In this modern era, everyone wants to be fit enough to perform every activity properly with stamina. However, nowadays, fewer people in a busy life give time for fitness because of no more time for extra activities. Therefore, properly taking cardio is far better than just walking.

The scientist even proves that if you take cardio just for even 10 minutes, it will help you in many ways. There are various benefits of taking cardio properly, and it will increase your life span too. Every health expert gave the statement more you run more your health will improve.

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List of Best Running Android Apps You Can Use in 2022

Now what we need is an excellent application to record our running process. These running apps help us to guide on running, provide proper instructions, motivate us. Here for you all, we fined and listed the best running application to record the run.

1. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

So, NRC is popularly known as the Nike-run club. The unique feature is that this app provides voice-recorded sessions for users. It helps the beginners and wants to start from zero, as because of recording, it is easy to understand. It will describe everything like breathing while running, maintaining momentum, and tracking your running distance.

You can connect with your friends too and can check their entire runs and even can share yours. That’s how you can stay motivated too with your friends. This app also helps to prepare for a marathon. You can set your goals too, like total runs and times, and achieve according to them. The best thing is that the app is free, with no ads.

Download Nike Run Club

2. Zombies Run

Zombies Run

This app is exciting, as the name suggests; it’s a game-based app to help and motivate users in the running. It provides a game interface that creates a situation where you have to run for your life.

If you slow down, you will hear the zombie’s sound, and if you stop, you will die. This app is exciting, as it seems while reading. It provides various stories to select and start running, which makes it quite fresh and exciting. Unfortunately, it will cost you 2.99$/month. However, you can try the free version too, which also provides some of the stories.

Download Zombies, Run

3. Charity Miles

Charity Miles

Different sponsors support this app. These sponsors give money to various or specific charities every time you run using this app. That’s how it helps in the motivation of their users. Different sponsors sponsor you every run. You can easily switch from one sponsor to another too.

Before running, the app will provide you with the option to choose the sponsor. The unique thing is you can create a team or join to run together with a personal motive like charity. Big brands like Johnson is also a partner of this app. You are doing great things with running, which is the best attraction of this application. Again, the good thing is that this app is free to use.

Download Charity Miles

4. Weight Loss Running by Verv

Weight Loss Running by Verv

The main aim of running is weight loss, but you cannot lose weight by just running. So lost with running, this app provides healthy meal plans for different ways like weight loss and bodybuilding. It will calculate the body mass with height and weight and therefore offer the best meal plan.

You can add your pictures, too, while achieving the goal with this app. As water is an essential part of the diet, this app also provides a proper water intake schedule. It charges 49.99$/year for all additional features which we stated above.

Download Weight Loss Running

5. Decathlon Coach

Decathlon Coach

Decathlon is a brand that categories into sports and made its name by selling various quality sports products and outfits. As the product is a quality one, the app is also performing the same. It provides different plans for different activities, like running, bodybuilding.

This app is also for beginners, which offers beginners tutorials too with voice instructions. Here you can track your friends’ activities too and also can share yours. You will learn many things here, like how to approach alternative running, etc. This app is free, with no ads.

Download Decathlon Coach

6. Endomondo (Map My Fitness Workout Trainer)


It is the most trendy app this year. You can track different activities in a single app without a single lag or any problem in the app. Like other above apps, it also provides audio instructions and recording activities like runs and distances here.

You can connect various wearable devices like smartwatches and third-party applications with it. So this feature is useful for athletes and regular runners. You can also connect your social media profile here. It costs 5.99$/year for a premium membership, which provides an advance plan and many other things.

Download Endomondo

7. Starve


If you want to discover a new running partner or competitor, then this app is for you. It is the best app for athletes and beginners, as you can create a profile and connect with nearby people. Along with it, you can share your runs and can create completion for motivation. Finally, you can create your route here and can share it with the world.

Along with your run, it can track your Samsung or apple smartwatches too. The best thing Is you can compare your analytics, which means last and previous performance. This app is free, and you can enjoy every single feature.

Download Strava

8. Runtastic


It is a type of app that can record all your activities along with running. The app is designed for runners, but you can also monitor your biking but only in the premium version. In addition, it connects various devices like smartwatches and third-party applications.

The best thing about this app is Google satellite integration. The unique feature of this app is that you can stream music here from Spotify. The Premium version costs 49.99$/year, which provides every additional thing.

Download Runtastic

9. Map My Run

Map My Run

Whether it’s just another normal day run or even if you are a seasoned runner, Map My Run has all the features you will need. So reach out to your full potential and achieve your goals faster with this amazing running app. From customized training plans to personalized coaching tips, it fulfills every essential requirement.

You can further keep count of distance covered, calories burned, progress, etc. Moreover, it also throws group challenges to keep you motivated and stays inspired.

Download Map My Run

10. Pacer


Pacer is a walking & running pedometer that adds up to track your full-day activity. This easy-to-use running program can sync your data with apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and Apple Health. Besides, it helps you note your daily progress, steps taken, BMI, blood pressure, calories, etc.

So if you are a fitness enthusiast and want better results, why not turn your phone into a personal health tracker. Also, it lets you create groups to remain connected and improve your health along with your family and friends.

Download Pacer

11. Running & Jogging

Running & Jogging

If you often go running outside your house, then this app is a must keep. It will lay out your running path on a geographical map so you can track your progress visually. It’s a much better approach than dealing with numbers.

You can see how many calories you have burned along with the number of steps taken. It also distinguishes between steps and elevation, so it shows that information as well.

Download Running & Jogging

12. Step Counter – Calorie Counter

Step Counter - Calorie Counter

This app the most minimalistic running app that you will find on Playstore. Step Counter – Calorie Counter comes with a simple-to-use Interface with limited information. You can track the steps you have walked, the number of calories you have Burt, and the distance you have walked, just in one click.

In my opinion, this is what all people need—a simple app with simple features. However, the app does not support widgets yet, so you have to open the app to check your steps count.

Download Step Counter – Calorie Counter


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