On the hunt for the best tower defense games for iPhone or iPad? Look no further as we search for the best tower defense strategy games for you.

A video game is always fun and a great time pass activity. But when the game comes with extra story plots and strategies, such as building an empire and protecting it from enemies, that type of game is fascinating.

Tower defense games are involved many unwanted dramas and unpredictable situations. Always have to be ready with your creative strategy and unbeatable skills. So without hesitation, let’s start.

Best Tower Defense Game for iPhone and iPad

The gaming industry is such a humongous industry right now. Hundred of options are available to us right now. Thus, we have compiled the best free tower defense game for iPhone, iPad and iOS devices.

1. Clash of Clans

clash of clans

Let’s start with an epic action-packed strategy and one of the best tower defense games ever, Clash of Clans. It’s my personal favorite. In the game, you must build your kingdom, obtain troops, and train them to fight against your enemies.

Moreover, you can attack other territories to get more resources. Attack and defense are equal parts of developing your village. So what are you are waiting for? Meet your army in the game.

2. Swamp Attack

Swamp AttackHaving a swamp cottage is always wonderful to me. Aren’t you? You have to deal with lots of difficulties there against the crazy monster and evil zombie critters, which has no mercy. If you have decided to build an amazing swamp cottage, start planning to survive, defend, and attack enemies.

The game has 8 action-packed episodes and more than 390 single-player levels. Above all, there are also 40 multiplayer levels as well. Even the game has a quick mission for instant excitement.

3. Royal Revolt 2Royal Revolt 2

One of the thrilling game genres is the royal battle. Royal Revolt 2 is very specific to this genre with strategy. Prepare your armies to defend your kingdom and attack other bases.

Being the game’s main character, you have to train your armies and update their equipment to become more powerful. The game franchise provides many events to participate in. Moreover, all characters and structures are well-designed and organized, just like in Clash of Clans.

4. Clash Royal

Clash RoyalClash Royal is one of the all-time top-rated games in the App Store created by Supercell. This real-time player vs. player game is known for its unique style. It uses card features to your battle deck and head to the battle arena.

However, to be the game’s hero, you have to be a perfect master of strategy and deck building. As the game goes on, you will get more competitive opponents. The more you win battles, the more reward card you will get to build your deck.

5. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom RushKingdom Rush is the best tower defense game for iPhone and iPad. However, the strategy-driven gameplay of Kingdom Rush surely attracts you. Using your brain, you must create a strategy to defend and guard the kingdom against evil spirits.

There are 13 mighty heroic characters to lead your troops. With 18 unique tower abilities, you can maximize your troop’s power and ability. Moreover, intense fight modes and an in-game encyclopedia are also featured in the game,

6. Plant vs Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2Are you ready to discover hundred of army plants and zombies? Plants vs. Zombies 2 offers a delightful experience of encountering numerous hilarious zombies. Collect all amazing army plants, and feed them with plant food to fight against those hilarious zombies.

The game is quite simple to understand and play. Moreover, its 50 thrilling levels are super entertaining, fun, and challenging. However, you can play this to experience the massive array of zombies at every turn. Moreover, the game has more than 200 million downloads across the globe.

7. Towerlanders

TowerlandersAs its name suggests, Towerlanders is an incredible strategy game you can play on your iOS device. The best thing about the game is that its combines tower defense with RPG elements. However, you will feel like you are in a vast fantasy world.

You will get enough resources to build various buildings with your troops. Always upgrade troops and their weapon to protect your building from bad eyes. You also allow possessing other buildings accordingly.

8. Alien Creeps TD

Alien Creeps TDYet another exceptional tower defense game for you. Like in most other strategy games, players must train their troops, use perfect strategy, and utilize available weapons to stand against enemies.

Including special events, you will see 50 other nail-biting explosive game levels in Alien Creeps TD. Best of all, the game uses brand-new 3D technology to give a more realistic experience.

9. Castle Creeps

Castle CreepsAre you ready to face off ferocious Warlords, colossal Ogres & savage Goblins? If yes, fortify your defenses and prepare your armies to save the kingdom you built. However, one of the things I want to share is that the endless action experience will thrill you.

Talking about tower control, you can build, repair, and upgrade. Even you can sell towers to earn more resources. Castle Creeps always bring something new chapter, characters, and enemies.

10. Realm Defence

Realm DefenceIf you want to be the Smoulder the dragon to defend the realm, then Realm Defence could be the best-fitted tower defense game for you. In the game, you have to battle with ferocious death knights.

It has more than 300 levels to enjoy endlessly. Moreover, it has multiple worlds and realms to choose from. Its beautiful landscape and character animation will also blow your mind.

Final Words

These are the best tower defense games for iPhone and other iOS devices. Whether you are a beginner or a pro tower defense strategy game player, all games have unique features and styles to explore. But which one are you picking for yourself to play on your iPhone? Let us know in the comment section.


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