If you have landed on this page from Google search results, then you are familiar with ASMR. Whether you know about ASMR or not, let me tell you ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

ASMR is a tingling sensation on the head and goes throughout the body when people pay attention to specific kinds of sounds, sights, and smells. Generally, ASMR is triggered by whispering, crinkling, tapping, and crispy sounds.

However, ASMR is still a relatively new concept for many. Still, many people consume ASMR-triggered sounds to deal with anxiety, insomnia, depression, and stress.

Thousands ASMR related channels and videos are available on the internet. But here, we will give the Best ASMR Apps for Android and iOS to enhance your ASMR experience.

Best ASMR Apps for Android and iPhone (iOS)

Finding a specific ASMR app on the internet is difficult, while it is available massively. Thus, we have curated these Best ASMR apps for Android and iPhone.

1. Tingles


With over 2 million installations from app stores, Tingles has become one of the best in the genre of ASMR. Tingles offers guides on ASMR methods through audio and videos that can help us sleep better and live stress-free lives.

It will recommend daily ASMR content to make a good habit of mindfulness. Tingles have unlimited content to explore ASMR more effectively. In addition, you can get access to 1500 creators’ content with its paid memberships. But you can use the free version, which has limited features.

Download for Android | iOS

2. ASMRtist


ASMRtist is a pretty useful application that is willing to experience the strange sensations on the head to shoulder and then spine. ASRMtist is free-to-use and available for iOS and Android.

The app comes up with a dark, clear, and easy-to-understand user interface, which is suitable for the idea of the application. It has huge collections of ASMR triggers and tingles such as silent ASMR, ASMR eating, whispering mount sounds, gentle tapping, rain, and many more.

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3. TeasEAR


Do you want to experience the phenomenon of tingles with sound-triggering ASMR and awesome activities? Then we brought TeasEAR for you.

TeasEAR brings many satisfying games like slime, bubble gum, foam, yogurt, and a collection of ASMR triggers. In addition, the platform provides kids laughing audio, dolphins, wood scratching, and crinkling ASMR triggers that make you feel positive.

However, the application is free. But, to get all its exclusive features, you have to pay.

Download for iOS

4. Spotify


Spotify is not a mere music and podcast streaming application. It is more than that and provides you with ASMR triggers to avoid anxiety and depression.

Spotify has an ASMR trigger playlist where you can find whispers, tapping, scratching, slime, and more ASMR trigger music.

Who doesn’t know about Spotify? If you start ASMR, then Spotify will be a good choice. You can use the free and the paid version without ad interruptions.

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5. Mindwell

mindwell application

Another considerable application of ASMR triggers. I need to say this: Mindwell is heavily involved in digital well-being and mindfulness to eliminate excessive stress, anxiety, and depression.

Mindwell has done a superb job of combining custom tones and frequencies that can bring added benefit to meditations. It has a sleep lab feature to take care of your sleep through its ASMR triggers.

Mindwell is not free of all its services. But paid subscription could be worth it for anyone.

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6. ASMR Breakfast

asmr breakfast

Your ASMR trigger breakfast is ready to serve relaxation and positive vibes whenever you want to. ASMR Breakfast is not like other ASMR applications with the collection of ASMR triggers; it is more like a game.

The application wants to make breakfast for yourself satisfactorily. Where you have to care about wasting food and spilling. Moreover, it is fun to play such games. It is free to use, so don’t we take advantage of it to boost our energy?

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7. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

nature sounds

Another pretty incredible application of ASMR for Android and iOS users. The app is designed for sleeping early and better.

The app is filled with loved and relaxing nature sounds. By listening to them carefully, you may fall asleep early. You can use this application offline, so any internet notification can not destroy your peace of mind. Even you can set a timer for it.

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8. Super Slime Simulator

slime asmr app

Another ASMR game is on our list. Super Slime Simulator is for those repeatedly struggling with anxiety and sleep. You only need to play a simple game to make you feel good.

You will be given a bowl of slime to stretch and squish, even if you can do anything else. Moreover, you can create slime using available materials, foams, and colors. Although, it will be a wonderful game to divert the mind.

Download for Android | iOS

9. ASMR Slicing

asmr slicing

As the name suggests, ASMR Slicing, another game, can give you relaxation. Many people love the sound of slicing. The app is mainly designed to produce seamless ASMR trigger-slicing sounds.

Using this application, you will experience cutting objects and shapes made of kinetic sand. The app is good at cutting objects in different shapes that can trigger ASMR tingles through its realistic sounds.

Download for Android | iOS


According to studies, most people who have experienced ASMR sensation describe ASMR as relaxing, mindful, and enjoyable. If you want to lead a stress-free life, you can use any app from our curated list of the Best Free ASMR apps. In this list, you will find the ASMR game as well. You can play those games to get rid of boredom.


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