PDF merging is one of the essential editing options that one needs for professional and personal uses. Merging helps you get all the necessary elements on a single file rather than in different files. It ensures hassle-free work, and you don’t have to look around for separate attachments.

You can also share data easily if compiled on a single PDF. So merging several PDFs into one will need software that can do the same for them. There are tons of such paid and unpaid PDF Mergers for this purpose. Here is a list of the best PDF merge software for Windows and Mac.

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List of Best PDF Merger Software For Windows & Mac

Below are the best picks for PDF merger tools you can use online and offline. These let you combine two and more pdf files into one. Just pick according to your need and enjoy combing pdf files.

1. PDFSam Basic

PDFSam BasicWhile searching for PDF merger software, you will not get much open-source software in the list. However, PDFSam Basic is an exception and is free software and an open-source application. Despite being free, the PDF merger has all the essential features available.

The basic function PDFSam Basic is to merge and split PDF documents, but you can also use it to extract pages or page ranges from specific PDFs and combine them. In addition, it helps you to trim the necessary parts from a PDF document. The operating speed is also impressive in PDFSam Basic.

Compatibility: Windows and Mac


2. Soda PDF

Soda PDFIt is a famous PDF Merger, editor, and viewer that one can use for personal and professional purposes. Soda PDF allows you to pick specific pages from an existing PDF and merge them into another PDF or create a new one. Apart from that, you can also edit the text in PDF using Soda PDF.

Another unique facility of Soda PDF is a table of contents inserted at the beginning of the PDF. In addition, the software has an interactive user interface and easy settings that let you focus on your work without getting distracted.

Compatibility: Windows and Mac


3. PDF Binder

PDF BinderThere is another PDF merger that you can consider as their primary tool for managing PDF. The software is named PDF Binder. You can use it to extract, rotate, rearrange and insert pages in PDF documents. Additionally, there is a unique feature of adding digital signatures to your documents using PDF Binder.

PDF Binder is simple to use with minimum complex settings that ensure hassle-free merging of PDF. Moreover, the software has a drag-and-drop feature that makes your work easier. All over, it is a fantastic software to rely on.

Compatibility: Windows


4. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe AcrobatThe most premium quality PDF merger that one can afford is Adobe Acrobat. There is no such function that the developers have missed adding to this fantastic PDF editor tool. One can blindly trust the software from merging to splitting or doing other such manipulations.

You will get several page range options to implement while merging pages in PDFs. Additionally, a mobile version of the software is available for editing PDFs remotely. But the software may seem a bit costly to afford for personal use. 

Compatibility: Windows and Mac


5. PDF Merge

PDF MergeIf you want an all-in-one PDF merger software with all the essential functions, then PDF Merge will be the best option. You can do all PDF-related work using this software, including merging and eating easily. In addition, you can connect it to Dropbox and Google Drive to quickly access files in the cloud.

Besides the downloadable desktop version, the software also has a web version that can be accessed remotely to edit PDF documents. Furthermore, the software also allows users to mail their edited PDF through it directly. So one can try using this once for merging their PDF documents.

Compatibility: Windows and Mac


6. ILovePDF

ILovePDFIf you have to edit PDF in bulk, ILovePDF will help you with its unique batch editing tool. This robust PDF merger software comes with rich features required for quickly merging many PDF files at once. However, the best part of ILovePDF is the interface. Right on the home screen, you will find an option to edit, create and convert PDF files.

ILovePDF gives you complete control over a PDF document. For example, if you don’t like the page orientation or rearrange the pages, the software can efficiently serve the purpose. Moreover, you can import PDFs from cloud storage as the software is connected to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Compatibility: Windows and Mac


7. PDF Mate Free PDF Merger

PDF Mate Free PDF MergerPDF Mate Free PDF Merger is a free PDF merging tool that you can download and use offline. Users will get a modern and attractive interface that gives it an edge over other software in this category. In addition, PDF Mate Free PDF Merger comes with OCR technology that instantly detects the format of an existing PDF and changes accordingly.

Some of the essential features offered by PDF Mate Free PDF Merger are converting, editing, reviewing, etc. There are also options to add comments and suggestions on the PDFs. The software comes in two formats an online form and another offline download format.

Compatibility: Windows


8. Icecream PDF Split And Merge

Icecream PDF Split And MergeIt is another software to merge and split PDFs. Icecream PDF Split And Merge have immense popularity for offering unique and valuable PDF editing features. And though you can use it for merging and splitting a PDF, the software is famous primarily for editing PDF text.

Icecream PDF Split And Merge software allows you to pick a specific part of a PDF and create a fresh one from it. The software automatically detects the font size and styles and implements them in the new text. Any users will be comfortable with Icecream PDF Split And Merge as it is straightforward to use.

Compatibility: Windows 


9. TinyWow


TinyWow is one of my personal favorites because of its seamless experience. Even though it’s a web-based platform, but has a superb ability to accomplish all sorts of PDF work. And merging PDF to combine PDF files is effortless.

Moreover, you can edit and convert PDFs very quickly. It allows you to add a signature to the PDF document. Also, you can compress PDF files. Overall, a handy PDF editor that perfectly works on web browsers.

Compatibility: All devices on all working web browsers. 

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10. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro

Feature-wise, PDF Reader Pro is another sublime PDF editor for merging PDF file to combine. It not only helps to merge one or two PDF files but also allows up to ten PDF files to combine at a time in your comfort.

Even if you want to merge or combine selected pages, you can do that with this PDF editor. Also, you can combine all pages in a single file. Other than that, other essential PDF editing features are thoroughly available.

Compatibility: Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS

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At last, we can say these are among the best pdf mergers you can find online. You can use these softwares to merge two pdf files into one. Most software is free to download and others have a small fee to pay. If you have any doubts, let us know in the comments.


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