Minecraft is easily one of the most popular games in the world, and almost all Minecraft players will agree that the multiplayer mode is one of the best modes to experience Minecraft. 

There are many fun Minecraft servers that you can hop on to, and then there is also the joy of playing the game with your friends. Overall, the multiplayer mode on Minecraft has a fun element for everyone who wants to enjoy the game. 

Now, if you genuinely want to enjoy multiplayer gameplay, this guide is for you, as we will list down the best Minecraft servers you can play to enhance your multiplayer experience. 

Just know that these servers will require the latest Minecraft 1.18 update, so ensure you are updated. You can also enjoy playing on these free servers and see what they bring for you.

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Best Minecraft Servers

1. Hypixel

HypixelFirst on the list is Hypixel, which is easily one of the best Minecraft servers out there. It is also the world’s largest Minecraft server, so if you are looking for a great Minecraft community, this is the one to start with. 

There are regular tournaments on this server and the content is always fresh and updated. You can try unlimited things on this server. There are exclusive maps, items, and other stuff on this server that will make you feel like Hypixel is a game of its own within Minecraft. So make sure to try this one. 

Java Server Address: mc.hypixel.net

2. MineHeroes

MineHeroesIf you are looking for a Minecraft server that works well with Java and Bedrock, MineHeroes is definitely the one you should check out. MineHeroes is popular because it has a lot of custom Minecraft maps and releases them regularly. 

There are also many game modes, such as prison, survival, etc., that you can choose from, which keeps everything exciting. The server also accommodates people who don’t like role-playing, as it has many unique structures, sky blocks, and creatures that the players can explore. 

Java Server Address: play.mineheroes.org

Bedrock Server Address: play.mineheroes.org

3. Brawl 

Brawl Next on the list we have Brawl, a popular Minecraft server. This one is great for people who want the most exclusive mods, plugins, and textures. The best thing about this server is that it has all exclusive content, which sets it apart from other Minecraft servers on the list. 

This server offers games like raids, capture the flag, and even a Zombie survival mode. It also has a dedicated mode for creative minds that allows them to create new stuff.

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Java Server Address: brawl.com

4. Mineplex

MineplexMineplex is another Minecraft server that works on Java and Bedrock. There is no shortage of players on this one, and there are a lot of decent games to choose from, so you are covered in all the critical areas. 

If we talk about the games, you get all the basic ones like sky wars, survival games, and cake wars. Then, some games are based on building stuff with other players. If a community is something that is a priority for you, then make sure to check out this server. 

Java Server Address: us.mineplex.com

Bedrock Server Address: pe.mineplex.com

5. Grand Theft Minecraft

Grand Theft MinecraftEven the name GTA is more than enough to highlight the greatness of this iconic gaming series. As the name pretty much gives it away, the Grand Theft Minecraft server brings GTA-like feels to Minecraft. So there is no doubt that GTA online and Minecraft have some of the largest online communities. 

If you feel like getting the Los Santos world to your Minecraft, this server is the one you should be playing on. There is an underground network that allows you to explore the server.

Java Server Address: gtm.network

Bedrock Server Address: gtm.network

6. Among Us Performium 

Among Us Performium Among Us was one of the most popular games during the COVID-19 pandemic and this server is a tribute to the iconic game. While the game’s popularity is declining, the number of players on this Minecraft server is proof that the Among Us is definitely not dead. 

The entire design of this server is based on the design of Among Us. This server is perfect if you enjoyed Among Us and want to relive it somewhere else. Then there are a lot of survival modes, creative modes, and minigame modes that will keep you hooked.

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Java Server Address: amongus.performium.net

7. Roleplay- Hub

Roleplay- HubAs the name gives it away, Roleplay-Hub is one of the best Minecraft servers for people who are into roleplay. This server has a lot of school and fantasy roleplay themes.

The best thing is that both players and moderators are pretty serious about the themes, uplifting the entire experience. So make sure to try this one out. 

Java Server Address: mc.roleplayhub.com

Bedrock Server Address: mc.roleplayhub.com


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