Keeping in touch with the digital world has become a part of our daily life routine. So, taking proper care of all our devices is a kind of duty. Similarly, running proper scans and cleaning our Macs is an essential task. But who has so much time to kill digging deeper into every file and folder? Therefore, we have listed some of the best Mac cleaning apps that you might like using.

These Mac cleaning apps can run complete scans and remove all junk and unwanted files to speed up your Mac. They work as memory cleaners and optimizers and help boost your system’s performance.

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List of Best Free Mac Cleaner Apps To Clean Your Mac in 2022

Looking for the best Mac cleaning apps in 2022? Well, it must be a pesky task to always find out the best ones from the unending list. But hey! We might have something for you. Check out some of the best Mac Cleaners that will help optimize and increase the potential of your device.

1. Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is one of the best Mac cleaners. This software helps remove all kinds of mess and free up space on your system. In addition, it also keeps your computer safe from malware. The app contains many advanced features and removes all cookies and internet history to maintain privacy.

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2. Mac Booster

Mac Booster

Another popular app developed by IObit, Mac Booster, offers real-time Mac protection. It allows you to remove browser cookies to block malicious advertisements. The software is not available for free, although there is a free trial.

It offers a bulk of features under a single platform. Moreover, it also has a duplicate file remover which lets you free up some extra space on your system.

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3. CCleaner For Mac

CCleaner For Mac

CCleaner is considered as one of the best cleaning software for Mac. This software comprehensively scans and removes all junk files and folders to clean up space. CCleaner boosts your booting time and overall Mac performance by seamlessly managing all login items.

Moreover, it deletes all temporary files and cleans up the trash folder to clean up as much space as possible. The software monitors your Mac in real-time.

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4. Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro is another Mac cleaner that optimizes your Mac by deleting unwanted files. It comes with many advanced features for deep cleaning your Mac. It deletes all crash reports, browsing history, and other redundant bulky files and keeps your Mac properly organized.

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5. Onyx


Developed by Titanium Software, Onyx is a free Mac cleaning software that helps disk cleanup and cache removal. However, it might take a while for all the basic Mac users to understand and navigate Onyx completely. It is one of the best Mac cleaners that provides a bundle of features to the user.

If you know enough about the XPC cache, you will most probably like this app. Although there is no dedicated customer service, Onyx is a very reliable one, so there’s nothing to worry about.

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6. AppCleaner & Uninstaller

AppCleaner & Uninstaller

Lastly, we have the AppCleaner & Uninstaller, which is undoubtedly another impressive Mac Cleaner. This optimizing tool can detect and remove all unwanted files and folders. Moreover, it can also disable login credentials and delete the previously leftover files after uninstalling any program on your Mac.

This tool can remove all internet plugins, Mac widgets, and other macOS install files. The software runs an overall optimization and ensures the smooth functioning of your Mac.

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From Editor’s Desk

It feels good to work on a device with quick responses. There is no doubt that Apple always comes out with the best solutions considering fast and smooth performance. But after all, a machine cannot do everything on its own.

So, make sure you try these mac cleaning apps and save your mac from cluttering with unnecessary files. Let us know in the comments below which one you liked the most.


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