Microsoft Excel is used to create tables, manage data, identify trends, and other things. It is one of the most popular software in any business tool. Excel has excellent functions and is useful for almost everyone. But at the same time, it has its disadvantages.

The first disadvantage is Excel is not available on all the platforms, and it is used within the computer only. Secondly, it is expensive, so not all the users can afford to pay.

Apart from these drawbacks, it does not have sync features and has fewer options for customization. However, Excel is not the only sheet for creating a table, managing data, and doing other things.

There are so many tools available in the market for creating the worksheet. Yes, there are Microsoft Excel alternatives available in the market with useful features. Both paid and free tools are available. Here, we have provided a list of best Microsoft Alternatives that you can use. Check out the list below.

List of Top Best Free Microsoft Excel Alternatives:-

You can choose one of the tools from the list which fulfills your requirements. 

1. Google Sheets

Google Sheets

After Excel, one of the best tools is Google Sheets. However, it is an online spreadsheet tool and is entirely free to use. You need an internet connection to use this tool. Google Sheets has similar features like Excel but with more functionalities. 

Apart from that, Sheets provides excellent collaboration tools, Cloud Storage, and also saves real-time data. At one time, more than one person can edit the same sheet, and all the data will be saved. All your data will be saved on Google Drive.

Availability: Web-based, offline version for Windows, Mac OS X, and Dedicated apps for Android & iOS platforms. (Free)

2. Microsoft Office Online (Excel)

Microsoft Office Online (Excel)

Microsoft Office Online is a copy of Microsoft Excel, which is free. However, this tool is just an online tool which had little more features than Excel. It offers collaboration tools, and the documents are saved to OneDrive or Dropbox.

However, the downside of this tool is there is no offline version. If you don’t have internet, you can’t use it. Apart from that everything is good. As it is a web-based tool, you must not load huge data, if not, it will lead to lags.

Availability: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android. (Free)

3. Smartsheet


Smartsheet has great features and is the best Excel alternative. However, it is not a free tool, but you get 30 days free trial before you buy the subscription for a month or a year. It is similar to Excel, but has some extra control than Excel and also has more customization options.

For beginners, this tool might be complicated, but they don’t need to worry as the developers have provided steps by steps tips and videos to use it.

Availability: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android. (Paid with 30 days free trial)

4. PlanMaker


PlanMaker is a similar tool to Excel but at a cheaper price. However, it is not better than Microsoft Excel, but it combines well with Excel documents. You can easily move documents from Excel to PlanMaker without any change in the data structure. Even, the older versions of Excel docs, like .xls sheets are also supported in PlanMaker. The User Interface is also quite similar.

Styling and coloring the format for both writing and highlighting is quite easy. Similar to Excel, you must get a subscription for PlanMaker also, but before buying the tool, you can try out a free trial of 30 days. In the free trial, you must check out the tool’s functions and features, and then you can get the paid version.

Availability: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android. (Paid / 30-days free trial)

5. WPS Office Suite

WPS Office Suite

If you want to edit sheets on your smartphone, then WPS Office Suite is the best. WPS Office Suite makes it simple to make small edits from your phone. However, it can be the same as the desktop app, but it is helpful when it is urgent to do small changes.

It is combined with Dropbox and saves all the documents and sync them on your device. One of the best things is, you don’t need to create an account to use the tool on your smartphone.

Availability: Android, iOS, and Linux. (Free)

6. Zoho Sheets


Zoho Docs is another office suite that gives operational support to the business. It is available for free for both offline and online clients. However, it does not have that many great features. The free version of this tool is limited, like all the required features can be used with 1 GB of storage. If you want more storage and access to other features, then you must buy the subscription.

Availability: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android. (Free with limits)

7. Numbers


All the iOS or Mac OS X users must use the Numbers tool. It is an in-built spreadsheet creating tools in Mac OS X and iOS. Numbers have a different user interface than Excel. For Apple devices, Numbers is completely free. It gives different templates to choose from, which is created by Apple. 

Availability: iOS and Mac OS X. (Free)


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