Does it ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels in life, but you always procrastinate and never hit your goals no matter what you do. This can feel like a tough mountain climb, but you can conquer it. An organized schedule can help you to achieve your goals in no time. List-making apps help you to achieve that goal effectively and efficiently.

Flex Organization, Reminder strength, and cross-platform abilities of a to-do list app make it stand out from other applications and help you decide which one will be most suitable for you. It is believed noting down things in an organized manner can lead to greater clarity of thoughts and a better grip on your daily routine.

Traditionally, we may have used a handy diary for creating a day-to-day to-do list, but with smartphones becoming cheaper and the availability of apps that offer ample online Cloud storage, it is being observed that users increasingly prefer to-do list apps over the conventional diary or notebook method of creating to-do lists.

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List of Best To-Do List Apps for Android in 2022

Though the number of available apps may sound exciting simultaneously, it may confuse new users who may want to get started with a to-do list app on the phone. We’ve created this list that might help you choose the best option.

This list will give you an outline of the 8 best to-do applications for android. We’ve categorized these apps based on the core features, the pricing, and who this is most recommended for.

1. Microsoft to-do

Microsoft to-doWith an average Google Play Store rating of 4.5/5 stars, Microsoft To-Do offers an exciting range of features such as the ability to create task lists or shopping lists, note-taking, recording of audio, an event planner, or to set reminders for tasks that matter the most to you!

Most importantly, it comes with a Dark Mode feature so that you can make those long to-do lists at night also. In addition to this, lists can be shared with your friends and colleagues, and it also syncs with Cloud so you can access it anywhere you go.


2. Todoist

TodoistAllowing you to create projects, manage your tasks all the way to get them done using intelligent input, Todoist provides you with an all-around experience. It is the most known application in the market and choice for all-rounders.

With its android specific features like lock screen widget and Quick Add title, it keeps you organized and makes your life a little simpler. It is priced at 36$ on an annual subscription that recurs every year. For many people, it is a reliable to-do application.


3. Memorigi

MemorigiIt has built-in intuitive features like ‘Nag Me,’ which understandably reminds you to finish a task on time. It offers distinctive features such as headings for better organization, tags for tasks and lists, deadlines to track important dates, and swipe gestures.

It also comes with Statistics feature to track your progress, and like most to-do apps, it comes integrated with Memorigi Cloud. Download Memorigi from the PlayStore today to skyrocket your productivity and take control of your life.


4. Tasks and is the inclusion of a calendar that allows you to see your calendar events to organize and manage your tasks with a well-designed user interface. It positions itself distinctly as a social app and offers integration with Google Calendar and Facebook events, with a calendar widget. It can also integrate with Outlook, WhatsApp, Slack, Gmail, Google & many more.

Like other popular apps in this category, it offers a calendar and planner, reminders, task management, daily planner & collaboration with friends and family. You can also create your custom list and sort your personal & professional tasks individually.


5. Tasks

TasksReminders are used through Tasks that help deliver to-dos at the right time. Tasks are simple to use, and the best thing is that you can import your data from other apps like Wunderlist.

Adding tasks to your list and color-coding them is also possible through Tasks’ intuitive gestures. You will get a reminder on a specific time to complete your task; if you don’t want to do it at that moment, there is an option to snooze that task and complete it later.


6. Trello

TrelloAt a glance, know what is getting done and what needs to be done with Trello. Trello focuses heavily on making to-do lists simpler and reattempts to reduce the mental load by offering simple boards, lists, and cards. Users can drag and place cards in the app across other boards for tracking tasks, and for users with patchy internet connectivity, it works offline.

Trello can sync cards and boards when there’s a good enough connection. The best thing about Trello is it gives you a bird’s eye view of all your tasks & lets you organize everything in a very easy manner.


7. To-Do List

To-Do ListActions on a group of tasks are easier through To-Do List with Bidirectional synchronization with Google Tasks. It has many useful configuration options that help you make bulk actions and add many tasks at once, saving your time and is more convenient with a to-do list. You can also add your tasks by using your voice.

That means you don’t have to type every task, which will save a little more time. Overall, if you are looking for a time-saving application, To-Do List is the best application for you because it has a clean interface with 4very simple functionalities.


8. TickTick

TickTickIt’s similar to Todoist; tick tick allows you to have all-around abilities, managing your project and your lists all in one place. It includes features like kanban boards on desktop and Android-specific features like habit tracking and Pomodoro timer, etc., which makes it a super useful and must-try application.

You can boost your productivity because it supports all platforms, making it super convenient for Personal & professional use. With attractive themes & full customization, it is widely used worldwide.



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