Having plants in your home is easy, but caring for them is always arduous for plant parents, especially when the plants get sick. All plant parents get confused about what to do and what not to do.

However, noting down in a diary of every possible step you took for plant care is not very convenient. That’s why we are introducing the Best Plant Care apps for Android and iOS, which can assist you in taking care of your green babies.

Best Plant Care Apps for Android and iOS

You can’t even imagine how many apps are available as the name plant care apps, but most of them can’t fulfill your needs. To keep your plant care needs in mind, we have listed some best free plant care apps.

1. Plant Note

plant note

The Plant Note app is one of the best in this genre when it matters to free plant care apps. Plant Note is very effective in taking notes of lovely plants.

Plan Note only works when you input basic information about your green babies, such as which plant needs water, when you give fertilizer when to mist, and what to repot. By determining your submitted information, the app helps you to stay consistent.

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2. Planta


Planta has over 5 million users and is the best plant care app. The feature-rich app has a smart care reminder, and it can help you to give water, fertilize, and repot when needed.

With the help of this app, you can easily justify a plant if you are unsure about the plant’s name. It also provides plant recommendations based on your plant care skills. Even the app can suggest treatment when your plants get sick.

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The app is fully packed with step-by-step guides, where you can learn and explore plant care.

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3. Plant Care Reminder

plant care reminder

As the name suggests, Plant Care Reminder, with over 200K+ downloads, is a useful free plant care app. The app’s key highlight reminds you when your green babies need water, fertilizer, sprays, and many other things.

You create a list of plants on the app using inbuilt icons or your own plant images for better understanding. However, the UI of the app is very simple and makes it accessible for everyone.

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4. Florish


Florish is another complete plant care app on our list. The extensive database on indoor plants makes the app more unique than the others. You can easily select a place for your little plant by checking the light conditions using the app feature.

Florish has other notable features like other apps, such as watering and fertilizing reminders. You can troubleshoot any problem with your plants using the plant care feature. Overall, a very good free app for plant parents.

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5. Blossoms


Are you truly care about your plant growth and health? If not, Then Blossom is surely available for you. The more care of your plant, the more glowing and eye-soothing it will be.

The app will teach you how to water, fertilize, and re-organize a plant in different places. Many other tips are also available in the application. Besides this, the app can instantly identify any plants, flowers, succulents, or trees, which is the major highlight of the app.

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6. PlantSnap


PlantSnap is an all-in-one plant care app for plant parents. It has a vast database of plants, where you can identify flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, cacti, and more.

Needless to say, the app has 600,000 plant identification. It not only shows the identification of a plant but also gives wholesome details about a plant. Even you can learn how to grow an unknown plant.

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Using the app, you can also take care of your plants. The water and fertilizer reminders features are available.

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7. Wateria


Enjoy the minimal and the best plant watering app, Wateria. Plant parents often forget to water our green babies. That’s why Wateria is ready to remind you every single time.

Apart from this, you can also determine your plants’ light, moisture, and temperature. Which is super important to maintain a healthy life for your green darling. You will receive daily notifications using the app, so there is no chance of forgetting about the little one.

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8. Plantix


Plantix is another useful plant care app only for Android users. The app will help you give water and fertilizer at the correct time with its reminder feature.

If you have many plants in your garden, the app will help you manage them adequately. Hence, you can create a plant profile where you can put some details about watering and growth.

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9. Picture this


Picture This is another plant identify app on our list. Just like PlantSnap, it also has a plant database. With the help of the database, you can identify flowers, trees, succulents, cacti, and more.

Do you have any questions regarding a particular plant? Picture This is available at your fingertips to answer. Plant care tips and water reminder features are also available in the app.

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10. Waterbot

The last plant care app is Waterbot. The app is mainly designed for water reminders. You can use the app to track plant progress.

You can also create plant profiles to manage them effectively. You customize the notification alert according to your preference. Its attractive user interface and capability are trusted by more than 1 million people worldwide.

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Final Words

Now you don’t need to worry about taking care of your green babies. Any app from the list of the best plant care apps for Android and iOS surely helps you to become the best plant parent.


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