A prank call is a telephonic call made on the person who answers the call. It has been in trend for so many years, but now many people find it obsolete. But still, prank calls haven’t lost the charm. There are so many apps available on iOS and Android which are used by Pranksters worldwide.

People use these apps for fun and entertainment. These prank call apps have a realistic interface and amazing features, making it impossible for the other person to recognize the prank. All these applications can help you get out of any unwanted situation & you will be very thankful for using these top spoof calling applications.

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List of Best Spoof Call Apps and Fake Call Apps for Android

You can do video calls, make yourself a fake call to avoid certain situations, and call your friends with some random numbers to see their funny reactions. Further, you can also use the recording of these prank calls to have a good laugh, but you have to make sure that you don’t use it to blackmail or do telephonic harassment as it is illegal to do so.

1. Text Plus

Price: Free with in-app purchase

Text PlusBest app for someone who wants a backup number on a budget. It’s a free application to make a fake or spoof call on Android & iOS devices. A lot of carriers are charging for the features which you get in this app for absolutely free.

It allows you to text multiple numbers so that multiple conversations can be going on simultaneously. & you can also get a group chat environment. You can either use your phone number or customize it and get a phone number according to the area code of your choice.


2. Prank Call

Price: Free with in-app purchase

Prank CallThis is one of the best prank caller applications you can use. You can use it to prank your friends and family. It allows you to make pre-recorded prank calls to your friends and record that call to have a good laugh at them later. Prank Call is hilarious because everything falls in line with the person you are pranking at just the right moment.

The other person will think it’s an actual call, but it will be a fake call. It lets you pick many different scenes to prank and the selection of pranks is pretty extensive. For a free prank call app, it’s worth giving it a shot.


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3. Fake Me a Call

Price: Free for the basic version

Fake Me a CallIf you get stuck in unwanted conversations or meetings very often, or if you are just an introvert who doesn’t like to talk to people, then this app will rescue you. You have to dial yourself with a fake name. It’s effortless to use. Just push one of the timer buttons, and it will call you in that amount of time.

You receive fake calls from these apps without actually receiving calls. This app works perfectly and looks natural. It’s best if you are blocked at a place where you want to leave and at that given point in time, a phone call can help you escape. You can also change the name and phone number, so it looks more realistic.


4. Fake Call Prank

Price: Free and contains ads

Fake Call PrankThrough this app, you can get out of uncomfortable situations. You can schedule a call at a specific time and you’ll receive a fake call. Ringtones are also available so you can set a specific ringtone and you’ll instantly know if it’s a fake call or a real one.

A picture can also be uploaded for your fake contacts to make it look more real. Through this app, you can receive calls from pizza hut or even a police station.


5. Fake Video Call

Price: Free and contains ads

Fake Video CallIf you have this app, you wouldn’t feel lonely on Valentine’s day and you wouldn’t get jealous of your friend’s girlfriend and your friends will not be able to make fun of you for not having a girlfriend. That’s because you can now have video calls with real girls with real voices. It’s a very simple app to use.

You have to follow some simple steps; install the Fake girlfriend live call app, open the app, and add a time when you want to get the call and wait for the phone to ring. Now you are good to go to make video calls with cute random girls. Isn’t that amazing?



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