For a long time, Minecraft has been the most popular game in the world. It’s possible to play Minecraft any way you like, thanks to community-run servers.

In crazy PvP modes, you may have to get out of a prison, or you may find yourself in a fight between rival groups over control of a region. It’s all here on these best Minecraft PVP servers.

If you think you have acquired all the skills in Minecraft, then it is time for you to step out into the open world. The open world in Minecraft offers many enchantments, powerful options, and the best speedrun seeds. 

In this guide, we will show you the best Minecraft PvP servers to where you can test your playing skills. 

Best Minecraft PvP Servers

1. Foxcraft 

Foxcraft is one of the best Minecraft PvP servers and this is a server for purists. If you dislike changing and resetting, this is the server for you. So for all the people who like to keep their base and items for a long time, this is the one. 

However, the only downside is that some players have been using this server for years and since there are no resets in a while, they dominate the server. Other than that, it is all good. 

Java Address:

2. PvP Land 

Next up, we have PvP Land and this is a server made for PvP games. You get an open-world scenario and you can take down other players to climb up the rank hierarchy. There are frequent seasonal changes and resets, which are great for newbie players. 

One of the best things is that this server eliminates bots like no one else, which is why people prefer it. So if you want a good PvP experience, this one will be great. 

Java Address:

3. Mineplex 

Mineplex is easily one of the most popular Minecraft servers and is also one of the best for PvP. A thousand players come on this server daily so that you will get many online players. Then another good thing is that it is available for both Java and Bedrock. 

The main focus of this server is on mini-games and custom content. Then there are a lot of non-PvP games that will keep you hooked up when you don’t feel like it. So definitely give it a try if you are a fan of custom content. 

Java Address:

Bedrock Address:

4. Purple Prison 

Next on the list is Purple Prison and it is a prison-based theme for Minecraft. And because of this, you will get jail cells, yards, and even prisoners. However, the overall vibe of the server is quite peaceful. There are a lot of daily PvP events that will earn you a lot of in-game rewards. 

While there are a lot of PvP players, they are quite competitive and this is the only server where you will find peace. It might not sound like a big deal, but it is when you are in the PvP area.  

Java Address:

5. PvP Hub 

The name here pretty much gives it away, PvP Hub is a custom-coded Minecraft server for PvP players who want to have fun. One of the unique features of this Minecraft server is that it has the UHC mode. The concept is pretty much like PUBG and players spawn in random locations of a Minecraft world. 

As a player, you will have a few minutes and fight an epic last man standing battle. And this is not a mode you will find easily on many new PvP servers. Then you also get custom game modes, including PvP arenas, bed-wars, and more.

Java Address: (version 1.18)

6. Hypixel 

Hypixel is a popular Minecraft server and if you have been a part of any online community for a while, you must have heard about it. Hypixel is one of the oldest running Minecraft servers, for those who don’t know. The community on this server is vast and has some great game modes for PvP players. 

To know better, you will find players worldwide on this server. As a result, it supports over 18 languages. In terms of game modes, you will find 19 different modes here. It is also suitable for people who don’t have a Minecraft crew. 

Java Address:

7. Donut SMP

Are you looking for an active server that settles for nothing less than hardcore action? Well, Donut SMP has got you covered in this area. It is available for both Java and Bedrock. The competitive thing about this server is that if you die on this server, you will not be able to join back before two real days.

If you think you are on a high level and trust your gaming and combat skills, then only you should dare to enter this server. The competition is intense, and there is just an absolute thrill. 

Java Address:

Bedrock Address:

8. Wild Prison 

The name gives it away; Wild Prison is easily one of the most competitive Minecraft servers on the list. It is worth it for all the PvP players as the competition here is intense. Again, the name gives away its theme; naturally, you get an excellent prison theme here. 

For PvP lovers, there are tons of PvP games, and players get their chance to test and improve their skills. But the customization features on this server are just next level. With tokens, unique pickaxes, lucky blocks, giveaways, and more, this is one of the best Minecraft PvP servers. 

Java Address:


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