Stories have a unique way of opening up the human psyche to new ways of thinking. Tech movies are great for every programmer or computer science student.

Tech Movies are not only fun and adrenaline-inducing to watch but also educational in how they portray the tech world, profession, and social consequences.

If you are into Hacking and Tech Movies and looking for the best ones to be psyched as a programmer, then we have compiled a list of the best movies for you. Every movie on this list will be different from one another but based on the same concept; i.e., tech. 

Some of these projects tell the blatant truth and show the dark side of technology, while some tell about the life of the programmers and what they go through. Let’s go through this list of best tech movies. 

Best Tech Movies that Every Programmer Will Love

1. Antitrust

This movie will resonate with all recent graduates and programming students. It depicts the adventures of Milo, a talented learner who aims to write software for a multi-billion dollar corporation – a job that he gets. Not only that, but his childhood idol becomes his mentor in this journey.

But Milo is naive and does not yet know about the darkness of tech capitalism and the unsafe nature of information in this industry. Avenging murders and busting spies, Milo does everything he has to protect the ethics of working as a programmer.

2. The Internship 

The rapid advancement of technology has left many other job sectors barren. Although released as far back as 2013, this comical and witty movie covers what skills are truly needed to succeed in the technical sector today. 

Two salesmen, Billy and Nick, lose their employment in the new world of digital marketing. To prove that competence, they took up an internship at Google. They not only expose the lows of technical work but also succeed in a new career and find the love of their lives.

3. The Social Network

This is another must-watch tech movie that every programmer should have on their watch list. The movie is based on the life of Mark Zuckerberg and how he created Facebook with his friend Eduardo. 

Creating Facebook into a successful road was not an easy road for Mark Zuckerberg. On his way to creating Facebook, he cut ties with various people. Find out how the journey turns out for him in this movie. 

4. The Social Dilemma

This movie follows a straightforward plot; and unfortunately, it is not a story conjured from imagination but something that is happening all around us at all times.

The narrative follows what happens when tech experts research the rising lack of privacy as well as deteriorating mental health in society today -thanks to present-day social media.

This information is, however, used by the big tech companies to further manipulate users. The movie shows how these platforms harvest personal data and control human lives.

5. The Fifth Estate 

Another technological movie with strong political undertones, this movie on Wikileaks is underrated. With some of the best cinematography and impeccable acting from Benedict Cumberbatch, the movie follows how a genius duo uses the internet to bust leaders, companies, and celebrities.

The movie has been termed a dramatic thriller and is a rather controversial one. While some have claimed it is truthful to the cause, others believe it is against tech freedom.

6. Tron

If you are looking for something a little sci-fi, you are going to love Tron. Kevin is a computer programmer who gets dragged against his will into a programmed, virtual world where he has to fight against a set of elements created by a villain’s software.

While he turns into a superhuman and has a victorious ending, the movie does show us a mirror of what can happen if we continue to create software without any ethical considerations. This is perhaps one of the most successful movies on this list.

7. Takedown 

Who does not like crime thrillers? Following the life of a hacker based on a nonfiction book of the same name, this narrative shows how an independent genius lives his life while dodging any FBI interventions while he continues his illegal activities.

The morally grey character of Kevin can indeed be fascinating to some, but what is even more fascinating is the creative twists of Shimomura’s creation. The fast-paced storytelling and detailed problem-solving shown by both in the movie leave behind as many questions as answers.

8. Her

In today’s world, artificial intelligence is more relevant than ever. Most writers, creators, and technicians are using AI to adapt to the new virtual needs of the internet – what if our emotions, greed, and shortcomings get the best fast and we become slaves to the AI instead?

Her evaluates the same question, but from a romantic angle. Can artificial intelligence be intelligent enough to take the place of a human in a relationship? Or is our present society making us more lonely and isolated than ever? All answers are open to interpretation.

9. Tomorrowland

A family-friendly movie by Walt Disney, this tale will take you back to your childhood but introduce some modern elements to your imagination. What if teleportation, rockets, and advanced hardware combined into a narrative about the virtual world and alternate dimensions?

The movie will remind you of time traveling; except that here things are more complex. To know why Tomorrowland exists and what its existence is doing to our real world, you have to watch this movie more than once.

10. Who Am I: No System Is Safe

Released in 2014, this movie has a cult following among hackers and programs. A young student, Benjamin, joins a sensational hacking group that wants to be the world’s best. They are not afraid to challenge conventional operations and do whatever they feel like!

Everything comes with consequences, however, and the ethics involved in the world of tech are complex. Clown masks and black hoodies are a stereotype for hackers even today.


The intricacies of technology can indeed be fascinating, but they can also be dangerous for those who don’t understand their value.

We have listed some of the best tech movies in this article. The movies listed above show how technology is powerful on its own; you are going to love these movies as a programmer.