Minecraft emerged as a small game but brought a huge revolution in the gaming industry. There will hardly be a gamer who has not tried the game once in their lifetime. Moreover, some die-hard Minecraft fans only want to play Minecraft. However, they must know there are several other games like Minecraft.

By mentioning games like Minecraft, we want to mean those blocky, sandbox-style universes that you can build and play with your pals. You can also find several mods for the game. However, today we are going to only talk about separate sandbox-style games.

So, if you are too interested in exploring the best Minecraft alternatives, our list will greatly help you. We have done deep research and mentioned the best games like Minecraft on the internet. You will also get a brief description and download link with each game discussed.

Best Games Like Minecraft

  • Trove
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Roblox
  • Terraria
  • Starbound
  • Deep Rock Galactic
  • Stardew Valley
  • My Time At Portia

1. Trove

Trove has all the cube-like characters and construction techniques you get in Minecraft. It also incorporates parts of the free MMOs’ organizational structures to change things up and direct your gameplay. Players can choose from various classes in the game, including Neon Ninja and Dino Tamer. 

TroveEach character has its own peculiarities, advantages, and disadvantages to enhance team development’s effectiveness. Moreover, you can craft your way through various levels, each with a varied challenge and reward. 

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2. No Man’s Sky

This Minecraft alternative is all about discovery. You pass through many galaxies and planets to the center of the cosmos. However, the game’s ultimate objective is to enjoy the gameplay and tactics. 

No Man’s SkyYou can engage in space battles, encounter hostile robots, observe submissive creatures, and interact with other sentient species. The game’s latest update has successfully improved areas like base building and missions while also substantially expanding the multiplayer experience’s content. 

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3. Roblox

If you’ve played games like Minecraft, Roblox will seem immediately familiar. The map editing features in the Minecraft game production platform are available in Roblox. Moreover, there are other settings available to let you enjoy the map. 

Games Like ROBLOXAs a result, you may create anything from a simulation to a racing game. But you’ll see that the style is a little different in it. Roblox has a more Lego-like aesthetic than Minecraft, where everything has a block motif. Roblox also has a small economy because users may create, purchase, and sell virtual goods. 

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4. Terraria

The ultimate idea is the same in Terraria, just like Minecraft, since you set your own goals. For example, you could build a grand mansion or base of operations, travel to distant parts of the globe, or explore the depths of the earth in search of hidden treasure. 

TerrariaIn addition, you’ll quickly realize there’s a lot more going on when you explore the game more and learn more about it. The best part of Terraria is that it lets you access NPCs like a nurse or a wizard who will stay and work in your base by achieving certain criteria. 

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5. Starbound

In our list of games like Minecraft,  our next inclusion is Starbound. This game allows you to fight, craft, build, and explore an infinitely possible randomly generated environment alone or with other players online. 

StarboundStarbound is set in a 2D cosmos reminiscent of Terraria, with the option to jump between several planets at will. This is different from roaming around a three-dimensional Minecraft globe. The widely diversified gameplay is sure to appeal to Minecraft enthusiasts.

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6. Deep Rock Galactic

This game is currently in early access on Steam. You can build an entire game around the fundamental idea of mining for ores and valuables while amplifying the sense of danger. Naturally, mining is a big element of Minecraft, but if you’re playing it, there isn’t much to it besides excavating a bunch of tunnels in the hopes of hitting diamond or gold.

Deep Rock GalacticHowever, in Deep Rock Galactic, you can create branching trails to explore as much of the underworld as possible or drill directly down to your goal. The hostile animals that will block your path could influence your decisions.

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7. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley will be perfect if you frequently care for crops rather than building and mining. Your character is initially motivated to leave the city and make it alone in the countryside when they inherit their grandfather’s old property. 

Stardew ValleyYou are given a sizable piece of land to work with outside of your customizable home, which you can clear and expand however you choose to make space for a wide variety of crops and animals. All these functionalities make Stardew Valley a worthy Minecraft Alternative. 

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8. My Time At Portia

In Deep Rock Galactic, it all comes down to creating a fresh life for yourself in a unique place. The distinction is that you genuinely live in a post-apocalyptic environment despite the peculiar appearance.

My Time At PortiaGamers will like how it takes care of your crops, rear your animals, make friends with your neighbors, and eventually master construction. However, like Minecraft, some nasty animals are to contend with, so take caution when exploring dungeons and old ruins.

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