Increasing usage of the internet has made computer users vulnerable to online threats. They are continuously under the eyes of hackers. Moreover, malicious URLs can also seize your data from your device. In such a case, an application or tool is much needed to protect you from all these threats.

Online Virus scans and removers are tools that you can rely upon. These are like conventional antivirus but come in a web-based format, making it convenient for users with less space in their computer system. You can also avail browser extensions of these tools.

Different online virus scan and removal sites have different approaches to removing viruses. For instance, some need you to upload files to scan and remove the virus. At the same time, others do the same task automatically. Here, we have listed a few free online virus scan and removal sites that you may try.

Best Free Online Virus Scan and Removal Sites

  • F-Secure Free Online Scanner
  • Norton Power Eraser
  • GRC ShieldsUp 
  • Google Chrome 
  • Scuri Website Scanner
  • Virus Total File Scanner
  • ESET’s Free Online Scanner
  • Panda Cloud Cleaner 

1. F-Secure Free Online Scanner

It is a suit-level antivirus solution that comes in a web-based format. F-Secure Free Online Scanner conveniently filters malware-infested URLs and phishing URLs while browsing. You can also run a custom virus scan to remove corrupt files effectively.

F-Secure Free Online Scanner scans all your computer folders individually to find harmful files. It has an easy-to-use interface, making the process swift. No additional files need to be downloaded for the use of the scanner.

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2. Norton Power Eraser

This is a well-known online Virus scan and removal tool to protect you from cyber threats. Norton Power Eraser offers several efficient tools for the users to secure their Browser. You can eradicate all the necessary processes while loading a site.

While you browse a site, the online virus scanner will discover and remove malicious files. Norton Power Eraser is easy to use and available for all users. However, the scanning process is a bit slow.

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3. GRC ShieldsUp

Our next inclusion is a web-based virus scanner that has served users for quite a while. GRC ShieldsUp checks all the TCP ports of your computer and gives you a report. This helps you determine if any third-party source is trying to control your system.

Recently, GRC ShieldsUp has introduced a password facility to generate complex passwords. However, there are no complex steps involved in using this virus scanner. Overall, GRC ShieldsUp may be an old-fashioned software, but it is worth using.

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4. Google Chrome

Did you know that Google Chrome also has a virus-scanning tool? The tool can clean up your computer with just a click. You will find the option in the settings panel of your Chrome browser.

The tool can scan your computer system to detect malicious files. After starting the scan, users have to wait for 2 to 3 minutes to get their work done. If anything suspicious is detected, Chrome automatically removes and reports that file.

5. Scuri Website Scanner

It is one of the most versatile online antiviruses available for free. Scuri Website Scanner can detect malicious codes and infected files by running a quick scan. Website owners widely use the tool for its features.

For instance, Scuri Website Scanner can tell you whether a web security authority has blacklisted your site or not. In addition, you can also know if your website is running any outdated plugins. So if you are a website owner, Scuri Website Scanner must be your choice.

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6. Virus Total File Scanner

If you want an online Virus scanner that can scan individual files, Virus Total File Scanner will help you. The tool scans a file with multiple anti-virus engines to ensure total security. One of the best features of Virus Total File Scanner is that users can upload files on the scanner for scanning.

You can also check the webpage full of malicious links using this online antivirus software. Virus Total File Scanner also has a browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox. The extension scans all the URLs and files before downloading them.

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7. ESET’s Free Online Scanner

Another popular online Virus scanner and remover is ESET’s Free Online Scanner. It is a web-based antivirus application that is easy to use and can run even with other antivirus software. Its scan can find and remove viruses, spyware, and Trojans.

You will get three types of scans with ESET’s Free Online Scanner, namely full, quick, and custom, that can be used according to your preference. The software can be used to remove media from the local drive. However, you can control it by adding or removing permissions.

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8. Panda Cloud Cleaner

Panda Cloud Cleaner is a portable malware removal application that can be used for free. You can upload specific folders or files in Panda Cloud Cleaner to check for viruses. You can also use its web extension to filter malicious files while browsing.

Panda Cloud Cleaner has a deep clean option that scans all your system files and removes those that appear to be suspicious. The virus scanner has a straightforward interface that removes all the complications while scanning. So overall, Panda Cloud Cleaner is a good option to choose.

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