Do you want to know information about your life purpose and personality using numerical methods widely known as numerology? Who doesn’t want to know if it is possible? You can get information about your fate, future, and character through numerology professionals and even numerology apps.

When nothing goes well in life, then you can try out numerology. Many people do numerology to reach new heights. You can also do it using our Best Numerology Apps for Android and iOS. Using these apps, you can identify your expression, personality, and soul urge numbers through basic calculation.

Best Numerology Apps for Android and iOS

Looking for numerology apps for free? We got you covered; we have this listicle of free and best numerology apps after doing some research for you.

1. Numerology Rediscover Yourself

Numerology rediscovery Yourself

Do you want to understand better yourself, your talents, your virtues, and your shortcomings? The Numerology Rediscover Yourself app can help you by using numbers. So that you can take the right approach in the right direction.

After submitting your full name, age, and birthday. It will forecast your life path number, expression or destiny, soul urge and heart’s desire, and attitude number. Each number informs us of each potential.

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2. Numeroscope


Numeroscope is a top-rated app in this genre. Over 500K+ download shows us the authority of the app. Using laws of mathematics and esoteric numerology, the app can justify the secret of your name and birth date.

Additionally, the app will show you your significant hours in a day, daily predictions, lucky numbers, horoscopes, favorable colors, advice and guidance, and many more after analyzing your birthdate. Even you can know about your life path and destiny number. Overall, Nurmeroscopre is an ideal app to use.

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3. Numerology (The Life-Changing)


As the name suggests, using the Pythagorean method, the Numerology app can help you know your life path number. Like other numerology apps, this app also shows attitude, expression, personality, Soul Urge, and birth number.

If you want to know your lucky gems stone, friendly numbers, lucky weekdays, lucky hours, and love compatible numbers, then the app can show you based on your life path number.

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4. World Numerology

World Numerology

World Numerology, another considerable numerology app for Android and iPhone users, is on our list. One of the key highlights of the app has the complete numerology collection of prominent Dutch Numerologist Hans Decoz.

Moreover, the app can analyze 18 different numerology readings and offers 8 numerology readings free of cost. The app also includes a name analyzer, business name advisor, diamond spirit report, and lucky numbers.

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5. Teledipity


The best Numerology app is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad users. However, Teledipity is an AI-compatible app based on the entire thesis of Pythagoras.

The app team thinks they can uplift you from feeling down, hopeless, confused, anxious, and overthinking by reading your mystical numbers. Apart from this, it has a chatbot system for self-help.

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6. Secret of Numbers

Secret of Numbers

There are numerous secret things are lying down in the life number. If you want to know those secrets, then the Secret of Number always has you 24/7 in your pocket.

All you have to do is put your name and birthdate inside the app, and it will come up with life’s secret number, expression, desire, and many more. The app also shows daily numerology forecasts.

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7. Pocket Numerology

Pocket Numerology

Pocket Numerology has also deserved a spot on the best numerology apps list. Because the app has Pythagoras and Chaldean numerology calculators. You can switch between these calculators anytime you want.

This app allows us to know the daily personal forecast and even monthly and yearly basis forecasting. Moreover, you can check life forecasting on any date of choice. However, Pocket Numerology is beginner-friendly and easy to use because of its remarkable UI design.

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8. Numerology Calculator

Numerology Calculator

When it comes to the best numerology app for Android, then the Numerology Calculator, offered by App Devy, is another deserving candidate to get a spot on our list. If you want to know the secret personality and purpose, then the Numerology Calculator covers you.

Not only that, you can also check the best career for you which will suit you. Using the destiny number, you can know about amazing insights. Are you still waiting? Download the user-friendly app and know what is waiting for you.

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9. Numerology & Astrology

Numerology and Astrology

Numerology & Astrology is one of the best apps for iPhones and iPad in numerology. With the app’s help, you can find your destiny, opportunities, and challenges in your life by giving your name and birthdate.

Knowing your weak point and strong is just a matter of a moment. Even you can know about your hidden talents and secret passion.

In addition, the app conveniently provides other important numbers such as desire number, characteristic number, peek number, isolated number, and many more.

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10. Complete Numerology Readings

Complete Numerology Readings

Complete Numerology Reading is our list’s last Android and iOS numerology app. The app is a master to define a person’s character, destiny, and outlook using anyone’s life path number and birth number.

Further, the app feels you realize the importance of life numbers in anyone’s life. In addition, the app also can tell about your hidden talents, relationships, best career, health, wealth, and many more.

Using the app, you can also find birth numbers and destiny numbers to help you take the right approach to life.

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Final Words

This is our final list of the best numerology apps for Android and iOS. I hope any of these apps can fulfill your needs. It can provide all the best amazing insights about you.


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