Science fiction is one of the most futuristic and introspective storytelling genres. For anyone who truly loves movies, it is an interesting thing to notice how far this genre has come and how many abstract, extraordinary topics it has been able to cover in the last one or two decades.

Netflix’s library is loaded with Sci-Fi movies of modern times that come with attention-grabbing storylines and graphics. At the same time, you can also find sci-fi movies from the 80s and 90s on Netflix.

Let’s go through the list of some of the popular and best sci-fi Movies on Netflix. No matter whether you are a beginner in the science fiction area or have been a fan for as long as you can remember, these Netflix creations will surely take you by surprise.

10 Fascinating Sci-Fi Movies to Watch on Netflix

Surprisingly Netflix has a collection of good movies that have mostly gone underrated by the general population of viewers. As a science fiction lover, you will love these Sci-Fi movies on Netflix right now. 

1. Interstellar

This is one of the most appreciated works of Nolan and one of the most popular Sci-Fi movies. The storyline of Interstellar revolves around Joseph Cooper, an ex-NASA pilot who is asked to team up with a group of researchers and take a spacecraft to a new planet.

With much reluctance, this genius scientist leaves behind his beloved daughter and embarks on a mission. Only to find out that he cannot return home for decades. You will love this Nolan masterpiece if you have a knack for sci-fi movies with twists at every end. 

2. The Adam Project

With a name like Ryan Reynolds on the casting list, how can this movie disappoint? This movie was released in 2022 and has been praised by critics for its amazing cinematography and fun dialogues. 

A fighter pilot, Adam travels through time to meet his 12-year-old self and rectify all the mistakes that led to the crash landing in 2022. We know that the past cannot be changed – so what miracle will Adam finally find? Watch this tale to find out.

3. Spectral

One of the most underrated Netflix originals, this movie will take you back to the nostalgic action-fantasy creations of the 90s. With a rugged theme and fast-paced storytelling, this is a typical action adventure with a solid science foundation – remember the Bose-Einstein Condensate?

A group of soldiers quests to stop these supernatural forces at work. And they kill a lot of people on the way. Aliens, monsters, or demons – these creatures are not what you expect.

4. They Cloned Tyrone

This movie follows a drug dealer and his friend Fontaine, who has been cloned. On the other side of the country, Tyrone finds an identical clone in Fontaine himself.

Sci-fi does not usually pair well with comedy – but with this movie, it will. A self-aware narrative drawing inspiration from the conspiracies about modern democratic governments, this movie deals with biochemistry and genetic hierarchy on the one hand and the implicit racial divide existing in modern Western nations on the other.

5. The Discovery

One concept that successful science fiction movies will never abandon is the afterlife. If a scientist proves it exists, would you want to start over? This is the ultimate question that is asked in the movie The Discovery.

Will is the son of the scientist who made this Discovery, and while he isn’t too happy about it, he finds new hope in a girl he meets on a ferry, Isla. All theories, however, have a chance of being debunked. What if the afterlife isn’t an afterlife at all but something completely else? Find out in this movie. 

6. Jung_E

Korean films uniquely view socio-political unrest from the most personal angle – families and especially parent-child relationships. The story of AI in Jung_E starts with a scientist in a dystopian world who wants to end the civil war. 

His mother used to be a legendary soldier, so he took the extreme step of cloning her brain and immortalizing her intelligence and thoughts. To know if she was truly who he thought she was, you have to watch this film to the end!

7. Awake

A mysterious and beautiful tale released in 2021, Awake documents the lives of a mother and a daughter after an unknown catastrophe wipes away all technology from the Earth and takes away the ability of humans to sleep.

If your child was the cure to human distress, would you sacrifice or protect her from a cruel fate? This is the question that Jill must answer while using the last of her abilities to protect her family and the human species overall.

8. Tau

If you are looking for a sci-fi movie with a blend of crime thriller, Tau will boil your blood. A woman is tricked and trapped in a house against her will by a criminal genius with a powerful AI implementing all his wishes.

Julia has little to call her own after Tau collects data on her neural activity and thought patterns. But one thing she does have is the power to show this infant AI what it truly feels like to be human. A deeply touching story of friendship and betrayal, this is a unique title that you will love even as a beginner.

9. I Am Mother

Another movie with powerful AI? I Am Mother follows the story of a robot that brings up a young child to save humanity from extinction. The beauty of this movie comes from the fact that no one can be trusted, and the young child has to decide who is telling the truth!

One of the few science fiction movies that evaluate the human future without painting it a strict black or white, this tale will make you think not only about technological advancements but also about human ethics, social systems, and the relationship between a guardian and the child. 

10. The Mist

This science fiction psychological thriller follows David and his son, who are in a supermarket when an omnipresent mist suddenly engulfs the whole planet. This is essentially an extraterrestrial monster movie with a new twist to the narrative.

If you are a horror fan, you will love the Lovecraftian elements and the hyper-realistic horror storytelling. On a deeper level, this movie explores what it means for a human to be alive and how superficial the nature of fear and disgust can be.


That’s it with this list of best Sci-fi movies on Netflix. Most of these sci-fi films are fantastical and unbelievable, and while they cause shivers in the viewers, they also refer to real-life problems that we currently face collectively as a human society.