If you like to create your own online games and play with others, chances are low that you have yet to hear about ROBLOX. It was the first of its kind to introduce the concept of programming games by end users. However, after that, many other games followed the same idea.

Now you can get several other games like ROBLOX on the internet. Some are more interesting than the initial one. So if you want to try them out but need help figuring out where to start, our list will help you.

We have created a catalog for all games like ROBLOX or Alternatives. Most of the games on our list are free to access; however, some might need an initial buying price. But if you are enthusiastic enough to try them out, the price should not be a concern.

Best Games Like ROBLOX

  • Minecraft
  • KoGaMa
  • Terraria
  • Lego World
  • Boundless
  • Trove
  • Creativerse
  • Minetest

1. Minecraft

This fascinating gaming platform can replace Roblox. This is because of the rich gameplay offered by Minecraft. Here you construct your universe out of voxel-like building elements.

Best Minecraft ServersThe construction system in the game operates similarly to the Roblox construction system. Moreover, both games share a similar fundamental structure as you are given a hugely expansive 3D world.

In Minecraft, each component is a block. You’ll need to explore and gather resources as a player to make various tools and stuff. If you play the game’s survival mode, you’ll need a defensive plan for your house and yourself. 


2. KoGaMa

You will get submerged in a virtual world of possibilities through this game. There is even a detailed character builder and pre-installed characters that you can use as your avatar. When you’re not creating avatars, you’ll either engage in races with other online buddies or hang out and have fun in the virtual world.

KoGaMaLike Roblox, KoGaMa enables you to make games, play them with others, and share them online. As you advance in levels, you’ll find more fun activities. The best thing is that you may have a Roblox experience on KoGaMa without the potential risks of the much more widely used site.


3. Terraria

It is a 2D game that combines creativity and traditional action. Exploring Terraria in enormous randomly generated regions and making anything from armor and weaponry to shelter will be a lot of fun. This game has so much content you could spend months playing and investigating.

TerrariaScavenging and mining are easy to start in Terraria’s realms. The NPC characters you engage with in Terraria add to the game’s intrigue. However, the game is only for you if you appreciate a classic, pixelated 2D look. 


4. Lego World

The toy bricks interface in Lego World is taking over the game world. Lego World provides users with all the tools necessary to create fantastic worlds using recognizable bricks, just like Roblox does.

Lego WorldPlayers will receive in-game currencies for discovering and gathering various objects on the map. You can purchase a variety of things with these studs. You can also interact with Lego models across the stages of Lego Worlds. 


5. Boundless

In our list of games like Roblox, this game will immerse you in a hazardous, alien-infested planet where you can explore several kingdoms. You and your buddies can build an empire to compete with rivals in the game.

BoundlessIf you want to change the game mode, choose between a first-person or third-person perspective as you move around the terrain. Boundless lets can interact with other players to learn interesting facts and perhaps even receive gifts.


6. Trove

Trove is a fantastic game with a variety of gaming options. Particularly in the multiplayer mode, you can meet new people while exploring. The game offers high-quality voxel visuals. You start this game by selecting your character class.

TroveEach class has advantages like unique talents and abilities. Each task in the class you select will be different, with some being more difficult than others. To have fun with it, you must craft and understand the game as you explore the various worlds. 


7. Creativerse

Another game that draws inspiration from Roblox and Minecraft is Creativerse, which combines the finest features of both to create a game that can compete well in its category. You’ll have to use blocks to create your own virtual universe as you play.

Creativerse gameCreativerse lets you invite others over to participate in the amazing experience. Depending on the play set, this survival game includes a similar block landscape in which you can freely explore and craft.


8. Minetest

This is a Sandbox-building game with multiplayer support multiplayer. In Minetest, you can create your own virtual environment where you can play with pals or use the game’s regular game types.

Minetest gameThe maps in Minetest are composed of thousands of blocks of various types because both Roblox and Minecraft inspired the game’s design. The map generator’s settings allow you to create the world you want to explore completely.



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