Choosing the right spreadsheet software is important for every individual, business and organization alike. Whether you’re managing finances, analyzing data, or creating calculations, you’ll surely need one.

The fact that there are plenty of spreadsheet programs makes it even harder to know which one to use. Whether it’s on mobile phones or PCs, dealing with rows and columns can sometimes be overwhelming.

But with the right spreadsheet tool in mind, everything becomes easy. Also, it helps in enhancing productivity levels. In this article, we’ll explore the best spreadsheet software options for individuals, businesses and organizations.

Best Spreadsheet Software for Mobile & PC

Every spreadsheet program has its unique features and even some are limited due to premium access. Whether you’re handling large data or creating basic calculations, the spreadsheet programs below have you covered.

1. Google Sheets

Coming first on the list is Google Sheets and it’s a tool that has revolutionized spreadsheet experience. Thanks to its cloud-based collaborative approach, Google Sheets has become a great option for everyone.

Spreadsheets created from Google Drive can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. This has made it a perfect choice for those looking to explore real-time collaboration and sharing.

When it comes to rows and columns, they’re quite similar as seen on other tools. Furthermore, Google Sheets is perfect for beginners and professionals. Despite having less advanced features, it still makes perfect sense.

Download: Android, iOS & PC

2. Microsoft Excel

Undoubtedly the best when it comes to creating and editing spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel is known for its versatility, user-friendly interface, and robust features. Excel is a go-to choice for professionals and beginners alike.

Microsoft Excel stands out for its powerful data analysis tools, advanced charting capabilities, and seamless integration with other Microsoft Office applications. Whether you’re creating complex calculations, it handles all easily.

Besides, you don’t have to always depend on going for Microsoft 365 before accessing Excel. It offers a cloud-based spreadsheet and there’s a standalone app available on mobile devices.

Download: Android, iOS & PC

3. LibreOffice Calc

If you’re looking for a spreadsheet program that’ll save you on a budget. You should consider LibreOffice Calc because it comes as a free and open-source program. It offers advanced spreadsheet features without any price tag.

Calc provides a comprehensive set of features for data analysis, chart creation, and formula implementation. In addition, you can open almost any type of file format, it is compatible with other spreadsheet applications.

Unlike other alternatives that offer integration with other programs, LibreOffice Calc is different. Also, it has a steep learning curve which might not make it an ideal choice for beginners.

Download for PC

4. WPS Office

WPS Office is one of the few popular software applications for handling office documents. From Word to spreadsheets and presentations, it stands as a top choice and a great alternative to Microsoft Office.

When looking for a way to handle complex spreadsheets or something with collaborative measures. WPS Office can be your go-to option because it offers powerful features without any cost.

Moreover, it supports a wide range of file formats, which makes it compatible with Microsoft Excel. It includes advanced data analysis tools, pivot tables, and collaboration features. The software also offers a tabbed interface for efficient multitasking.

Download: Android, iOS & PC

5. Zoho Sheet

As part of the Zoho Office Suite, Zoho Sheet provides cloud-based spreadsheet functionality. Similar to Google Sheets, this tool sets a focus on collaboration and automation.

One of the cool features is the real-time collaboration, which allows multiple users to work on the same spreadsheet. You’ll also find it has automation features like macros and some real-time calculation features.

Zoho Sheet has a friendly interface; users can navigate around and get things done easily. Whether you’re manipulating rows or columns, Zoho Sheet handles it all. In addition, it supports file formats like XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV, and TSV.

Download: Android, iOS & PC

6. Apple Numbers

Apple Numbers is a spreadsheet program that comes with an availability for macOS users. It’s just like how Microsoft Excel has been an ideal choice for those using Windows OS.

As part of the iWork Suite, Numbers offers a sleek and friendly interface. This spreadsheet tool stands out due to its simplicity and visual appeal. Another cool reason to use it is how you integrate it with other Apple devices and applications.

Whether you’re creating or editing spreadsheets on your Macintosh, Apple Numbers got you covered. There are plenty of features available as well, which bring similar experiences as seen on other spreadsheet software.

Download for iOS & Mac

7. Smartsheet

For those looking for a spreadsheet program with project management capabilities. Without a doubt, Smartsheet is one of the recommended solutions out there. It offers simplicity and efficiency for businesses.

With Smartsheet, you can manage projects using a spreadsheet interface, combining task tracking, collaboration, and automation. Using it does make sense, but there are a few limitations due to the pricing policy.

Smartsheet provides templates for various project management scenarios and integrates with popular collaboration tools. Flexibility and reliability are two reasons why SmartSheet makes sense for businesses.

Download: Android, iOS & PC

8. OpenOffice Calc

Similar to LibreOffice Calc, another open-source program you can use for free is OpenOffice Calc. Well, that’s because it allows you to handle all your spreadsheets without any steep learning curves.

For users who are new to spreadsheet creation, OpenOffice Calc offers a way to learn, create and edit. Besides, it covers all the paid features seen in other advanced spreadsheet programs.

OpenOffice Calc supports all spreadsheet file formats, which means you can work with any documents from other programs. It comes in multiple languages and it runs as a lightweight program.

Download for PC


Creating a spreadsheet or editing one without any complications solely depends on which software you’re using. For some users, you might just need a simple choice like Google Sheets or Excel. From the above-mentioned spreadsheet program, you can explore any one of your choices. They’re perfect for creating complex calculations, data analysis and a lot more.


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