the end, you can check the results and the information about your selected condition.


6. Figure 1

Figure 1A free educational app that is basically medicine meets crowdsourcing. You need to upload a photo and description of the problem you are facing and then wait for the other people to comment on your photo, giving suggestions and prescriptions that you should follow.

Fig 1 allows medical professionals throughout the world to communicate. You can even contact a specialist for specific advice and comment. But you must be a verified medical professional to participate. And with figure 1, you can have comments from dozens of specialists in a few minutes.


7. mySugr

mySugrThis one founded to simplify the lives of people with diabetes. mySugr and care services work together to provide a powerful health management solution. It’s a digital health company for people with diabetes. It allows you to track your blood glucose level, food intake, activity, and all different parts of your life.

You can see your average blood glucose value for the day and how much your value deviates from your average blood glucose value. You can check your daily summary of the hypos and hypers.


8. AccuWeather

AccuWeatherA weather app that you can download for free on iOS and Android.  It is used to do weather forecasting of any country or area. The app setup is pleasing to look at and precise time weather forecasting is amazing. AccuWeather not only provides you rain predictions but also shows dust and allergy information, sunrise and sunset times, and hours of daylight.

You can even watch weather videos and news. AccuWeather provides a special feature called MinuteCast, by which you can see minute by minute precipitation forecast of your GPS location.


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