Tycoon games are one of the most popular gaming genres today, with so many options to choose from on Android. Thus, We have compiled a list of the best tycoon games for Android, providing a superb gaming experience.

Setting up a huge business is a dream of everyone. And managing and controlling various roles in the business is even more satisfying. Even you must look after its finance, operations, marketing, and other aspects.

However, it is not about having and managing a business; you must commit to continuing its progress with the right approach and decision. This is why tycoon games are hugely in demand.

Best Tycoon Games for Android 2023

Out of many available options finding the best could be difficult for you. Here is the list of tycoon games that would help you find out your best-matched taste.

1. RollerCoaster

What could be the best way to kickstart your tycoon career in a game which has been well-known over the years? Yes, I am talking about the RollerCoster tycoon game. The game is all about building rollercoasters, shops, and restaurants.

Moreover, you can customize your rollercoaster park with various other things. Even you can visit other parks to trade things to expand your park. Also, you can create water parks.

2. Idle Museum

idle museumWould you love to try something different than any other tycoon game? Then you should give try to Idle Museum. You can create the most incredible museum in the world in the game.

However, during playing time, you will face many trivia challenges. To be more precious, start to collect historical materials and objects across the globe. In the end, have to build new construction to keep more objects.

3. Earth.inc

Earth. incEarth. Inc is undoubtedly one of the best tycoon Android games. The game offers to own a small mining company. As the game progresses, expand the company, so everyone knows about your mining company.

Eventually, it will start growing and then hire more workers to expand its business to the sky. Even the game will allow the opening of other branches on other continents. Plus, gain knowledge to multiply your profit to make trillion dollar company of the planet.

4. Battle of Polytopia

battle of polytopiaWith over 10 million downloads, Battle of Polytopia is an amazing tycoon simulation game. You must be proactive in controlling maps, fighting enemy tribes, and taking over new lands.

However, mastering new technologies is the game’s key to leveling further. It’s significantly popular for its civilization-style strategy genre with its excellent user interface. The game support single and multiplayer.

5. Sim Companies

sim companiesAn outstanding game that requires real-world economic principles to perform better than competitors. The versatile game will test your skill and allow you to experiment with various things of finance.

However, you start the game as a production, retail, or research company owner. You can expand your business and spot many other business opportunities. Best of all, the user interface and graphics of the game are simply enjoyable.

6. Mini Metro

mini metroYet another amazing that won many awards worldwide, and it grabbed much appreciation from the gaming industry for its content and style. Although Mini Metro is a sublime subway simulator strategy game, it has enough material to create a metro network.

However, the game allows you to create and work on a subway design. Finish a metro station inside the city, and create a new one to use your resources to expand your subway lines. So start planning to own subway lines in a growing city.

7. Car Industry Tycoon

Car Industry TycoonIf you ever wish to own a car production company? I don’t know about it in reality, but here is the mobile game where you can start your car production company to become a billionaire.

With Car Industry Tycoon, you start a small car production company and grow your company. The more you play the game, the more resource you will get to hire more workers to excel in producing many cars at a time. However, the game is really fun to play.

8. Hotel Empire Tycoon

hotel empire tycoon The hotel-building business will be virtually fulfilled with the Hotel Empire Tycoon game. To become a billionaire tourism tycoon, you must build a chain of hotel empires from scratch.

To give visitors a realistic experience, you must improve every detail and transform your buildings into five-star resorts. Moreover, hire more staff to manage hotels more efficiently. So are you ready to be a hotel tycoon?

9. Game Dev Story

Game Dev StoryHow about owning a game development and console company? Game Dev Story is creating unique games to sell millions of copies. One of the top picks of the game is that you have to manage your staff efficiently by hiring and firing.

Use your creative skill to make popular games and consoles and become the industry leader. Along with building games, always train your staff occasionally to produce more games.

10. Smartphone Tycoon 2

smartphone tycoon 2 Living in the era of Smartphones, everyone wants to start a profitable and brandable smartphone company. However, Smartphone Tycoon 2 will allow starting a smartphone company to produce smartphones for the world.

Introduce new features into your smartphone that solves people’s wants and needs and grab the smartphone market by storm. Maintain the cash flow, and expand the business. Don’t forget to reinvent new technologies. Overall, an amazing game for those interested in smartphone production.

Final Words

As per your interest in the list of best tycoon games for Android, we tried to cover all possible industries to be a tycoon as per your interest. By the way, which is your favorite industry? And which app are you going to pick? Let me know in the comment section.


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