As you know, Revision is not an easy task. So How can you revise successfully? Here we are with the best Applications to Boost up your revision in a very organized way, helping you revise everything in a very sorted manner.

Revision applications will help you to get motivated & personalize your study plans. You can easily Plan & do the practice with these revision applications. It’s hard for students to revise with handy notes. That’s why we come up with the Best Revision applications to boost up the revision.

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List of Best Revision Apps for Students (Android & iOS)

These applications will help students to personalize their revision in a very effective way. We strongly believe that these revision applications will help students. All of these applications are compatible with the iOS and Android platforms.

Please note that there are hundreds of revision applications available in the market, but we share only those that are best and easy to use for revision purposes.

1. Ed Place

Ed PlaceWith Ed Place, you can put your vision in revision. It is one of the most trusted home education applications. With Ed’s use, students see 150% progress in English, Math & Science. With a Beautiful layout & easy access, Ed is one of the best revision applications in the market.

You can access thousands of online resources in English, Math & Science, and 11+. It provides you fun learning environment on your desktop or the go with the Ed place app. Learn Smartly with Ed place because you can see your progress in the Progress Dashboard to understand the gaps in learning; it also provides adaptive recommendations with its smart technology & you can earn rewards, badges while working on your goals.

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2. Paper by Fifty Three

Paper by Fifty ThreeThis fabulous application works in the way of virtual notebooks or virtual sketchbooks. You have a hand full of different tools and colors that allow you to note down notes and sketch down your ideas. You can even share your fantastic ideas on social profiles with just one click. The responsiveness of this application is buttery smooth.

One of my favorite features of this app is rewind. This application seamlessly gives you tutorials about how to use the app’s tools and features. This app is perfect for student revision because of broad personalization. You can create slides, Flowcharts, Notes, etc. Go check out this application; I am sure you will love it.

Download for iOS

3. GoConqr

GoConqrThis wonderful Revision application can Boost your study habits. It is available on all platforms. With this application, you can create Mind Maps, Flash Cards, Take quizzes & Make notes. You can even create slide shows and study plans. The UI of this revision application is straightforward. I love the simplicity of the GoConqr UI.

Official Website

4. GCSEPod

GCSEPodIf you are looking for the simplest application for your revision and learning purpose, you need to check out GCSEPod. When researching revision applications, I stumbled upon this one & I loved it.

The UI is so simple and attractive. After checking everything about this application, I learned that this application has more than 6000 pods, 27+ subjects, Deep curriculum coverage, which teachers write. Students love GCSEPod. More than 1500 + schools in 36+ countries are using this application.

Download for Android & iOS

5. Classic Explain Everything

Classic Explain EverythingExplain Everything is an Interactive Whiteboard application. You can capture, explain, and share your ideas. It comes with all types of import formats, making your content very easy to share. With this application, you can turn your static presentation into a video.

One of the best features I like about this application is you can record your screen live with a voiceover which helps students and teachers to explain any problem in detail. This application is handy for students & teachers and sales, marketing & training too. With very low pricing and impressive features, this application helps everyone with revisions and training.

Download for Android & iOS

6. BBC Bitesize

BBC BitesizeGCSE, Nationals & Highers Revision- This Application is only for 14-16 years olds. It has the key information which you need for the core subjects of Maths, English, Science, and many more. The feature I like the most is when you sign in to set your subjects and exam board, you will see only the relevant content.

As you know, Tricky topics consume too much time, but BBC Bitesize makes it very simple; you can Watch simple videos that cover tricky topics to understand easily. With the help of Infographics, you can remember key facts.

I like it the most because you can see all your subjects in one place, making it very easy to use. This application provides you the customized revision content according to your Nation, Language, subjects, and exam, which is very useful for students.

If you are very tight on time, you can use Flashcards on the go to revise your memory rapidly. Quizzes, Glossary Flashcards & video, help you revise everything in a concise amount of time.

Download for Android & iOS

7. Temple GCSE

Temple GCSETemple GCSE has more than 1500+ unique, ultra-specific GCSE questions, making it very useful. The fun fact about this app is when you complete mini-tests, you’ll make your temple which makes this app unique.

You can monitor your progress in the most beautiful way. I love the creativity of this application. I personally saw the uniqueness of Temple GCSE questions; All the questions are written and filtered by some of the best UK tutors and teachers. It provides you best possible revision material, which helps you boost your revision.

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