PDF files are the widely commonly used and well-known format for files. It doesn’t matter if it’s for research or office tasks. You will always have to make use of PDF files to review documents and other documents. Another benefit of PDF files is to create ebooks. The majority of us don’t want to read books, and we spend lots of money to purchase the books. A book sounds great in this instance.

The majority of the ebooks we see on the internet are PDF files. This means that you must know how to use PDF readers. The Android PlayStore now includes many PDF readers. If you’re searching for an application like this and looking for a PDF reader, you’re at the right place since this one is the most effective PDF reader available for Android.

Generally, an app for reading PDFs is extremely light and comes with many customizable features. When selecting the top PDF reader for Android, we consider various elements like themes, variants in file support, the size of the installation, customization, and similarity.

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Best PDF Reader Apps For Android

We also read the user reviews and we find the following applications. Therefore, you’ll need to read the descriptions to choose the best one for you, even though many of them are similar in terms of features.

1. WPS Office

wps officeWPS Office is an expansive suite of document-reading and editing software that works on all devices, such as Android smartphones. It includes an excellent free plan, including three basic office suites that feature stunning displays and a user-friendly interface.

This WPS Office suite also includes an editor for text and a reader and the ability to create spreadsheets. Users can convert files from a Word spreadsheet or document to PDF without leaving the application. It is also possible to edit, sign and distribute PDF files without difficulty.

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2. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat ReaderAdobe offers its best-selling PDF application for Android named Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is among the most comprehensive and well-organized PDF management apps available within the Playstore. It is available at no cost. However, you must sign up and buy packages to access premium features.

The subscription is compatible with both mobile and the web. It is incredibly user-friendly, and it opens all PDF and other supported files immediately. It gives you the same freedom to access PDF files via your Android devices or tablets from any location.

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3. Foxit PDF Reader & Converter

Foxit PDF Reader & ConverterThe PDF viewer for Android includes all the required options for viewing PDFs and editing. Compared to other PDF viewers, it is light and provides a speedy interface. It lets you share the PDFs you have edited straight on Facebook and Twitter.

You can scan, take pictures, and convert documents from paper into PDFs. Additionally, you will get ConnectedPDF support to collaborate on work, including annotations, comments and editing on a group’s document. Furthermore, the first Android PDF reader comes with cloud-based backing, which allows you to transfer and download PDF files from many popular storage providers.

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4. OfficeSuite – Office, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

OfficeSuiteWhy not include an application for managing documents on your everyday Android devices? OfficeSuite is high on the line regarding productivity, office workloads and PDF management from mobile phones. It’s completely free and has several high-end features uncommon in other alternatives.

There’s an option to upgrade your subscription and it is totally up to the users. The premium plan offers 50GB in cloud storage MobiDrive and free ads. It is compatible with most of the devices running on Android 4.4 and up.

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5. All PDF

All PDFThe AllPDF app is a no-cost program that allows you to browse, edit and modify PDF documents. It comes with various useful functions such as merging, dividing and converting to images, control printing, reducing the size of documents, removing text from PDFs, and more.

The app allows you to combine the PDFs into two parts, arrange them, and convert them into images. You can also manage your print and share features from within the app and reduce the PDF file size.

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6. PDF Viewer Pro

PDF Viewer ProPDF Viewer Pro is a basic, free and easy Android PDF reader application that comes with all the basics like zoom, bookmarks, annotations, bookmarks and cloud support, and other features. If you purchase the paid version, you have a range of customization options and themes and the merging of documents into one PDF.

The interface for users is simple to use and you can also use its Material Design tool. The app for free also offers valuable features like opening PDFs from the cloud or local on the device and creating basic annotations or edits.

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7. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Xodo PDF Reader & EditorXodo is a fast PDF viewing engine and offers seamless navigation. Users can access all PDF files from their pages or documents, create new PDF files, and save them to a folder.

You can add annotations to your documents, emphasize bold text, create signatures, arrows, circles, rotate or delete pages or pages, etc. It can automatically sync the edited PDF files with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

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8. Google PDF Viewer

Google PDF ViewerGoogle PDF viewer is the primary PDF viewer offered by Google; however, the company has ceased providing it. It is now only downloaded using an APK. It’s lightweight and comes with just a few essential functions.

It works well. In addition to opening and reading PDF documents, you can also look up specific terms or phrases in the document or zoom in, pick particular text to copy, etc.

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9. EBookDroid

EBookDroidEBookDroid is yet another excellent free PDF reader application for the Android smartphone. The most appealing feature of EBookDroid is that it can support XPS as well as PDF, DjVu, FictonBook, AWZ3, and a myriad of other formats of files.

The PDF reader application for Android offers extra features such as layout modification and annotations, highlighters and more.

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10. PDF Viewer – PDF File Reader & Ebook Reader

PDF Viewer – PDF File Reader & Ebook ReaderPDF Viewer is an easy pdf reader available for Android that can use as an eBook reader. It supports full-screen mode and night mode, bookmarks, search support and page splitting. The app supports PDF XPS, DjVu, and many other formats.

You can set it to auto-crop margins, which will maximize the space for content. The app is pretty basic, but it has a friendly user interface. However, it does contain advertisements.

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