There is perhaps no gaming console in the world today which is as popular and well-known as the Nintendo Switch. Responding to the popular demand, developers have risen to the challenge and made Nintendo Switch as versatile as possible. Not only can you use Nintendo Switch to play games but also for other things like streaming content, listening to music, etc.

There are hundreds of apps dedicated to the Nintendo Switch. These applications make the device more user-friendly and, at the same time, cost-effective. There are various apps available for Nintendo Switch available in the market today. Here, we will be listing some of the best Nintendo Switch apps we could find that you should install on your device. 

Best Nintendo Switch Apps of 2023

Here is the list of some of the best Nintendo Switch Apps of 2023 –

1. Inkypen

This app gives you access to comics and Mangas from various sources. It’s highly in demand among all comic lovers and allows you to enjoy yourself without even having to leave your sofa directly from your Nintendo Switch.

Inky Pen is a digital library app for all kinds of comics. However, it does not offer access to Marvel and DC comics. However, you will have to get a subscription to the app to read comics but there are some comics available for free on the app.

2. Twitch

If you are a gamer, then this app is for you. Twitch is a live streaming app that is used by various streamers to live stream video games. The app brings together gamers and you can not only watch the live streams but also get in contact with other gamers on the platform. 

You can also do your live stream on the platform. You should know that Twitch does not support 4K video playing, so if you are planning on watching 4K streams or conducting a stream in 4K, then that won’t be possible. 

3. Hulu

If you want to stream movies and TV shows on your Nintendo Switch, you can install Hulu. This is a subscription-based content streaming service available in the US. There are more than 1200 movies and 1300 TV shows on the platform. 

Hulu’s library includes popular movies, TV shows, Hulu Original, kid shows, documentaries, and more, which one can easily stream by installing the app on their Nintendo Switch. The only limiting factor to this app is that it does not allow streaming in 4K. 

4. Crunchyroll

Many people prefer using Crunchyroll to stream Anime. They have a wide database of Anima which includes popular ones, such as Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, Naruto Shippuden, and many others. 

Though this app is free to download, a subscription fee must be paid to stream content on it. You can also stream free but you will be interrupted by the ads in the free version; also, there are only a few options available for the users using the free version of Crunchyroll. 

5. Colors Live

This is a dream-come-true app for all the artists out there. You can use the Colors SonarPen to paint on this app. You have the option to either go for your stylus or get the Color SonarPen.

Colors Live allows people to make their paintings on Nintendo Switch. One can also complete challenges and upload their paintings to the Colors Live server, where others will be able to view them. You can also learn new techniques from this app if you are a beginner.


If you like creating music and want to create music on your Nintendo Switch, then you should try KORG. This app is a music production studio that is also available for Switch. The app has around 16 synthesizers and drum machines to help you with music creation.

The best part about using KORG is you can connect your Nintendo Switch to the TV through an HDMI cable and play music on the TV. You can also ask your friends to collaborate in making music on the app. 

7. Fuze4

If you are into coding and you want to develop your games on the Nintendo Switch, then Fuze4 is the app you should go for. This app uses Fuze language, which is similar to creating 2D and 3D games.

However, this app is only for beginners and the app created using Fuze4 can’t be published anywhere. Consider this app for learning purposes if you want to learn basic game development of games. The good thing is it works with Touch, Joy-Cons, as well as a USB keyboard. 

8. YouTube

Who hasn’t heard of YouTube? It goes without saying that YouTube is a very popular video streaming platform as well as a popular search engine. YouTube has content from various creators all around the world. 

You can find videos on every topic, be it entertainment, comedy, tech, or fitness. Not only can you stream videos but also music. The platform is completely free, but if you want to avoid ads, then you can go for YouTube Premium.

9. Pokemon TV

Who hasn’t watched Pokemon? If you have been a Pokemon fan, then this app is a must for you. This app brings all the Pokemon content together in one place. You can stream the complete Pokemon series on this app. 

Not only the show, but there are also Pokemon movies on this app. This app is all about Pokemon, so you will also find Pokemon Trading card games, video games, as well as animated specials on Pokemon TV. 

10. Zen Mindfulness: Meditation and Relax

Not only can you play games on Nintendo Switch or stream videos and music, but you can also relax your mind through meditation. You can install the Zen Mindfulness app on your Nintendo Switch if you want to introduce meditation into your lifestyle.

It is an app that is dedicated to helping its users in distressing and slowing down a bit. It follows Meditation and Mindfulness exercises to help relax your mind. Apart from that, there are various natural sounds and melodies to help calm your mind. 


Nintendo Switch can be of great use if you intend to use it, not just for gaming. Various apps will help you use your Switch more efficiently. We have listed the best Nintendo Switch apps that you should prefer installing.


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