Creating partitions on your Mac is a great way to save space. Though Mac has improved a lot in terms of storage management, but if you are a heavy user you are likely to fall short of space on your device. If you have partitions of the disk, you can easily organize the files on your Mac, making it easier to manage them.  

Partition Managers allow you to fiddle around with the partitions on your Mac. There are various partition managers available online which you can use to create and manage partitions. But the question is, which one to go for?

While many multiple partition managers are available today, each has its own pros and cons. With multiple options in hand, choosing the best partition manager can be difficult. Nothing to be tense about; we have listed some of the best partition managers for Mac that you can go for. 

Best Partition Managers for Mac in 2023

Partition Managers are great at managing, shrinking, expanding, or deleting partitions. In addition, they help you manage files that might be clogging up the storage on your Mac. Below is a list of some of the best partition managers for your Mac. 

1. Partition Magic Mac

This one is a great tool to help you manage the partition on your Mac. This tool allows you to create, resize, modify, and delete the partition on your Mac. With Partition Magic, you can easily back up the partition and restore them in case of data loss. 

Partition Magic is a reliable tool that is simple and easy to use. This tool allows you to automate partitioning. Not only this, but you can also convert partition type. 

2. GPT Fdisk Tool

This is a command line tool for managing disk partitions. Like every other Partition Manager GPT Fdisk tool allows you to create, delete, merge, format, and shrink the partition on your Mac. GPT Fdisk has several features, such as converting MBR files to GPT or vice versa. 

This tool also allows you to create hybrid MBR without any data loss. You can also repair damaged data structures for both MBR and GPT. However, the tool is accessible through a terminal, so it may be difficult for users to use initially. 

3. GParted

If you want to create, delete, or manage the partition on your Mac, this tool will help you. You can easily extend the partition by shrinking another partition or deleting one. This software supports various file system formats, including ufx, xfs, udf, NTFS, exFAT, btrfs, and more, and you can easily manipulate them. 

You can label the partition on your Mac and check their health. You can also set a new UUID. The best part about using GParted is that it is free to use. All of these features make it one of the best partition managers for Mac. 

4. Stellar Partition Manager

This tool is developed keeping in mind the real-life requirements of the average Mac user. It is extremely efficient at its job, and you can get done the whole work on disk partitioning in no time. You can create a new partition, delete them, and change the partition size with this tool. 

Stellar Partition Manager allows you to manage internal and external hard disks. Moreover, you can also hide and unhide data partitions with this partition manager.

5. Paragon Hard Disk Manager

This tool is a one-stop solution for your Mac to manage, redistribute, reformat, delete, and organize data. This software allows you to back up data and recover the data that has been lost. With Paragon Hard Disk Manager, you can copy partitions and wipe data. 

Paragon Hard Disk Manager allows you to create a bootable USB disk for restoring MacOS. This also helps protect the partition by detecting and fixing any errors you might encounter. It supports various file systems, including HFS+, FAT, ExtFS, exFAT, and NTFS. 

6. iPartition

As the name suggests, this tool is primarily developed for Mac users. With iPartition, you can view the data in the partition as a graph. This gives users a better look at what is occupying their storage and what can be done to free it. 

Like every other partition manager tool for Mac, you can work around partitions with this tool. You can create and delete partitions easily with this tool. You can also resize the partition and recover the partition if any data is lost in the process. 

7. VolumeWorks

When it comes to partition managers, VolumeWorks is common among Mac users. This tool can help you rebuild a partition table, resize drives, shift partitions, and add partitions to a device.

This software is lightweight, which gives it another reason for us to recommend you this partition manager. VolumeWorks provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and use. 

8. Disk Utility

This one is the in-built partition manager that is shipped with Mac. You can get the insight of the free and occupied space on your Mac. It has all the basic features of a partition manager, including adding, deleting, erasing, and enlarging a partition. 

You need not download Disk Utility as it is installed by default on Mac OS. This tool comes with an easy-to-use interface. Moreover, you can also use this tool to fix issues with the partition on your Mac. 

9. Parted Magic 

This tool is great when it comes to managing the partition on your Mac. With this tool, you can easily create and delete the partition. It also allows you to resize the partition on your Mac while your data remains unharmed as you do so. 

Parted Magic has various Benchmarking tools, including IOzone, Hard Info, Bonnie++, prime, and more. Not only this, but it also allows you to clone a particular partition or the entire disk at once. 

10. Disk Drill

Well, not a partition manager, but it does a great job when it comes to recovering partitions. You can use Disk Drill to search for lost partitions and recover them. 

You can preview the lost files before recovering them. Moreover, you can select the particular files to recover within the partition. One-click partition recovery makes partition recovery quite easy. 


Partition Managers are useful when it comes to handling partitions. There are various partition managers available for Mac with which one can easily manage the partition on their Mac. We have listed some of the best partition managers for Mac that we could find in the article above. 


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