We all like to play games; no matter our age, playing games in our free time is very comfortable and enjoyable. There are many games for our phones, but shooting games are one of the popular genres in this gaming field.

If you are looking for shooting games for your iPhone and iPad, we have the best shooting game options for your iPhone that you will love to play. Many games are in the App Store, but none are as enjoyable as you were looking for.

But don’t worry; our iPhone shooting game list meets your requirements. All the games we have mentioned below are best in their own right, so read their information correctly and select the best one for you. So let’s put the best shooting games for iPhone and iPad from the list below.

Best Shooting Games for iPhone and iPad

We have tried a lot of shooting games on our iPhone and iPad and found the best games which are good in graphics, performance, and multiplayer mode. So let’s start looking for the best app.

1. Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile

Pubg mobile is the most popular and fastest-growing game; almost everyone likes playing it. On iPhone, you can play this game with very good graphics. Moreover, it allows the user to play Solo, Duo, and Squad modes, making the game more interesting.

There are also several training modes where you can practice in a 4v4 manner (TDM) and play Quick matches, Sniping mode, War Zone, and much more. You can also earn rewards and unlock new items with your excellent performance.

2. Call of Duty: MobileCall of Duty

Every 90s kid would know about this game we played with our friends on local servers. But now you can play this game on your iPhone with many more features. For example, you can play a real-time multiplayer game on it, just like Pubg mobile.

The game is entirely free to play in any mode, but if you want skins for guns, cars, parachutes, Outfits, and other items, you can spend your money to get them. You can try this game for the best shooting experience.

3. Garena Free FireFree Fire

Free Fire is another popular game on our list; just like PUBG this game also has a vast and dedicated user base. It is a battle royale game where you must fight against 49 players and survive until the end. You can choose your character by analyzing its strength and weakness.

You can play this game with your friends and compete against other players in a 4v4 battle. Visuals and graphics are not decent like PubG or COD, but you can choose this for the best shooting game experience.

4. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5

This is also a viral shooting game in which we have placed fourth on our list. You can play online with any other player and have real-time voice chat. If you want to play alone, the game provides multiple story-based missions, making the game more exciting and challenging.

The game offers excellent graphics and crisp audio, which helps create a more realistic and immersive gaming experience for the players. In addition, you can get rewards and reach the top of the leaderboard by completing all the missions.

5. Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a viral shooting mobile game you can try. In this, you will find many gaming modes like Player vs. Player Mode, Solo Mission, and more. The game will reward you after defeating enemies and completing missions.

Completing your daily and weekly missions or tasks can also get more rewards. This will keep you more engaged in the game and motivate you to complete your daily missions. Players can also customize their characters and gun skins according to their preferences.

6. Into the Dead 2

Into The Dead 2

This is one of the best zombie shooting games you can play on your iPhone. In this game, the players need to survive against the zombies, where they can use a variety of weapons to kill them, zombies.

You will find a lot of storyline missions that you have to complete, making the game more challenging. Each mission has its adventure, where you will find many different environments, such as abandoned cities, dark forests, and more.

7. Armed Heist

Armed Heist

It is an awesome third-person crime-themed shooting game for iPhone users. In this game, you take on the role of a criminal who commits robbery and dacoity in multiple locations. The game offers several weapons, such as Assault Rifles, Shotguns, and Sniping Guns, that you can use during your missions.

The graphics and sound of this game are so good that you feel genuine when you fire a shot. Here you will find many game modes, such as Solo Missions, Multiplayer Missions, Survival Challenges, and more.

8. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper is a mobile version of the viral Hitman series video game. It has more than 150 missions; your difficulty level will increase with each mission. In addition, you can customize weapons and gadgets according to your mission.

The sound effects of the game will create an agitated atmosphere in you. If you are already a fan of the Hitman series, then you will love to play this game. You can choose this game for a better and more realistic shooting experience.

9. Mini Militia -Doodle Army 2

Mini militia Dooble Army

Mini Militia has a huge fan base; almost everyone knows about this game. In this game, you can create a LAN server to play alone or in teams and battle with your friends. You can also join an online server and beat other players on it.

You can get many weapons like assault rifles, pistols, sniping, bomb, and more while playing the game and get more chances to defeat other players. You can enjoy this game without experiencing any lag, whether you have an old device or a new one.

10. FRAG Pro Shooter

Frag Pro Shooter

If you don’t want a heavy or high-graphic realistic game and just looking for a simple and lightweight game to enjoy, then the Frag Pro Shooter game is the game you can play. This game has cartoonish graphics, but it can make your boring time exciting.

You can play a 1v1 battle with friends or team up 2v2 and try to defeat the opponent with your strategy. It has some maps and environments you can choose according to your preference.


These are one of the best mobile shooting games for iPhone or iPad. I hope you enjoy these games. If you liked our list of best iPhone shooting games, share it with other people who love to play games. If you have any other game suggestions, then do share us in the comment section. It will help us to make our list better.


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