Data Analysis is a new trend that recently came out of nowhere. And now it’s getting hold over the entire market, letting people know have a close knowledge about their customers. Being involved in the business field, customers become our most important asset. Thus, having a better idea regarding their expectations is what helps in uplifting the business.

As a result, Statistics does play an important role in this purpose. Luckily, as there is a variety of software available, it makes our task even easier. So, today we will have a look at some of these Softwares that helps you accomplish your task.

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List of Top Best Statistics Software and Tools in 2022

Here, These are the best statistics softwares that comes with extended features and helps you make your work done.



If you are into the world of programming, what could be a better alternative to MATLAB? The complete software offers a dedicated environment suitable for programming, data analysis, visualization, mathematical calculation, and more. As a result, ATLAB is probably the most trusted platform for millions of Scientists and Engineers.

The professional toolboxes are well-documented and rigorously tested. Besides, you even convert algorithms to HDL, CUDA, C, and C++ and make them run on embedded devices. Plus, it’s an ideal option for all those who are obsessed with maths and statistics.

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2. MaxStat


Quality within affordability is what everyone seeks, and that is where MaxStat makes its entry. It offers a feature-rich platform with an intuitive interface that’s much easy to understand.

MaxStat comes with 100+ Statistical tests and 30 different charting styles. You can further make use of the Lite version for non-commercial purposes for free. Analyze Statistical data in just three steps, effortless than ever.

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3. Minitab 18

Minitab 18

Minitab 18 is a powerful statistical and analytical software built for anyone to use. It can be beneficial in discovering valuable insights, spot trends, and statistical analysis. In addition, it lets you work with mathematical techniques and machine learning.

Additionally, it offers some unique features, for instance, the model reduction, which offers the best regression equation depending on your sample data. Also, it comes with precise interferences, fashionable diagrams, and on-site training.

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4. AcaStat


Another impactful statistical and data analysis tool, AcaStat, is designed for Windows and Mac. Analyzing your data is now easy through basic statistical procedures. In addition, it brings in many exclusive features like formatting variables like values, import/export delimited files, easy configuration, etc.

You can easily track data from your spreadsheets using the copy-paste feature. Moreover, AcaStat comes with descriptive statistics, crosstabulations, logistic regressions, and so on. Comparing summarized statistical data and developing skills is further strengthened with the applied Statistics iBook.

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5. Statistix


If you are more a researcher than any statistician, Statistix is just the perfect fit for you. The software is quite intuitive, easy to use, and further saves your money and time. What’s more impressive is that it blends all basic and advanced features under a single, inexpensive package.

Moreover, it comes with a collection of powerful data manipulation tools, Poisson regression, Excel and text files, and more.

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This one is from IBM; SPSS tends to bridge the distance between data science and understanding. The software holds a massive library of text analysis, algorithms, integrations with big data, and open-source extensibility.

It further helps you find new connections and forecast the next possible happenings. Above all, it is most preferable for its wide range of flexibility and scalability. SPSS helps you maximize benefits from your data in an improved and efficient way.

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7. ADaMSoft


Lastly, we are here with the AdaMSoft software, a free platform. Starting from Statistical analysis, Data mining, Web mining, and more, you can find everything here. Moreover, since it is open-source, it can fit in with any system supporting Java.

Moreover, by installing the Java Runtime Environment, you can use the same packages on different platforms. It further allows easy access to the most popular data sources and associated metadata.

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From Editor’s Desk

Organizing and analyzing your data is the very first step towards success. Being in the business field on academics, Statistics comes into a major role. Hence, these were some of the best software you could use for analyzing data and perform different Statistics operations. Let us know which one best suits you.


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