Everybody uses smartphones and different wallpapers on their home screen as per their choice. Nowadays, most of them are using Live wallpapers or moving wallpaper on Android.

Most Android users might have used different wallpapers as Android OS allows every user to customize the interface. If anyone wants to change the device’s look, they change the screen’s wallpaper.

Have you tried the live wallpapers on your device? Many live wallpaper apps for Android easily allow you to change your home screen’s background.

Most are free and paid, from which you can select. Here, we have provided a list of all top-rated Paid Live Wallpaper Apps for Android.

List of Best Paid Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

1. Chrooma Live Wallpaper

Chrooma Live Wallpaper

If you like wallpapers featuring different shapes, then Chrooma Live Wallpaper is the best one. The shapes in the background move slightly, and it gives a 3D parallax effect. Google’s Material Design Language inspires design and colors.

For all those who love minimalist wallpapers, this Chrooma Live Wallpaper is for you. And the best thing is that the background changes whenever you come back to the home screen.

Price: $2.49

Download Link

2. Minima Pro Live Wallpaper

Minima Pro Live Wallpaper

Minima Pro Live Wallpaper app lets you change the colors of the themes as per your choice. However, there are more than 90 handcrafted themes, and more will be added in the future.

Some interesting parallax techniques give a fun experience while using the app.  One of the best things is an in-built theme maker that allows you to create personal themes.

Price: $1.16

Download Link

3. Cartogram


Cartogram is a unique live wallpaper app that uses its current location and then styles a map as your phone’s background. As the user moves to different places, the map changes, so your wallpaper changes every time you visit any town.

Moreover, there are many customization options like different colors, and an OLED mode is also there if you like darker. And if you don’t move the wallpapers of every location, you can set it to a single wallpaper location.

Price: $1.99

Download Link

4. Electric Sheep Live Wallpaper

Electric Sheep Live Wallpaper

This app is a winner of the ZKM app art award. Electric Sheep Live Wallpaper is the best app for meditation, relaxation, and visual dreaming. There are 200 in-built download credits, which are good for one sheep each.

After these credits are over, you can get more from in-app purchases. The app’s speed is set to slow by default and doesn’t use much battery.

Price: $1.35

Download Link

5. Galaxy Pack

Galaxy Pack

This is one of the best wallpaper apps for Android. As in the name, we can see Galaxy; the app contains multiple galaxy-themed live wallpapers. If you like the universe and swirling galaxies, this app is for you.

The Galaxy Pack app has 19 different galaxies that have many customization options. It also allows you to easily change the galaxies’ colors.

Price: $1.30

Download link

6. Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Do you like Aquariums? Then you must use this app. It is a 3D-rendered live wallpaper background of a fish tank with smooth and beautiful backgrounds. There are up to 14 fishes, including lionfish, jellyfish, turtles, seahorses, and more, to which you must feed and move around.

Moreover, if you want, you can also have turtles in your aquarium. This app will be best for tablets; even for mobile phones, it might be good if you like low frame rates.

Price: $0.89

Download Link

7. Motion


Motion is a 3D animated live wallpaper app compatible with all devices. It has a Freeze animation, creating Static 3D wallpaper with a parallax effect. This app allows you to set custom colors for the particles and background.

The app differs from other apps because the particles are displayed in 3D, making the wallpaper look amazing. The particles develop a free-flow pattern.

Price: $1.99

Download Link 

8. 3D Image Live Wallpaper

3D Image Live Wallpaper

If you don’t like animations on your phone screen, you must use this app. Compared to other apps, this is not a “live” wallpaper app. A few themes on this app make your phone or tablet look beautiful.

To capture the 3Dness of the wallpapers, the app uses clever parallax techniques. It uses your wallpaper images.

Price: $1.64

Download Link

9. Live Wallpapers

Walloop - Live Wallpapers

With over 10 million downloads, Live Wallpaper by Walloops is an incredible live wallpaper app for Android. Varieties of wallpaper are available inside the app, such as nature, lover, superhero, and many more. All of its wallpaper comes in 4K quality.

One of the best parts of the app is that the app allows you to change the wallpaper automatically. Did you ever hear about two different wallpaper in the same? Well, you can use two different live wallpaper at the same time.

Download Link

10. Everpic HD & Live Wallpaper

Everpics HD & Live Wallpapers

What better way to start the smartphone than with stunning live wallpaper? However, Everpic HD & Live Wallpaper is an incredible app for live wallpaper that you should consider on your Android.

The app features more than 50 categories to choose wallpaper accordingly. Moreover, the app lets us download the wallpaper for further use. Above all, you can share your favorite wallpaper with others.

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