Working on Mac OS is usually a delight – its versatile abilities set it apart from all other operating systems and make creating content and completing tasks easier. However, your heavenly virtual workstation can get cluttered over time, creating an environment of frustration and stagnation.

With power user tools, you can optimize your Mac to perform better with added features. Though Mac already has many features, the power user tools can help you declutter, reorganize, secure your device, and do whatnot.

And you know what the best part is? As MacOS is one of the most popular OS, developers keep working on new power user tools; some are free, while some are paid. Let’s check out some of the best power user tools for MacOS. 

Best Useful Power User Tools for macOS

You can enhance your Mac’s capabilities with the help of power user tools. We have listed some of the best power user tools you can install on your MacOS. 

1. Alfred

This is an application we all need, whether our Mac OS system is brand new or old. Alfred is an application launcher and productivity application. You can set up hotkeys for various tasks, including launching the software, starting calculations, finding files, controlling iTunes, checking usage state, and more. 

Alfred can help you automate tasks and extend the usage of your PC. You can create your workflows using hotkeys, actions, and keywords. Using Alfred daily can save time and make working much more fun!

2. Homebrew

This software is an amazing gateway to the world of programming tools for beginners. Homebrew, as the name suggests, helps users give personalized touches to the systems provided by Apple.

Homebrew can install additional applications and commands on your Mac OS by disregarding all boundaries that the system sets up by default. This software can access all command line utilities. This is one of the best power user tools for MacOS for coders. 

3. AppCleaner

If you find it difficult to uninstall apps on your Mac, this app will help you. With AppCleaner, you can safely uninstall apps from your Mac and clear the residual file the app leaves behind.

AppCleaner deletes all hidden files related to all the apps (even the uninstalled ones) to clean space and increase the performance of your MacOS system. To clean the files of the installed apps, you have to drag and drop the app into the software, and it will show you all the related files, and you can delete them. 

4. LaunchBar

Another easy-to-use and beneficial tool, the LaunchBar, helps locate and launch all files and applications quickly. This application is the number one tool responsible for increasing the performance speed of your Mac OS.

LaunchBar can easily copy applications, hide them and find them on your device. This is the number one application every perfectionist needs on their Mac OS. It saves time and prevents further fatigue or damage to your system.

5. DaisyDisk

This is a great power user tool to help you free up space on your device and clear unnecessary applications and duplicate files. This app allows you to browse through your system and search through data to clear some space and speed up your Mac.

The software shows the amount of data organized by categories, which include systems, applications, users, documents, videos, etc. It also shows the total free space on your system. This is a great power user tool for MacOS if you ought to clear your Mac of unwanted files. 

6. ImageOptim

Let us be honest; most MacOS users deal with professional graphics and photographs daily. If you own a Mac and work around images, which eat up a lot of your system space, then you should use ImageOptim. This software allows you to compress your images by preserving their quality. 

ImageOptim optimizes the images by removing invisible junk. It cleans private EXIF, embedded thumbnails, color profiles, metadata, etc.

7. Backblaze

Switch out your expensive default Apple cloud storage with this amazing new application which makes storing data automatic and inexpensive. Backblaze is a cloud storage system used widely by programmers, but designers and even the average MacOS user can use this software best.

It offers unlimited backup with unlimited file size. Not only this, but you can access your backup files anytime and anywhere and restore them easily. 

8. 1Password

At this point, we all have so many login credentials and subscriptions that it is almost impossible to remember everything. 1Password is a 100% secure application that you can trust when it comes to remembering your passwords for you.

1Password remembers all your different passwords and usernames for you, and all you have to remember is the one master password using which you can access this application. The authentication process has been made complex yet accessible to ensure your information does not fall into the wrong hands.

9. Bartender

For most of us, our menu bar and desktop sets a precedent for our overall mode and productivity. With Bartender, you can completely customize your menu bar on your Mac. The bartender bar is added below the menu bar, so you have more space for the apps on the menu bar. 

You can choose what will be displayed on the menubar and when they will be displayed. Moreover, you can also set up quick reveal and custom hotkeys and a search on the menu bar on Mac. 

10. Hazel

If you find organizing your Mac boring, Hazel is here for you. Hazel automatically organizes your Mac saving you from the hassle. Hazel not only lets you arrange your system but also lets you rename your file and sort them into subfolders. 

Moreover, Hazel also lets you clear trash automatically when it is too old. Also, Hazel clears the residual file when you delete an app. The best part is Hazel has support for all the MacOS native apps, so you won’t face any problems with them. 


Power-user tools are intuitive and can change the way we use our Mac. There are various power user tools for Mac on the internet ranging from tools to organize your system to tools that can help you with basic tasks like image compressing. We have listed some of the best power user tools for MacOS that you can go for.


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