Have you ever played Nintendo DS games? It was a popular dual-screen gaming console, and it has many interesting games. Want to play your favorite game and have fun again Nowadays, you can enjoy everything right on your Android smartphone. Yes, you can play your favorite Nintendo game on your phone by using the Nintendo DS emulators.

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List of Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android to Use in 2022

Nintendo DS is a highly successful gaming console globally. There are several Nintendo DS emulators for Android and most of them are completely free.

1. Emubox


EmuBox emulator contains all-in-one gaming consoles, just like the Retro Arch. The app was released in 2017 and it has become popular among the players. You can use different consoles like NDS, GBA, GBC, SNES, NES, and PSX consoles.

For excellent gaming performance, it supports fast forward emulation speed and tweaks the gaming setting. If you want, you can use an extra controller to play. It is the first multi-emulator with Material Design.

However, there are few issues while importing the ROMs. It has a basic setting and contains ads. Every time, you need to save your game.

Price: Free

Download Link

2. NDS4Droid


It is a free and open-source Nintendo DS emulator that supports many features like save states and sound. Many game ROMs work perfectly with this app. Unlike other emulators, NDS4Droid does not violate the GPL.

Even though the app is totally free, you will not see any ads, just enjoy the gaming. Unfortunately, NDS4Droid has a slow frame rate and due to the system glitches, the sound gets crappy.

Price: Free Open-Source

Download Link

3. DraStic DS Emulator

Drastic DS emulator

If you want to play Nintendo DS games at full speed on an Android device, you must use DraStic DS Emulator. It is one of the most popular emulator apps and is ranked at the number one position among DS emulators on Play Store. Almost all the games work appropriately except a few that don’t work.

However, the app is not free but the price is worth paying because of the graphics and interface. It supports the controllers and add-on functionalities like Xperia Play and Nvidia Shield.

Price: $4.99

Download Link

4. Free DS Emulator – For Android

Free DS Emulator

Free DS Emulator is compatible with most devices and it works perfectly. You can also use extra controllers with which you can enjoy more. All the basic features are supported by this emulator like save states anytime. Load states customize the game screen and control panels, supports zip & .nps files, and more. And the best thing about this app is it’s completely free to use.

However, it contains ads and most of them get annoyed with it, but if you don’t want ads, then play the app offline. Sometimes, it takes time while load the game.

Price: Free

Download Link

5. RetroArch


RetroArch is an open-source project and it can load different types of ROMs. Moreover, it also allows you to play different consoles. It has an interface called Libretro, a well-designed interface that lets the players use cross-platform apps like location support, OpenGL, and camera support.

It manages more than 80 programs; hence it is an all-in-one emulator. To configure the controls, it has in-built input remap. It allows you to save and load cheats. Many game systems are supported, including SNES, NES, Genesis, Sega, etc.

For beginners, it might not be easy to use the interface. RetroArch uses ample space on your phone. And it has some incompatibility issues.

Price: Free

Download Link

6. SuperNDS (.NDS Emulator)

SuperNDS (.NDS Emulator)

It is a new emulator that works well. SuperNDS emulator supports different file types like ZIP, NDS, 7z, and RAR files. In addition, there are basic features available like save states copy your own .NDS game files to SD card, and more.

The app uses uncompressed ROM to play faster. Sometimes, it gets crashed due to lack of RAM, so if this happens, then free up RAM and restart the emulator.

Price: Free

Download Link


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