These days, Google is one of the most widely used search engines globally for its well-managed artificial intelligence and excellent search results. But we all know that there is always an opposing side to everything.

Most search engines try to collect different information like IP addresses, search terms, websites visited, and many more from the user searches. In this case, if you are using any popular search engines like Google or Bing, you are sacrificing your privacy.

So before jumping into the best private search engines, let’s know the actual reason for choosing them as an alternative.

Why Search Engine Track You?

Popular search engines like Google and Bing generally track your preferences to show more personalized and relevant search results to you. They also use the information to show relevant ads and even share it with 3rd party websites.

These search engines collect your personal data, locations, and search history and deliver relevant ads on the other platform you visit. So once google collect your data, they show the same advertisement to you on all its platforms.

Why We Need a Private Search Engine?

Most users don’t want search engines to keep track of their location, search history, or anything. So private search engines are the best alternative to Google and Bing. These all are privacy-oriented search engines that never track user data.

So, to keep your data safe and get relevant search results, you can use private search engines as an alternative. These search engines don’t bother to store your search preferences or track your online presence, ensuring you a private space to enjoy.

In addition, some of the private search engines provide extra options that you can use to prevent your internet service providers from keeping an eye on you.

We have sorted down some of the best private search engines that will protect your privacy and data security and give you the best search experience.

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Best Private Search Engines to Use in 2023

  1. DuckDuckGo
  2. StartPage
  3. searX
  4. Swisscows
  5. Disconnect Search
  6. metaGer
  7. Qwant
  8. Peekier
  9. Mojeek
  10. Ecosia

1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGoThis is one of the most commonly used private search engines. It uses the popular search engine Yahoo to give you search results but doesn’t track you while using it. It has a super-fast interface and robust built quality.

Moreover, it has a browser extension that is also Different from other browsers as it concerns your privacy. So DuckDuckGo can easily be an alternative to conventional search engines that you use.

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2. StartPage

StartPageIt is another privacy-oriented search engine that you can use to prevent a data breach. Above all, StartPage has a tagline, “It’s your data, not big data.” that perfectly justifies its intention to provide you with complete data security.

If you are a minimalist, you will like to use StartPage to feature a clean and straightforward UI. It uses results from Google and also offers a separate mail service. Additionally, it provides you with a unique feature called ‘privacy beyond’ that provides an anonymous view.

View StartPage

3. searX

searXIf you like to use open source projects, searX will be a good choice. Its collects search results from different search engines without tracking you. It may not offer a personalized search result like Google, but they don’t map your online behavior.

SearX Offers several features that enhance your user experience considerably. Some of them include rewriting HTTP to HTTPS, removing trackers, etc. You can also choose the search engine searX must use to collect data.

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4. Swisscows

SwisscowsThis is another option you can use if online privacy is too important to you. Swisscow also doesn’t track your data or record any of your actions on their server like other private search engines. It uses Microsoft-powered Binge to provide you with search results. 

The best thing about this private browser is that it uses semantic technology and artificial intelligence to enhance search results without saving any data. It is undoubtedly a good choice on the list.

View Swisscows

5. Disconnect Search

Disconnect SearchOur subsequent inclusion in the list is a private search engine that acts as a VPN to provide a secure search facility. Disconnect search uses search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and sometimes DuckDuckGo to load search results. However, it never records your search IP address or other personal information. 

In addition, it blocks ISPa from getting access to your search activity. So while using Disconnect Search, you will get reputed search engines and privacy like a VPN.

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6. metaGer

metaGerThis is another open-source private search engine with high privacy settings developed by SUMA-EV. It is famous for its clean UI MetaGer and aggregates data from over 50 search engines to provide you with the correct search result. 

It comes with features like Anonymous proxy and Tor Branches that enable anonymous access to search results. The private search engine has a reputation of over 20 years and can be easily trusted.

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7. Qwant

QwantPreviously Qwant used to be the default search engine for Chrome and Firefox browsers. It is a European-based private search engine that you can use. So you can imagine how trustworthy it is. The main niche distinctive from other search engines is its control over crawling, indexing, and information storage.

The search engine also has several variants like Qwant lite, a storage efficient search engine, Qwant Junior for filtered searches for children, and Qwant Maps dedicated to location searches. The users of Qwant get protection under General Data Protection Regulation( GDPR). In addition, the platform also restricts 3rd parties from gaining any information from users’ search queries.

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8. Peekier

PeekierOur last inclusion is Peekier, a privacy-oriented browser that will relieve you from being tracked. It never collects any information or even tracks your preferences online. It also protects you from malware while browsing any website. 

Another unique feature of this search engine is that you will get a preview of every website that appears based on your search. You will also get options like changing layout density, auto suggestions, graphic control, etc. The sires load on Peekier’s servers first and then send a cached image to you.

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9. Mojeek

MojeekMojeek, an independent search engine, operates independently of any other search engine. Mojeek uses crawler technology to create its website database and not rely upon existing ones.

Mojeek has a strict no-tracking policy. This means that the search engine won’t track, record, or share your internet activity. Mojeek won’t record or store your internet activity, nor will it show you biased results.

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10. Ecosia

EcosiaEcosia is a search engine optimization company that puts a noble and philanthropic spin on the idea of search engines. With its unique motto, it attracts environmental activists and individuals.

The majority of the turnover from this eco-friendly search engine is used to plant trees. It doesn’t track or share user data and it does not monitor the profile.

View Ecosia

Private search engines can be used to prevent many of the problems users are currently facing. You can avoid minor inconveniences like targeted ads or data theft by companies.

No matter the reason, private search engines will ensure that you are safe regardless of what website you visit. You will remain anonymous and confidential so that your privacy is protected.


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