Every Minecraft lover knows this little game is no less than an entire universe. Minecraft servers are a lot more fun when they are properly modded, recreated, and managed by amazing creators – this gives rise to unending challenges, unique graphic choices, and a thriving international gaming community.

Minecraft has been around for a while, which means hundreds of modded Minecraft servers exist on the Internet today. While this is a great thing and offers a lot of variety to players, it can also make it hard to choose the best modded Minecraft server for ourselves.

Best Minecraft mods have unique, updated features that add spice to an otherwise vanilla Minecraft game. They introduce new quests, opponents, and accolades that regular players enjoy.

Also, this virtual world can open the door to friendships with other gamers worldwide. Let’s go through the list of best Modded Minecraft Servers that you can participate in.

Best Modded Minecraft Servers for Java Edition

Good modded Minecraft servers never fail to surprise players with new challenges, upgrades, and expansions. Here are some of the best Modded Minecraft Servers that you can try.

1. Brawl

BrawlThis fast-paced Minecraft world is all about survival, fighting, and leadership. Brawl is a growing Java Minecraft community that boasts of unending plugins and builds, all of which developers have designed from scratch. There are hundreds of minigames and celebration quests introduced regularly.

Due to the nature of the game, Brawl also includes advanced weapons, such as guns that you will not find in Minecraft anywhere else. Many game modes introduced by the Brawl server include Capture The Flag, Raid, etc.

Address- mcbrawl.com

2. Hypixel

HypixelThis name once was a simple YouTube channel creating Minecraft maps for viewers. Hypixel today advertises itself as one of the most high-quality modded Minecraft servers on the Internet. Indeed, this server is known for extravagant graphic structures that include too many pixels and look stunning.

Hypixel is a growing Java initiative that keeps introducing new adventures and challenges with deadlines. You can play with others or alone and even invite people you know to join this community. 

Address- mc.hypixel.net

3. Complex Gaming 

complex gaming minecraft serverThis underrated Bedrock Minecraft server is for those bored of everything else. Some of the most popular game modes offered in this server that you must have seen being recorded or streamed online include Skyblock, Pixelmon, Survival, and Prison. But hundreds more are available to users once they enter the server itself.

Complex Gaming has strict and welcoming community rules that make it easy for users to enjoy the games. They regularly organize Minecraft events and provide links to useful tutorials and guides.

Address- tekkit.mc-complex.com (Tekkit) | pixel.mc-complex.com (Pixelmon) | FTB (ftbb.mc-complex.com) | Vanilla (hub.mc-complex.com)

4. BCraft Naruto

BCraft NarutoThis server is for Minecraft and Naruto fans. BCraft Naruto allows you to create your own Naruto character by making certain decisions while progressing through the game modes. The server includes many jutsu, and moderators constantly add new ones.

BCraft Naruto, apart from general Naruto-themed events, also organizes missions and examinations that earn special honors. The graphics combine Naruto anime, traditional Japanese architecture, and fantasy elements from other shows and books.

Address– mc.b-craft.org

5. Purple Prison

Purple PrisonThe biggest perk of this server is the fact that it includes an all-purple gaming interface. The graphics include forts, lakes, mountains, and more, all of which have been carefully designed with purple in mind. It is one of the oldest servers on the list and has existed since 2014.

Purple Prison has also been praised by users for being well-maintained, organized, and structured. This server has been named one of the most famous Minecraft servers in the world! Players can join for free and later make purchases at the Purple Prison store to unlock some game modes or packages.

Address– purpleprison.org

6. SmashMC

SmashMCHave you seen content creators online playing on a game mode called ‘Smash Molecraft’? This and many other stunning gaming interfaces have been created by Smash MC. This is a multiplayer game and can be enjoyed by strangers on the services and your closest friends.

SmashMC has been inspired by “Super Smash Bros”. There is also a treasure hunt aspect included, due to which players can locate certain items and gain instant character boost. Speaking of characters, there are around 30 characters to choose from.

Address– mc.pokesmash.com

7. Netherite

Netherite minecraft serverThis server aims to provide all the best upgraded features to players on a budget. If you are looking for a server that takes constant development seriously, Netherite is one for you. This server also received one of the highest member growth since its conception in 2022.

Netherite is a special metal in Minecraft lore that does not damage from explosions or Lava. Game modes in this server are inspired by popular adventures but have included a unique twist in each one of them.

Addres- play.netherite.gg

8. Craftadia

CraftadiaOne of the most wholesome Minecraft servers available today, Craftadia aims to promote team-based adventures and quests. According to the moderators, this server is completely free of any griefers or negativity. In real life, it focuses on completing every mission with sheer optimism!

Craftadia is a survival server with high-quality, colorful graphic additions to the ordinary Minecraft interface. It leans towards a historic platform with caves, castles, ships, and dungeons, each of which is a magical place with great adventures hidden within.

Address– play.craftadia.com

9. Vortex Network

Vortex Network minecraft serverThe server has a great fan following due to its unique graphical choices – Vortex Network is one of the top space mission Minecraft servers! Vortex Network also has an uptime of 99.9%. The server also includes versions of the famous game modes like Skyblock, Pixelmon, and Survival. 

Vortex Network is a strictly Bedrock community. The gameplay includes many rewards and prizes at each stage, some of which you can withdraw in cash. Vortex Network has an active and engaging discord community that teaches beginners to complete all levels as fast as possible.

Address- mc.vortexnetwork.net

10. Vanilly

Vanilly minecraft serverDo you wish to play as a family or start your own on Minecraft? Vanilly is a survival-based Minecraft server that you can play with your friends. One of the most popular game modes under Vanilly is LifeSteal, a wonderful way to meet romantic partners online!

Vanilly is a medieval theme gameplay. The server supports both Java and Bedrock. It is one of the only servers that has banned foul language or inappropriate communication so that the community can be suitable for kids.

Address- play.vanillymc.net


Most modded Minecraft servers are popular for their game modes, such as Pixelmon, survival, prison, skyblock, etc. Not only do gamers choose servers for the game modes but also for the community and the events they can participate in. If you are looking for the best modded Minecraft servers, you can go for the servers mentioned in this list.