Pluto TV is a free OTT streaming service like Netflix that offers movies, Tv shows, and programs. It is an ad-supported service with more than 250 Pluto TV live channels. You don’t even need to register or pay any amount; it’s absolutely free to use the service. As so many channels are available, it is hard to choose which channel to start from.

All the Channels available on Pluto TV are a mix, some of them are entertaining, and some are junks. Depending on the user, what they want to watch, according to their taste, can choose any channel and start watching.

However, Pluto TV works only in a few countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the US. Mainly, the US users use it more as all the US content is available. If you are in a country that is not supported, you can use a VPN service.

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List of Best Pluto TV Channels to Watch Movies and TV Shows

These are some of the best Pluto TV Channels that you can use for watching your favorite content. We have picked up a few channels according to our choice; let’s check it out:

1. Survivor Channel (296)

Survivor Channel (296)It is one of the best Pluto TV channels to watch; it is a reality competition show that makes the contestants deal with living on the land on which they are placed. The participants need to solve puzzles, tackle obstacle courses, and more. There are many voting blindsides to count, immunity idols, and the most entertaining TV channel.

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2. The Amazing Race (297)

The Amazing Race

On this show, the two-person teams travel around the world. They have to deal with different languages and customs and go through unknown areas as they travel. Apart from that, the teams must deal with challenges as they visit the countries. These challenges are harsh to watch. Watching this show on Pluto TV is fun; you will definitely enjoy it.

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3. Mystery Science Theater 3000 channel (488)

Mystery Science Theater

A man and the two robots make fun of some great movies on this channel. We are sure everyone likes to watch comedy, so this is one channel that can make you laugh and have fun. Once you watch a few of the MST 3000 channel episodes, you will surely love it and come back to enjoy it.

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4. Star Trek (150)

Star Trek (150)

If you like to watch live content, then Star Trek is for you. This channel lets the user watch all the live content for free on Pluto Tv. It shows Star Trek: The Next Generation and other content like Trek shows, movies, and other shows on Pluto TV for free.

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5. Showtime Selects (127)

Showtime Selects (127)

Pluto TV has launched the Showtime Selects channel, which has episodes of different Showtime original series for free. This channel has shows like Ray Donovan, The Affair, Billions, The L Word, House of Lies, and Californication.

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